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Built for Network Marketers

Massive Action = Real Results

Connect with more than 30 people a day

Increase conversions by 80%

Learn new skills and implement them immediately

Add dozens of new customers and recruits to your business

Everything You Need

What’s Included?

The Elite Business Bootcamp was designed to help you create massive momentum in your business in a short amount of time. We give you the training you need, the specific daily action required and create the perfect environment of accountability and support to help you succeed.

  • 12 Week Video Training Course to give you the skills and tactics you’ll need to create momentum and become a more effective leader for your team.
  • Clear Action Plans set you up for success by providing a proven roadmap for success.
  • Gain exclusive access to a private Facebook Group to connect and synergize with like-minded builders, find your accountability partner, and receive daily inspiration and accountability.
  • Live monthly Zoom calls with the founders of Teamzy to give you opportunity to ask questions and get advice.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly accountability
  • Personal one-on-one support to set up your Teamzy account

30+ years of combined experience

What you will learn

This 12-week course will teach you the necessary skills and walk you through a step-by-step action plan to keep your pipeline full and generating consistent business. The trainings build upon each other, helping you to become a more effective business person and leader.

  • Learn both the how and why: You’ll gain a deep understanding of how and why focusing on relationships grows your business—from understanding what drives you, to leveraging the powerful ways in which your audience can get hooked on your content.
  • Step-by-step training on strategies and how-to’s: You’ll learn everything from building relationships, staying connected, what to say and when to say it, following up without being annoying and overcoming objections.
  • Keep your sales consistent by always having leads coming through your funnel, and learn methods to close them every time.
  • Be a social media pro: Learn how to effectively promote yourself on social media to become a trusted advisor in your sphere of influence, creating content that builds trust and inspires others to do the same.

Leaders & Top Producers

Who is the Elite Business Bootcamp for?

This course was designed for those who want to create massive momentum in their network marketing business by dramatically increasing the amount of leads generated, sales closed and recruits added to their teams.

You joined this business to create income for you and your family. But, being your own boss sometimes means you may not know exactly which activities you should be spending your time doing. Just not quitting is not enough to be successful. You need to be doing the right things, in the right amount, consistently to win in this business.

We are excited to help you build your business into a consistent lead-producing machine!

We’ve helped over 50,000 network marketers

We worked with the top business builders in various MLMs to design a course to help you master the strategies and principles needed to be successful in any relationship-based business—all in a perfect environment for consistency and action.

Get started!

This business doesn’t have to be hard

Once you know what to do and how to do it, and can lean into your coaches, accountability partner and a community of like-minded achievers, getting down to work is easy. Stop thinking about bringing your business to the next level, and get started today!

Training Content

  • Week 1
    Unleash your inner power hour boss
  • Week 2
    How to increase your conversions by 80%, without being annoying
  • Week 3
    Uncovering your WHY
  • Week 4
    3 Problems with the “Go for No” mentality (How to lead with love)
  • Week 5
    How to leverage social media to inspire and build trust
  • Week 6
    How to identify future leaders on your team
  • Week 7
    How to get your current customers to bring more customers to your business
  • Week 8
    How to meet new people and add them to your list
  • Week 9
    How to move a great conversation to an invite
  • Week 10
    Overcoming objections with HEART
  • Week 11
    Improving your results
  • Week 12
    Maintaining your momentum

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Start Growing Your Business Now!

Many builders are enjoying the benefits of a thriving—even booming—business, and I know you can too. This course will give you the roadmap, support and motivation to build the business of your dreams.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of results can I really expect to get?

Active users in Teamzy right now are averaging 21 new customers and 9 new recruits over 90 days. We believe with the advanced training and support to help you be consistent with your income producing activities, that you could 2X, 3X, or even 4X those results.

Will this help me break out of the plateau my business is stuck in?

In this group you will take massive action doing the right things and armed with new, more effective skills. Yes, you are about to blow that plateau to smithereens.

When will this course be offered again?

If you miss the registration deadline of Jan 21, you may have to wait months until the next opportunity to join Bootcamp. Don’t miss it—or the opportunity to create massive momentum NOW in your business.

I tend to start programs like this and then not finish. How can I be sure I’ll stay engaged?

We all struggle with being consistent. That’s why we’ve created the perfect environment to keep you engaged, accountable and inspired.

Is this course just all about how to use Teamzy?

Teamzy is a critical tool that will help you implement what you are learning in a highly efficient and effective manner. Yes, you will learn how to use Teamzy at a higher level. And, you will learn timeless techniques and skills that will improve YOU as a business owner.

Is this just for people who have already built huge teams? What if I’m new?

If you are new, this is where you will learn the best practices and habits to build your business big. We’ll help you generate new business, acquire customers and recruits to your team. After this, you won’t be new anymore. You’ll be a leader teaching your team what you’ve learned.

I have a large team already. Will this program help me?

Yes! As a leader, it’s important for you to leverage your time better, get in more consistent contact with your downline and learn important skills you can share with them. Besides, speed of the leader, speed of the team. After Bootcamp, your team will be flying!

When does bootcamp start and how long does it last?

  • Prep Week starts January 22nd
  • Week 1 starts January 29th
  • Every Monday a new video is unlocked
  • Week 12 starts April 16th

Will I have access to all 12 sessions at once?

No, and that’s on purpose. Each week is designed to layer upon the last. Bootcamp is about doing, not just learning. We want you to implement what you are learning before jumping to the next training. We will release the week’s training and action steps at 6 am EST each Monday morning.

Do I have to have a Teamzy subscription to sign up for Bootcamp?

Yes, a Teamzy subscription is required to purchase Bootcamp. You will not be able to complete all the action steps without a Teamzy account.

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