Network Tapped Out? How to Consistently Grow Your Database

It’s bound to happen at some point in your business: you feel as if you’ve tapped out your entire network.

And, if you live in a small town or rural area, this feeling may be all the more striking.

In your first year or two in business, you’re sure to have approached your family and friends, neighbors, your child(ren)’s teachers and the parents of their classmates, everyone you and your spouse when to school with, people at church or synagogue, the coaches and parents of your kids’ teammates, the baristas at your favorite coffee shop, the check out clerk at the supermarket you frequent… everyone.

Who’s left?

It may seem as if there’s absolutely no one else that you can possibly contact and, as a result, you’re likely feeling frustrated and stuck.

How can you grow your business if there’s no one else for you connect with?

Let’s get one thing clear: It’s impossible to tap out your network.

“Say what?,” you’re likely thinking. “I have literally just tapped out my entire network. There is no one else I can add to my network.”

That’s not entirely true. There are still tons of people for you to connect with and serve.

There the folks who are connected to your current database.

You see, the best thing about relationship marketing – hands down – is you can never exhaust your network.

Each relationship you build provides the opportunity to expand your network.

How? The family, friends, and connections of your current clients.

Now, we’re not suggesting you scroll through the friends lists of your connections and cold message everyone they know.



That would be a bit awkward.

So, how can you connect with them?

Ask for an introduction or a referral.

Create advocates; grow your network

Relationship marketers don’t just create customers and team members; they create advocates for their business.

And, if they serve from their hearts, their networks will see and appreciate the high level of service so much, they’ll refer them to everyone they know.

Although they may not instinctively know to refer you, they’re often more than willing to do so if you ask.

What if you don’t feel comfortable saying to your peeps, “Hey, can you refer me?”

That’s no problem.

Remember, your focus is to develop and deepen your relationships with your current and potential customers, prospects, and distributors; it’s not to constantly push sales and strong-arm people into introducing you to more people.


☝️ Pro Tip

You’re in the lead generation business! Set aside time (distraction-free) everyday to make outgoing, proactive connections with people.


In the process of serving your clients, you’ll continue to build trust.

Since we naturally enjoy doing business with people we like and trust, your customers, prospects, and distributors will, over time, become loyal advocates of your business.

They’ll shout your praises from the rooftops.

Sure, they may need a reminder from time to time to introduce you to others like them who would appreciate the opportunity you’re offering; however, once you remind them, they’ll be more than happy to do so.


☝️ Pro Tip

Get into the ‘make someone’s day’ mindset. Make 20 connections today!


Encourage your peeps to spread the word

What’s the best way to encourage your current customers, prospects, and distributors to shout about your business?

Through consistent communication – just keep in touch.

That’s right; by continuing to check in with them through Facebook Messenger and text and making their days, you’ll stay top of mind.

And, when you’re top of mind, you’ll be the first person they think of when someone mentions a problem that your business can solve.

How great is that?

What better advertising for your business than positive reviews by happy customers and team members?

When someone in your network refers you to a new customer or prospect, be sure to thank them.

People love to feel appreciated.

A heartfelt “thank you” will not only make them feel appreciated; it’ll also encourage them to keep introducing you to more people you can help.

What about people who aren’t interested in your products or the opportunities you offer?

Let’s face it – network marketing isn’t for everyone.

No matter how long you’ve been in business, you’ve likely encountered people who aren’t interested in what you’re selling or the opportunity you’re offering to be their own boss.

Perhaps they’re not ready yet or they’re happy with where they’re at in life.



You can still strive to make their days by staying in touch and offering a quick “hello” or words of positivity and encouragement.


☝️ Pro Tip

Go make someone’s day! Focus on helping, focus on connecting and you will have a full pipeline.


Additionally, follow-up with them to continue to deepen your relationship and build trust.

Then, plant the seed by saying:

“… if you or anyone you care about could use some help with

(the problem your business solves), I’d be honored to help!”

It’s that simple.

You’re not pressuring them to open their networks to you; instead, you’re empowering them to think of someone who could benefit from your products/services or your business opportunity.

They continue to have control over their networks, which shows how much respect you have for them.

After all, a traditional salesperson would put on the pressure and do all they could to convince the person to divulge their contacts’ information.

Eww, gross, right?

Although they may not become a customer or prospect right now (remember, it often takes more than seven ‘touches’ for a person to make up their minds), they’ll see first-hand that you’re so much different from other network marketers they’ve encountered who used gross traditional selling methods that left them cold.

Instead of alienating them or striking them from your list because they’re not interested, you’re cultivating a loyal ally for your business.

Your business may not be for everybody; however, everyone you meet knows someone who may benefit from your products and services and/or the business opportunity you’re providing.

Again, the key is to keep in touch with the people you know.

When you maintain consistent contact, you’ll build trust, deepen relationships, and earn the reputation as a caring and reputable business leader.

People will want to buy from you and work with you.

Additionally, your team will not only enjoy working with you; they’ll also begin to mimic your relational marketing style (especially if you show them how!).

It all starts by making their days.

All of the short messages you send to say “hello” and let them know you’re thinking of them add up and will pay off in better relationships.


☝️ Pro Tip

How to organize the perfect power hour

  • know what to say
  • know how you will connect
  • know how to track it!


Sure, it seems like such a small, insignificant gesture; however, sometimes those tiny gestures have the biggest payoff.

It’s effective because it’s so small.

How special do you feel when someone sends you a text out of the blue to say “hello” or wish you a great day?

You’re stoked, right?



That’s how your network feels when they hear from you (think about that the next time you’re thinking of putting off your Teamzy activities until tomorrow – don’t delay delivering happiness!).

Next, don’t be shy about discussing your business.

In every conversation, you’ll have a chance to discuss what’s going on in your life.

Of course, mention that your kids made the honor roll or the varsity team; but also mention your business as well.

Say that you feel lucky to have a business that allows you to be there for all of your kids’ milestones, which is something that many people would love to have but their work situations don’t allow it.

When they ask what you do, tell them about it – share your passion for helping others and explain how your business does so.

If it feels right, invite them into your business and explain the unique opportunity you’re offering.

Most people will be intrigued and many will say they’d like to know more.



Maybe not then and there – after all, we all lead busy lives – but do a follow-up with them soon after to discuss your business and the opportunity you offer.

They may jump on the opportunity right away so be sure to shepherd them through the process.

More often than not, however, they may need to think about it.

It may take a few weeks or it may take a few years.

It’s not your job to push them to a decision; your goal is to give them the information they need to make the right one for them.

Continue to stay in touch, but with the intention to make their day, not to force them into a decision.

Even if they don’t take advantage of the opportunity you’re offering, by explaining how you work and your passion to help, they’ll have a better grasp when they explain it to the people they know who may be interested in becoming a new customer or team member.

There’s nothing better than strong advocates for your business.

They should be nurtured as much as your customers and team members.

So, how do you keep all of your contacts straight so you can consistently keep in touch with them?

Teamzy makes it easy and fun to run your business in less than an hour a day.

Just log in and you’ll always know who to contact.

Additionally, if you’re not sure how to start the conversation, Teamzy offers scripts to use to get started.

As a result, you’ll be more effective and efficient.

Click here to learn more.

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