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The training suite that will give you the systems you need to build your business HUGE!

3 Powerful Training Courses

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Implement professional systems in your business now so you can scale up effortlessly as you grow


Learn step-by-step how to stay efficient and take control of your time


Create instant income that is sustainable over the long term


Get control of your finances & completely eliminate debt

Everything you need

What’s Included?

The Business Builder training was designed to help you with the 3 foundational needs of a business owner:  learn step-by-step the best ways to manage your time, establish systems that set your business up for massive growth and to get control of your finances so you can invest in your business to create wealth.

  • Unlimited access to video trainings from inside your Teamzy dashboard.
  • Downloadable workbooks allow you to take your learning with you as you apply the strategies in your business.
  • Benefit from our experience. We’ve helped tens of thousands of business professionals build their businesses. All that experience is rolled up in these trainings to benefit you.

30+ years of combined experience

What you will learn

This 3 course series will teach you the necessary skills and systems to lay the foundation for a successful business. The trainings build upon each other, helping you to become a well-rounded and effective business owner.

  • Learn both the how and why: Whether it’s mastering money or creating a standardized sales process, you’ll learn how to do it and why it’s necessary to set you up as a trusted professional in your industry.
  • Step-by-step training on strategies and how-to’s:These courses aren’t just theory or principles, you’ll have a specific game plan you can instantly apply in your business.
  • Become highly efficient and much more effective by taking control of your time!
  • Be a true pro: create the systems to set your business apart from the hobbyists and ultimately give you the structure to build a HUGE business.

Description of each training

Course List



Master Your Time Management in 3 Easy Steps!

In this training, we teach you 3 simple steps to master your time management. You’ll finally be able to get rid of stress and overwhelm, and become much more effective and efficient with your time.



How to Think Like a Business Owner, and STOP Treating Your Business Like a Job

In this comprehensive training we’ll cover everything from the Entrepreneurial Mindset, creating your vision and goals for your business, how to persevere, taking ownership for the good and bad in your business, how to expand your skills, financial planning for your business, creating and understanding a Profit & Loss statement, to how to create professional standards in your business.



How to Achieve Financial Freedom Now & How to Get Out of Debt Fast!

In this training, we teach you step-by-step how to create a financial plan to get you to your goals. We’ll also show you proven techniques to pay off credit cards and loans up to 10 times faster.

Don’t delay

Start Growing Your Business Now!

You can take these courses a la carte, or as we designed them: as a comprehensive suite. However you decide to get started, the important thing is to get started. Benefit from our years of experience helping tens of thousands of business pros build their businesses. Build a solid foundation for your business to grow BIG.

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