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Relationship marketing is a powerful lead generation system. It makes this business enjoyable, fun to work and profitable all the while building relationships and not being salesy.

Relationships are your duty

The main difference between relationship marketing and the traditional approach to this business is the underlying philosophy that developing and deepening relationships is the paramount duty of business.

In order to succeed in relationship marketing, it must be in your heart to help others, whether they’re current relationships or past connections.

When you seek to serve first, the more your clients, team and those in your downline will trust you and become loyal advocates.

3 Principles of Relationship Marketing

  • 1-1

    Seak to serve first, bring value and invest in the relationship.

  • 2-1

    Ensure your motivation is to help, rather than financial gain.

  • 3-1

    Focus on building advocates rather than customers.

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Jay is the Director of Customer Experience at Teamzy. She has more than a decade of experience overseeing technology projects.

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