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Lead your team. Grow exponentially. Make more sales.

What if you could build a team that is motivated, inspired, and ready to work for your business? Lead™ is a 4-week leadership development course for network marketers designed to take your business to the next level!

Introducing Teamzy Lead

Great leaders aren't born, they're made.

Lead is a leadership development program for business builders who are excited and committed to creating and building a profitable team this year.

By the end of the program, you will know how to...

Motivate your Team

Implement Systems

Communicate Effectively

Attract the Best

Inspire and develop your Team

Find people who want to work

Bring out the best in others

Challenge and encourage

And more importantly...

You'll have the confidence to lead your team and generate consistent and scalable revenue and give yourself the freedom and flexibility in your life.

We've trained over 100,000 Network Marketers

With over 20 years of building leaders and leading a 7-figure business, we've helped hundreds of teams reach the top 1% of their companies.


Vicki Hill Drobnis

March was the best month I've had in years! My PV was the highest it's been in the past few years and my team growth was the highest it's been since September of 2020. Being part of this training has truly been the absolute best training I've ever taken in my 7 years in network marketing. Thank you Eric and Mike so much!

Melanie Brandt

Melanie Brandt

Hi Eric! I was on your training today! I am one of the NMD leaders within Juice Plus.

I can't thank your enough for teamzy. After hitting the top of the company in 18months, I lost my way I felt overwhelmed and I wasn't sure how I would get excited again. Teamzy was that for me!


Brenda Hoffman-Goodman

My calendar is full each week with new meetups and I have a new team about to sign up and orders waiting! AM forever grateful to Eric & Mike YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!! <3



Prisca Learmann

I've made greater strides to my business in the past 3 months than I have the past 6 years and it's all thanks to you and Teamzy. So happy I made the investment on myself. Thanks to you and Mike and your whole team for inspiring and training me.


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