The Ultimate CRM for Network Marketers

Want to sell more product but hate feeling like an icky sales person?

Organize, track and build relationships.

Stats your business and team are going to love

In 90 days, active Teamzy users are averaging

Stats your business and team are going to love

In 90 days, active Teamzy users are averaging

Can I trust you? Do you care about me? Are you good at what you do?

Customers for life

Relationship Marketing

Today, it’s about building real relationships and staying in contact with people consistently, so they think of you when they need a professional. This allows you to become the person they trust and recommend to friends and family.

Build meaningful relationships over one-off sales

Promote repeat business

Enjoyable customers and prospects

You’ll become the go-to your clients refer to friends and family

Provide excellent service to clients & they’ll refer more business

Koneshia H | Beachbody Coach

“I’ve been using Teamzy for almost a year now and it’s completely changed my life. It was the missing piece that I needed with a busy schedule and needing to stay on top of follow ups!!!!!! One of the best investments in my business I ever made!!!”

Kelly C | Rodan + Fields

“Hi there! I am LOVING your program and it has already upped my productivity by reigning in my focus! THANK YOU !!!!! “

Giselle S | Fitness Coach

“I just started using teamzy today…and I already have a lead….it’s the best!! I already have an interest w/a new person!!…Love it!! ❤”

Amy | Beachbody Coach

“This is absolutely the most incredible business management tool I’ve found, simple yet intuitive… I am sharing with my whole team!”

Over 75,000 Network Marketers

Real people, real results, true love 😍.

Powerhour Crushing Machine

Absolutely crush your power hour

Teamzy is not your typical CRM, it’s designed to help you connect with people quickly and efficiently in less than an hour a day. We keep you focused on the activities you need to be doing consistently–the ones that ultimately lead to sales and recruits. Teamzy takes the thinking and planning out of this business and lets you be incredibly effective with your time.

Designed to power through your ‘up next’ list every day

Be incredibly effective with your time while tracking it all

Our smart algorithm tells you who to contact everyday, and makes suggestions on what to say.

Never miss a follow up or let anyone fall thru the cracks again!







Makes staying consistent easy

Everyday, Teamzy will compile your list based on rank and recent activity. Power down your list and connect with 20 or more people in less than 30 min. This allows you to start 7, 8, 9 conversations per day and build deeper relationships. Staying on top of your prospects’ minds leads to sales, recruits and tons of referrals.

Get organized and feel in control!

With Teamzy you’ll be able to:

  • Consistently stay in touch & stay organized
  • Automatically know who to contact everyday
  • Track all your contact activity – Facebook, Instagram, Email & More!
  • Follow up like a pro
  • Automatically plans yours day
  • Manage your contacts and prioritize
  • Don’t know what to say? We have scripts!
  • Use tags to organize your customers

Deepen relationships!

Organize, track and nurture your prospects

Teamzy lets you manage, rank and prioritize your contacts. Tag them by product, category or a special interest group.  Keep track of all your contact activity in one place –facebook, email, comments and more, giving you insight into every contact to build meaningful relationships.

Track all your activity with a person and know where a relationship left off

Rank your contacts. Prioritize contacts so you can prioritize your time.

Use tags to organize your customers

Track and forecast your activities, sales and recruiting

Try Teamzy free for 30 days!

Organize your contacts, crush your power hours and deepen relationships. After your free trial, Teamzy is only $29.99/mo.

Try Teamzy free for 30 days!

Organize your contacts, crush your power hours and deepen relationships. After your free trial, Teamzy is only $29.99/mo.

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Hundreds of love messages.

What are people saying about Teamzy?

Tina H | Beachbody Coach

“Good morning and thank you so much! Teamzy is amazing! I actually hit SC16 last month. Crazy! I won a photo op with a celebrity trainer and tickets to the Billy Idol concert at Summit among other things!

Teamzy makes my business so much easier. It takes stress away about who to contact when. I don’t worry about people slipping through the cracks like I used to. I know exactly what to do and when to do it. It saves so much time.

This might sound odd, but I feel like Teamzy is making me a better person. I am being courageous and reaching out to people I never would have before. Developing friendships that would not have been there. It is so rewarding. Thank you for all of your work and your trainings.

I am definitely pushing it in my team!

Have a super day! “

Carrie G | Rodan + Fields

“First I absolutely love Teamzy! I just had my biggest month ever in Business and I cant help but think that this organizational and accountability tool here has been the difference! So thank you! 😍”

Renee C | Beachbody Coach

“I can’t recommend this enough!! What a time saver for me!! My power hour is stress free now!!”

Tonya R | Pampered Chef

“I just signed up and I’m so excited about this! Thank you for creating this system as it will be a game changer for me and my pampered chef team!”

Rachel J | Beachbody Coach

“Hi there!
I LOVE Teamzy and has been a game changer in staying organized in my business!! 💙”

Vanessa F | Beachbody Coach

“I’m not sure if you guys will get this reply but I’m brand new to Teamzy and still learning but I just had to say that Teamzy is AMAZING! Thank you SO SO SO much for giving us coaches and other entrepreneurs who use Teamzy all of these amazing tools we need to succeed.

This is by far one of the best websites in general that I have ever been introduced to and I recommend it to every new and existing coaches that I know!

I was using Google Streak before and it was okay but I easily got overwhelmed by it which in turn would make me avoid my follow ups and updated my contact list altogether.

I just had to express my gratitude to you for this awesome site and remind you of how awesome you are!”

Jennifer O | Young Living


Catherine F | Modere

“As a new user of teamzy I have instantly seen the value of this system in place for everyone to use! I am 17 months into my business and my one regret is not having a teamzy account on day 1!

I am blown away while exploring all the features that you can optimize on this platform to stay 100% organized in business!

I blame my inconsistency in business a lot of time due to my lack of organization, or remembering who I last spoke to and when but teamzy tracks ALL of that for me!

I seriously feel like I do not have to think anymore about how many people i need to connect with today, because teamzy tells me!

I no longer have to feel bad about not following up with customers because teamzy reminds me! Teamzy has taken a large weight off my shoulders and now I am taking massive action in my business!”

Caroline R | Beachbody Coach

“LOVE this product—I want to scream from the rooftops and tell everyone I know. 🙂”

Christa F | Plexus

“I’m on day 27 of my 30 day trial and have already added 3 new personal team members! I love the way this tool keeps me organized and I can get the bulk of my “work” done in an hour a day! Thanks Teamzy!!!”

Heather V | Beachbody Coach

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this product – please don’t ever stop! Not sure what I would do without it, and I tried about 5 other apps before starting with Teamzy!
I told my whole coaching team about it!!
Thanks for all the improvements and a great app :)”

Kelly C | Rodan + Fields

“Hi there! I am LOVING your program and it has already upped my productivity by reigning in my focus! THANK YOU !!!!! “

Nancy D | Beachbody Coach

“This is by far the best program I’ve seen. It’s not complicated and it does most of the work for you!! Just lines up whose next to talk to, all my previous conversations are there and easy to schedule follow ups! Plus helps you with scripts and emailing! Love It!❤❤”

Laura M | Beachbody Coach

“I am LOVING Teamzy and can’t thank you guys enough for developing it! The amount of time I’m saving is crazy…and I constantly have new people seeing my content now! THANK YOU!!!!”

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Manage Contacts
All your contacts organized in one place

Up Next
Teamzy’s intelligent algorithms tell you who to contact next.

Our tagging system makes organizing your customers so easy!

Follow Ups
Simple and elegant follow up system means nobody ever falls through the cracks

Track Activity
Track all your activity with a person and know where a relationship left off

Always know what to say without sounding “salesy”

Team Accountability
Have real-time access to your down line’s activity in Teamzy

Business Stats
Track and forecast your activities, sales and recruiting

Income Tracker
Track your income against the goals you set

Prioritize your people to prioritize your time

Track the non-negotiable activities that will make you successful

Gmail Integration
Send emails from your Gmail account inside Teamzy

A+ Customer Support
Our passion is your success. We will be here every step of the way to help you

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