Transition Your Conversation to a Lasting Relationship


Transition Your Conversation to a Lasting Relationship

So, you’re having a great conversation with another parent at your daughter’s soccer game.

You’re stoked because you wanted to talk to them last week – they seem to know all the other parents and, since it’s your daughter’s first year, you’re anxious to fit in.

You’ve really hit it off; first commiserating over the super long line at the coffee shop and then chatting about the beautiful weather. Then, they mention a challenge she’s having and your ears perk up; after all, it’s something you may be able to help with.

You get all excited and think, “This is it! I can expand my network and gain a new customer or teammate. Look at all the people they know who I can help.” What do you do next?

  1. Casually mention your business. Briefly chat about what you do and that your mission is to help people just like her face and overcome her very common challenge. Then, give her your information and follow up on the conversation in a few days.
  2. Open your mouth to mention your business, but chicken out. You think, “Oh, they don’t want to hear about it now. Plus, she’ll just think I’m using her for a sale and I definitely don’t want that. After all, if they begin to think that, then they’ll tell all the other parents to avoid me like the plague because I’m just like one of those network marketers that burn through the network to sell, sell, sell.” Instead, you just say, “Oh, that’s too bad.” and then change the subject. You continue to kick yourself throughout the week and sit off to the side at the next soccer game the following weekend and hide behind a magazine when they look your way.

You may want to say #1, but most of us fall into the second option. Sure, it’s an extreme example. The point is the same – so many of us avoid extending an invitation to buy or join our team and it’s hurting our businesses. On the one hand, we strive to grow and build our businesses. Unfortunately, when we get the opportunity, we freeze up and let it pass. We may even think that the opportunity will come around again and we’re disappointed when it doesn’t – or, at least, it doesn’t as we had imagined.

It all starts with your mindset

Yes, it’s true. So much of success relies on your mindset. You have the heart to serve and you’re eager to help others change their lives, either by using your products or services or by joining your business and changing their lives for the better. It all starts with heart.

The next step is to develop the mindset that allows you to put your call to serve into action. No, you don’t need to make some grand, sweeping gestures; instead, start small by making someone’s day.

Make someone’s day

It really is that simple. Think about it: we’re all so busy these days flitting from one commitment to the next. We don’t have time to think and process, much less the time to truly connect with people. That’s why the seemingly small gesture of making someone’s day has such a huge impact.

Start with hello

A simple “hi” is a surefire conversation starter. Whether you’re saying it in person or in a short message online, it’s a great way to connect with people. Try it now: open your preferred social media platform and send a private message to someone on your list. Say:

“Hi [name]! Just stopping by to say hello. How have you been? I hope you’re having an awesome day! :-)”

That’s it! They’ll get it and smile. They may respond back right away or, if they’re busy, they’ll connect with you later on. The point is that you’ve made their day and added one more brick to the foundation of your relationship with them. Even if they don’t respond right away, you’ll be at the top of mind.

Pro tip: Keep your message short. The other person should be able to read it without unlocking their screen

Okay, you made their day; now what?

Although one or two of the people you contact may respond right away, others may wait a day or week or may forget altogether. We’re busier than ever and, chances are, instead of it being a slight against you, it’s may be that they’re super busy. Perhaps they’re busy juggling new responsibilities at work or they’re ferrying their children to from music camp to sports camp to drama camp all summer long.

As humans, we fear rejection and this is one of the top reasons we don’t follow up. Our minds begin to fill with new details of a story of our own creation about why a person never responded. In our minds, it’s never as easy as “They’re just busy.” We weave tales that become more negative and intricate as each day passes. We convince ourselves not to follow up – that if we message them again, we’re bugging them – when the reality is, the most important thing we can do is just that.

Following up is an act of love

If you’re familiar with Teamzy, this is a phrase you’ve heard time and time again. Following up really is an act of love – it’s you having so much care and concern for the people you meet that you feel driven to connect with them again and again and make their day. Now, this doesn’t mean you contact them all the time; instead, you categorize your relationship in Teamzy and let Teamzy remind you when to connect with them.

What if you have a situation like the one outlined at the beginning of this blog – where they mention an issue that you and your business can help with? Then, you may follow up sooner. You may connect with them a few days later to check in or offer more information about the product or service or the opportunity you’ve presented. Although it’s important to stay top of mind, it’s also important to give them the space to think. And they will, that’s for sure. Sure, some will jump on the opportunity right away; however, most will need time to mull it over and decide if it’s right for them.

Pro tip: Following up shows that you care!

Getting over your biggest obstacle: yourself

We often get in the way of our own success. Here’s how to overcome the common obstacles network marketers face.

“I’m too busy.”

It’s a universal excuse for everything that you’re too scared, anxious or simply don’t want to do. But, in reality, are you really too busy to craft a short message to connect with a prospect? It only takes a minute and it’s something you can do in between other things, like waiting for your coffee to brew or when you’re in line at the supermarket. If you want to lead a successful business, you have to make time for it. And, when you’re busy, time often presents itself in those moments between doing other things.

“I can’t think of anything clever to say.”

Don’t be the next victim of analysis paralysis, which is when the need to think of just the perfect thing to say prevents you from saying anything at all. Do you know who analyzes every word out of your mouth? You. It’s not the person you’re messaging or speaking with. Instead, they’re focusing on how you make them feel. Do they read your message or walk away at the end of your conversation feeling uplifted and joyful? Or, do they walk away feeling drained. You see, when you focus so much on your half of the conversation, you rob them of the joy and positivity you could be conveying.

When you deliver a heartfelt message, even just by saying hello, you make the other person feel special. We all want to be thought of, and they’ll be stoked that you took time out of your day to connect with them. They’re not going to hyper-analyze your words; instead, they’ll smile and appreciate your level of care.

Pro tip: In the time it takes to make an excuse, you could have sent a message and connected with your prospect instead.

Learn how to turn any conversation into an invitation

Many network marketers struggle with transitioning the conversation to an invitation, which is why we’ve created a training to help. The Art of Creating Conversations that Convert is a 7-lesson training that gives you the tools you need to connect and engage with more people, make more sales, and add more people to your team. You’ll learn how to bring up your business or product in a casual manner that leads to a follow-up. If you’re not sure what to say, we’ve got you covered there, too, with scripts that help you engage with everyone from acquaintances you hardly know to old friends you’ve known for decades. Better yet, you’ll get results while building relationships, not burning bridges. Click here to learn more about the Art of Creating Conversations that Convert and sign up today.

Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson

Hi. I’m Eric Johnson. I help busy Network Marketers be more successful. I've spent the last 20 years teaching and training relationship marketing and coaching business owners.


  1. Tom Hinz on August 8, 2019 at 7:18 am

    Thank you Eric! I have just read this and I fall into the category of attempting to say my response “just right” and over respond rather than share what I do and why I am passionate about it and ask if they are interested and then let it go.
    That leads to my question, I am enthusiastic about building my network marketing business, attended last boot camp, using Teamzy for over year and half and have not grown my business at all. I am sharing this from my heart to yours as i totally believe it’s all about building long term relationships! I know you have a million things to attend to, but would you have a few minutes for a quick conversation? Zoom? Best regards, Tom

  2. Will Baker on August 8, 2019 at 12:07 pm

    Thanks Eric!! 🙂