Set Your Day Up for Success


Set Your Day Up for Success

Have you ever had a day where you struggled to stay motivated? Of course, you know you have to do your Power Hour to connect with your customers, prospects, and distributors. However, you struggle to get started. Perhaps you’re easily distracted – it is summertime and sometimes the call of the sunshine is much louder than the call to work. Or, maybe you’re so busy trying to get organized before the kids go back to school that you’ve moved everything to the back burner. Or maybe you’re just getting back into the swing of things after a long and restful vacation. Whatever the reason, it can be hard to start the day productively when your mind is elsewhere. Here are some tips to set your day up for success.

Start your day right

If you’re struggling to get your day off the ground, it’s essential to review your habits. It’s not just when you wake up either; it’s the things you do before you sit down to do your Power Hour and work on your business each day.

Don’t fall prey to digital distractions

Be honest: how long does it take for you to check your email or social media when you wake up? Do you wait until after you’ve showered and made coffee or your morning smoothie or do you check it as soon as you turn off your alarm?

Most of us fall into the latter category – we shut off our alarms and quickly open up Facebook or Instagram. We also open our emails and begin scrolling through – reading this one, deleting that one. This happens all before our feet even touch the floor!

It’s hard to wake up feeling positive and focused when we start the day falling prey to digital distractions. We read a negative news story or friend’s status and it may impact how we approach the rest of our day. Imagine that: the day is already hijacked by negativity and it’s barely started.

Instead of checking email or social media first thing, wait 60 minutes. Now, your jaw may have dropped and you may be exclaiming, “An hour?! I can’t wait an hour to check my social media!” Trust me, though, you can. Remember earlier in the last decade when we didn’t even have social media, at least not in the capacity we do now? Many of us had flip phones that didn’t have a fraction of the capabilities smartphones have today. We’d wake up, get showered and ready to start the day and often wouldn’t check our emails until we got to work or school. We survived, didn’t we?

Pro Tip: Avoid digital distractions by placing your smartphone on the other side of the room while you sleep. This will help you avoid the temptation to scroll before you’ve even gotten out of bed.

Although most of us would never trade-in our smartphones to go back to that, it’s not a bad idea to reduce our dependence, at least first thing in the morning. Think about your mindset and wellbeing.

If I can’t check my email or social media, what can I do?

The list is truly endless! You could work out, take the dog for a walk, enjoy a quick yoga session…the list goes on and on. But, if you want to set your day up for success, here are a few ideas to help you focus and get in the right headspace.

Get positive

Positive input every morning will ensure positive output all day long. What you listen to and read shapes your mindset for the rest of the day. It’ll color how you view the events of the day. Prepare your mind to thrive by filling it with positive information.

  • Listen to a positive or uplifting podcast. iTunes and other podcasting apps are full of business- and spiritually-focused podcasts that will help ensure your mind is in the right place. Subscribe to several and be sure to listen to one each day (maybe while you’re working out or walking the dog).
  • Read uplifting content. Whether it’s an inspirational memoir or biography of a business or industry leader or a book of quotes by wise folks, take the time to read each morning. You don’t need to dedicate an hour to it; just set aside what time you can, even if it’s just 10 minutes. The point is to frame your mindset for the day.
  • Journal.  Journalling allows you to write down your thoughts so you can refer to and reflect upon them later. Many people start the day writing down three things they’re grateful for; others write down their intentions for the day. The act of writing it down helps commit it to memory so you can be sure you’ll do it.
Pro tip: Have a favorite quote or mantra? Post it where you can see it then say it and reflect upon it each morning.

Connect with your goals

Many of us set goals and then forget about them (that is, until the end of the year when we’re rushing around trying to fulfill them). We encourage you to set a variety of goals, from short-term ones to complete in the next week or two to long-range goals to strive to complete in a year or two. Ideally, you’ll have your goals posted where you can see them; however, do you read through them every day?

It’s easy to take them for granted when they’re right where we can see them every day. Over time, we may not even notice them. However, by reading through them each morning and even saying them aloud, we commit them to memory and become motivated to make them a reality.

If it’s been a while since you’ve reviewed them, take a moment to assess your progress. Do you think you’re on track? Have you fallen behind or are you ahead of schedule? This gives you a quick perspective on how far you’ve come and how far you still need to go until you reach your goals. If it helps, take some time to reimagine your vision – you can even go through the entire visualization exercise if you have time. Connect with your vision, specifically in relation to your goals. How will it help you succeed? What more can you do to stay on the right track?

Pro tip: Review your goals at least once a month to make sure you’re still on track.

Do your Power Hour

Although earlier in the blog, we advised staying off social media; if it’s for business, you may make an exception. Some of us tend to be fresher and more motivated first thing in the morning and complete our Power Hours then. In fact, completing your Power Hour before 10 am may put you on the path to success; after all, it’s out of the way for the day. There’s a difference between using social media as a business tool and spending endless time scrolling through it trying to avoid doing something else.

Login to Teamzy and review your Dashboard. Who do you need to contact today to meet your goals for the week? Then, start connecting with people. If you want to quickly scroll through their social media pages to see what they’ve been up to before you message them, that’s okay. Just be sure you don’t fall down the “rabbit hole” and spend an hour doing that instead of being productive.

Once you’ve completed your activities, pat yourself on the back. You’re now free to enjoy the rest of your day (or at least complete the rest of the tasks on your to-do list)!

Pro tip: Not a morning person? Save your Power Hour for when YOU feel the most focused.

Not sure what to say?

It happens to all of us at one time or another. We become consumed by saying just the right thing and we end up not saying anything at all. Although Teamzy has tons of scripts to help you get the conversation started with your customers, prospects, and distributors, you may need extra help trying to get people to convert to a sale. That’s why we created the Art of Creating Conversations that Convert, a 7-lesson training that will give you the tools you need to transition any conversation into a sale or opportunity. Click here to learn more about the Art of Creating Conversations that Convert and register today.

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