3 Ways to Get More Out of Your System


3 Ways to Get More Out of Your System

The spring is the season for getting organized around the home; why not organize your business as well? Getting organized is something that many network marketers aspire to do. Yet, they often don’t get around to for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they’re intimidated by the very idea of getting organized; after all, it may feel more difficult to do the longer you’re in business. Or perhaps they’re just not sure HOW to get started.

There’s no magic secret to getting organized. However, if you want to get organized it’s essential that you have one thing: A system. Many of you use the Teamzy system of relationship marketing to help you run your business. Since adopting the system, you’ve no doubt become more productive and efficient. However, did you know that you can make this great system even more efficient?

How a system works

A system gives you guidelines to follow to keep your business organized. This is so important as your business grows and productivity becomes more important to you. Teamzy allows you to maintain all of the information you need about your network. It helps you define and achieve goals for your business and gives you the business activities you need to do to reach those goals and grow your business. There’s no guesswork involved – you’ll always know what you need to do on any given day to grow your business.

How to make your system more efficient

Any system can be made more efficient; however, it’s up to you to put the efficiency strategies into effect. After all, we’ve given you the system to follow. Although we can give you tips to help you boost your productivity, it’s on you to make it your own. Want to become even more productive, efficient and effective for your customer, prospects, and distributors? Consider incorporating these three things into your business.


Although you may have the basics of the system down, training provides further insight and knowledge to help you get more out of the system. Even the most basic, common-sense system can be made more efficient during your practical application of it in your business. Now, you may be thinking,”Relationship marketing is totally easy-peasy. I stay in touch with my relationships and find ways to help; what more do I need to know?”

It’s true the system is super easy to understand. Where it can get “messy” is in the application; that is, how you use it in your business. How much time do you spend working on your business? This would including connecting with your customers, prospects, and distributors. It also includes performing the daily maintenance routines, such as updating your people’s information, fulfilling orders, etc. If you abide by the Teamzy system, you can get it all done within your Power Hour, especially the longer you work the system.

“I can’t possibly get it all done in an hour!”

Have trouble getting it all done within an hour? Training offers tips and strategies to help you streamline your time and energy so an hour (or less) becomes totally feasible. Many of us waste a ton of time in our daily business activities. We fret about saying the perfect thing to our customers and prospects, especially with folks we may not know as well. After all, we don’t want to make a bad impression. We also waste time wondering what to do next – should we contact another prospect or check in with a distributor? Although Teamzy cuts down on this wasted time dramatically, there are ways to improve even more.

Training, such as Elite Business Bootcamp, can teach you how to prioritize your tasks each day so that you become even more productive and get more out of each and every day. It can also help you connect better with your customers, prospects, and distributors. How? Through scripts and communication prompts. Additionally, tips to help you steer the conversation to ways that help you learn about their needs and also easily (and naturally) bring up your business in conversation. Could you discover this on your own through trial and error? Sure, but it would take too much time. Why not learn from the professionals who have been in your shoes before? After all, they’ve found the smartest solution to using time more effectively.


Having a system is super important. And, although there is some level of accountability there, such as on your Dashboard, for many it’s not enough. Sure, you can see how you’re doing and how close you are to achieving your goals; however, a system won’t give you the kick in the pants you need to get it all done every day. If you’re not naturally self-motivated, or if you just want to take your business to that next level, you need a coach.

Why you need a coach

A coach is a person who’s been in your shoes before – perhaps they’re also a network marketer or they’ve run a small business. Many people seek their expertise to learn new and valuable ways to connect with their customers and teams at a deeper level. This works on several levels. First, a coach can offer perspective on your business that you’re unable to see because you’re simply just too close to it. Think about it: it’s impossible to get a clear overview of your business if your nose is pressed against it. A coach provides insight that you can use to become more productive and make your business even better.

Second, a coach has no financial investment in your business. Therefore, they can keep it real with you and give you the truth that you may not want to hear. That’s not to say they’ll be mean; instead, they’ll tackle the uncomfortable truths that others, such as your spouse or family, would rather avoid discussing with you due to the possibility of hard feelings.

Third, a coach provides unlimited encouragement and motivation when you need it the most. They’ve been in the business a long time and know the right resources and motivators to use to get you back on track and excited about your business.

And, finally, a coach provides the accountability you need to keep striving toward your goals. They’ll check in with you to ensure you’re still doing your activities daily, connecting with the right people consistently, and basically doing all you can to make your goals reality.

Connect with peers

Similar to a coach, a group of your peers can also provide accountability. Think of how much more likely you are to stick with something if you’re on the same general path as someone else? Think about a health goal, for example. You’re more likely to stick to a goal of going to the gym or for a run three times a week if you have an accountability partner or group than if you go it alone. After all, you don’t want to disappoint the team by not showing up, right?

The same logic can be applied to your business. If you connect with one or two other network marketers, you can provide the accountability you all need to keep true to your goals and businesses. You’ll share your goals, victories, and challenges that you’re all facing in your business and think of solutions that can help. It’s like the old saying “Two heads are better than one.” Just as with a coach, an accountability group of your peers has no stake in your success and can provide unbiased perspective when you’re struggling to see the big picture.

The other benefit of surrounding yourself with an accountability group of your peers is you can share tips for mastering the system or just using it more efficiently. As we gain more experience in our businesses and as network marketers, we begin to adapt the system to complement our style and preferred ways to work. Sharing your best practices and clever tips with your accountability group are sure to help others who may be facing the same challenges and struggles trying to use the system.

Master your system in 12 weeks

The good news is Elite Business Bootcamp offers all three of these things. It’s a 12-week training course that provides all the tips and strategies you need to take your business to the next level. Even if you’ve taken Bootcamp before, you’re sure to get even more out of the training a second or third time around. Second, you have a chance to receive coaching from Teamzy founders, Eric Johnson(me) and Mike Lopez. Using their business experience, they’ll give you and your team support and motivation to boost your businesses. Finally, once enrolled you’ll have access to the Bootcamp private Facebook group, which is full of other high-performing individuals, to share tips, provide encouragement and give you accountability. The window to sign up is limited. Click here to learn more so you don’t miss it.

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