Build Your Business Through Consistent Power Hours


Build Your Business Through Consistent Power Hours

If you’re like many network marketers, when you started your network marketing business you pictured a thriving business with a huge Network and more success than you could imagine. After all, you may have pictured some of the most successful people held up as examples within your industry. They seem to have it all together and to be effortlessly thriving no matter what. What you don’t see is all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. Although many successful people make success seem effortless, don’t be fooled. There is a lot of effort that goes into effortless, overnight success. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to become successful. However, the most important trait is consistency. 

Why consistency is key

Consistency means doing something on a regular basis to the point where people can rely on you to do it. Consistency is at the core of trust. We trust people that we can rely on. If you want to build trust in your network and with your team it’s important to be consistent. Unfortunately, consistency is the hardest skill for many people to develop. After all, it’s so much easier to not be consistent. Consistency is boring. We live in a time where we want instant gratification and instant success.

Although we know that success takes hard work, many people don’t want to put in the time to become successful. This is what will make you unique when you have developed consistency as your superpower. When consistency is your superpower, more people will trust you, whether it is people in your network or your team. They know that when you say you’re going to do something, you’re going to do it. And, they also know that you’ll follow up with them when you say you will and are there to answer any questions that they may have. They can rely on you to connect with them on a regular basis. They know that they will hear from you. 

Rising above traditional sales

This is especially true if they join your team or if they buy something from you. For many years, network marketers garnered a reputation for ruthless sales. That is, traditional network marketers would Hound the people that they know until they purchase something from them. Then, they would disappear until they had another quota to reach. This left a bad taste in many people’s mouths and damaged the reputation of network marketing.

However, you are different from this. You have your network’s best interest at heart and are looking for ways to serve them and make their lives just a bit easier. You reach out to your network to see how they are, to check in with them, and to see if there is a need that you can fill. This sets you apart from other traditional Network marketers who are merely looking for the sale. Yes, sales are important. However, it is also important to build relationships and look for ways to serve and help others.

How to become more consistent

The key to consistency in network marketing is to set aside time each day to connect with the people in your network. This communication helps to build trust and to build your relationship with them. Traditionally, many network marketers would keep their contact information on index cards or spreadsheets or use another system that was completely inefficient. We developed Teamzy to make it easier for network marketers to keep all of their network’s information at their fingertips. This allows network marketers to spend more of their time reaching out and connecting with their networks instead of trying to find a phone number or an email address.

Additionally, Teamzy uses an algorithm to provide a list of people to contact each day based on your relationship with them. That means that you’ll connect with your top Advocates more than you connect with other people who you may not have as deep a relationship with yet. That way, you’re spending more of your time and energy and people who will introduce you to other people on their networks who would appreciate the level of service that you provide in your business. 

Our CRM does half the work for you. It’s up to you to log on and start reaching out to the people on your list that day. This is where many network marketers get hung up. They know that they have to contact people on their network and reach out and check-in. However, they feel like they don’t have the time to do so. This is why we developed the Power Hour, to help network marketers make the time in their day to reach out to the people in their networks. Just log in, reach out, and log your work for the day. Do it several times a week in order to build consistency and build your business. 

Rock your Power Hour

A Power Hour is an hour or less that you set aside each day to work on your business. Unless your network is huge, it will often take you far less than an hour to reach out to everyone on your list for the day. In fact, many people can complete their power hours in 30 minutes or less. To complete the rest of the time, they may work on personal development or watch one of the training videos we have in our resources.

The Power Hour is one of the most important tools you have at your fingertips. It is time that you set aside each day to connect with your network and grow your business. Whether you take a full hour or break it into smaller chunks, completing your Power Hour on a consistent basis several times a week will do wonders to help you build your business. Committing to your Power Hour shows that you are committing to your business. You take yourself seriously as a business person because you are setting aside time each day to work on your business. Your Power Hour ensures that you stay in touch with the people in your network on a consistent basis. Consistency is built in, to a point at least. It is still up to you to log in and do the work.

Make time

If you want to rock your power hour you have to make time to do it. This is where many Network marketers trip up. They complain that they just don’t have the time to commit to doing one every day. If you don’t have time for your power hour you also don’t have time to succeed in your business. Your power hour is the one hour a day in which you work on your business. If you want to flourish in the coming year and in the years ahead then you must commit to logging in and doing your power hour each day. Make time for it within your schedule, set a reminder, and make sure you do it when you say you will. Consistency starts with you. In order to be consistent with others you have to be consistent with yourself and your business.

Track your progress

Well, it’s important to do your power hour daily or several times a week, it’s also important to track your progress. By maintaining a log of your contacts with your network, you can see to whom you’re reaching out and how often as well as what the result is. This allows you to focus on the people who drive your business as well as help you improve your communication. You can also assess when people are the most responsive so that you can adjust accordingly. For example, if you find that people are most responsive in the afternoon, then you may find that you wish to do your Power Hours in the afternoon.

Teamzy can help you stay consistent 

We understand that many network marketers and business people struggle with consistency. That’s why we built our system to make it easier to become more consistent. We do the hard work for you! We keep your database organized so that you always have the most recent information at your fingertips. Initially, we let you know when it’s time to contact someone. By taking the guesswork out of who to call and when you have more time to connect with your network. Want to learn more? Click here.

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