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Build Your Network: Get social this season


Build Your Network: Get social this season

Although the holiday season officially kicks off with Thanksgiving, the time for you to ramp up service to your customers, prospects, and distributors is around Halloween. That’s right; Halloween is the start of the social holiday season. After all, you’re likely running into the people in your network and their kids as you’re out preparing for the holiday yourself. What better time to build your network and check in with your peeps?

The autumn is an ideal time to check in with your peeps. You’ll collect as many people for your network as there are leaves on the ground. You have so much to talk to them about – and so many opportunities to suss out any pain points they may be experiencing. What are they doing for the holidays? Do they have fun vacations planned? Are they excited to see their college-aged children who will be coming home? Are they excited to see their school-aged children perform at the annual Christmas concert? These questions are only the beginning; they start the conversation for you.

Why now is the best time to build your network

When your relationships are the core of your business, you operate from the heart. That is, your care and concern for the people in your network drive you each and every day. The autumn and upcoming holiday seasons are all about spending time with family and friends, especially if you don’t see them as often as you’d like during the year. It gives you an excuse to message them or call – depending on their preference and your relationship level with them – to check-in and ask if there’s any way you can help them. 

Focus on your top people

In addition to checking in on your network, it’s also a great time to do something extra for your true advocates – that is, the people who have opened up their networks to you for introductions or who are your top customers and distributors. These are the people who fuel your business and are responsible for your success. 

By recognizing the role they play in your business, you’re showing how much you appreciate them. They’re more than a sale to you; they’re a vital part of your business. Taking time out of your business schedule at this time of year to do something special for them shows that you truly care for them and appreciate their business. This makes your relationship with them that much stronger and ensures that you’ll continue to be at the forefront of their minds.

Pro tip: Use Teamzy to discover your biggest advocates who can help you build your network. Teamzy can pinpoint your best customers as well as the people who are introducing to everyone they know.

How to connect with your database (and build your network)

First, log into Teamzy and review your Dashboard. Teamzy lets you know who to contact each day so you can achieve your goals and build your business. 

What to say to build your network

Use the conversation starters to get the conversation rolling. Keep in mind that people are busy, especially as the holiday season approaches so be conscious of their time. A short message to say hello and ask what they have planned for Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas/Hanukkah etc. will show you care and give you the opportunity to listen for a need you can fill, either with your business or with a connection to someone you know. 

If you plan to sell at a holiday-event or host an event of your own, be sure to mention it, and mention it early. People’s schedules fill up so if you want them to come, put it on their radar in advance. If you’re hosting a party, you don’t necessarily need to send the invitation super early; instead, message them to save the date to make them aware. The same is true if you’re going to have a table or booth at a local event – giving your network a heads up will ensure you see them at the event. 

Pro Tip: Be sure to note anything you learn in conversation in Teamzy. This will jog your memory when you follow up later. Your people will be impressed and honored that you remembered what you told them. 

Show you care

How can you show your top peeps that you care and appreciate them? There are many ways. Some network marketers host a small party to thank their customers and distributors for their business. Others may give them a small gift – perhaps a sample of a new product or a coupon or discount code – for their best customers. 

The gift doesn’t have to be associated with your business. Think of the holiday season and what you’d like to receive if you were a business owner’s top client. Would you be stoked to receive a small box of your favorite candy or chocolate or if you received a bottle of your favorite wine or other drink? Or perhaps a treat for their kids or fur-kids? What about fresh-baked goods or handmade ornament (you don’t need to do either of these things yourself – that’s what bakeries and artisan fairs are for)? If you’re having trouble thinking of something to show your appreciation, think of what you’d like. Chances are your top customers are of a similar mind. What you love, they’ll certainly enjoy and appreciate. And, the real point is that you’re showing them how much you appreciate them; no need to agonize about just the right thing.

Follow up

Be sure to follow up with your best folks throughout the season. This is one of the most effective ways to build your network. Their needs and pain points are sure to change; continue to consistently follow up to keep in touch. Now, this doesn’t mean you need to be in constant contact with them. Teamzy will let you know when to follow up with them and it allows you to set a follow-up time yourself. 

Pro Tip: What’s the most important part of business? Following up. So many network marketers forget this step and their businesses suffer because of it. Remember following up is an act of love, and isn’t that what this time of year is about – showing how much we love the people in our networks?

But the holidays are just so busy…

Indeed, they are. However, that’s no excuse to push your business and your network to the backburner. This season is super hectic, whether you’re trying to arrange your family’s social schedules, you’re planning a big party or a vacation, or you’re just plain busy. However, despite the chaos, it’s also the best time to build your network. Here’s how to keep on top of your business.


The key is prioritizing your to-do list and making sure that your Power Hour is one of your top priorities. After all, it’s only an hour (and sometimes less than that). During this time, you’ll check in with the people you need to and make their days. They’ll appreciate the gesture – after all, they’re likely feeling the stress of the season as well. 

Review your goals

It’s easier to make your business a priority when you have goals you’ve just got to achieve. Whether you’re on track or fell off track sometime in June, now is the best time to get it done. Your customers are looking for Christmas gifts for loved ones (or as a pick-me-up for themselves) so be sure that you’re the one they’re thinking of. If you’re too busy to connect with them, they’ll choose to buy from someone else. 

Make it fun

Business is so much easier when you’re having fun. Involve your team to brainstorm ways you can connect with people this season. Then make it a game to see which team member can connect with the most top customers. 

Teamzy will help you build your network all season long!

As you build your network, don’t forget about your current peeps. Be sure to log into Teamzy daily during your Power Hour to see who to contact. Your dashboard gives you the names of the people to reach – your job is to make their days! Remember, consistent contact builds trust, which is essential to building the relationships that drive your business. This season provides ample opportunities to check in with your clients and see how you can help and serve them. What’s better than that? Show your customers, prospects, and distributors that you care and you’ll be rewarded with a stronger business, including more introductions and more sales. Click here to learn more.

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