Business growth: Why it’s essential to talk about your business


Business growth: Why it’s essential to talk about your business

Many network marketing professionals joke that their business is their baby. One would think that, like a baby, they would be eager to talk about their businesses to anyone and everyone they meet, right?  Not necessarily. Unlike actual babies, many of those same network marketers have trouble talking with other people about their businesses. They’re proud of and excited to lead their businesses; why are they nervous to talk about them?

Why don’t many network marketers talk about their businesses

There are many reasons why network marketers may not talk about their businesses:

It feels awkward

By far the most common reason is that it feels awkward. More traditional sales techniques encourage you to talk about your business all the time, even if it doesn’t fit into the conversation.  Those who are attracted to relationship marketing may not feel as comfortable doing that. They are willing to talk about their businesses; however, they’re not willing to hijack the conversation to talk about the business. They want it to flow naturally and may look for ways to bring it up; however, if it doesn’t come up or if they miss their chance to talk about it, they don’t. 

They’re not sure how to bring it up

Conversations have a natural flow. You greet one another and share a bit about the weather or recent happenings in one another’s lives, and then you may say goodbye or talk at length about another topic. In the course of a conversation, there are several moments when it’s natural to bring up your business. However, many network marketers aren’t sure how to identify these moments and may not know how to bring it up. 

They’re new to network marketing and lack confidence

When you start your network marketing business, you may not be confident about your business skills. Perhaps you suffer from imposter syndrome or don’t feel you have enough business or experience to talk about what you do. 

They’ve used traditional sales methods before don’t want to alienate people

Some network marketers have the reputation for being pushy or too salesy. Often those who have been involved in network marketing for a while may have used those traditional sales techniques to build their businesses before. However, now that they’ve turned to relationship marketing, they want to nurture those relationships and not burn bridges like they may have done in the past. They may be leery about bringing up their businesses in the conversation for fear that they’ll sound too salesy. 

Why you need to talk about your business

Here’s the thing, if you don’t talk about your business, no one will know you have one. 

If you don’t talk about your business, no one will. Sure, you may have strong advocates for your business, but if you’re not comfortable talking about it, can you expect them to?

Often when you first start out in your network marketing business, you’re eager to post about it on social media and mention it to friends. However, that may be the only time you mention it. You may think, well I mentioned it once; surely they’ll remember. But people are people and if you’re not top of mind, they’ll forget. It’s not personal, it’s just how it is. 

Your network wants to support you and all your endeavors. However, unless they know what you’re up to, they’ll soon forget. When you talk about your business, it’s not pushy, it’s simply reminding people that you’re there. It’s reminding them that you have a business that wants to serve and help them. 

How to talk about your business without sounding salesy

Follow these tips to help you bring up your business without sounding like a pushy salesperson.

Focus on the relationship

Before we get into it, let’s mention this up front: no matter what, your focus is on the relationship. Relationships are at the heart of your business. Unlike those who sell using traditional techniques, you work from heart. Your concern is for the other person, not the sale. Of course you want to sell, but your priority is on building a network of relationships and eventually a strong network of advocates of your business. The stronger your network, the stronger your business. 

Stick to the script

At Teamzy, we’ve created scripts you can follow to talk about your business, whether you’re just checking in with a message or you’re having a conversation. The scripts give you the tools you need to bring up your business without making it feel awkward, out of place, or too salesy. Read them, memorize them, and practice them in the mirror or with a team member or family member until you feel comfortable. 

The good news is that once you know the scripts, you can personalize them to you and your conversation style. And the more you use them, the more you’ll be able to adapt them to what works for your network as well. Over time, you’ll become a natural and will wonder why it felt so awkward to begin with. 


Practice makes perfect, and that’s so true with your scripts. The more you practice them, the more natural they’ll sound. Practice them in the mirror in the morning when you’re getting ready to tackle the day. Connect with a team member and practice the scripts together and put your own spin on them. Take some time during your Power Hour to practice them as well. Practice practice, practice.

Look for opportunities in the conversations you have

Over the past year, many of the conversations we used to have in person we’ve had online. Although it’s allowed us to stay connected, it may not feel like the most natural place to talk about your business. However, the most successful network marketers are able to adapt to the challenges they’re faced with. And, online conversations provide a great opportunity to familiarize your network with your business on-the-spot. 

Regardless of whether the conversation is online or in-person, there is always a spot in the conversation where it turns to what you’re doing. They may say, “What have you been up to?” This is your shot! You don’t have to frame it like a sales pitch, instead go into what you’re working on in your business. Mention to them how business is going and why you’re so passionate about it. Even if you’ve told them the story before, it’ll be good to refresh their memories to drive home the fact that your business means so much to you. And the reason it means so much is because you get to help others. 

Most people will listen and many will ask questions about. Be sure to answer them and remind them that regardless of whether they buy from you now or not, you’re there to help them as well. Although some may take you up on your opportunity right away, others may need some time to think about it. However, this isn’t a bad thing. Now that you’ve planted the seed, be sure to follow up and nurture that relationship so that it can germinate. 

Ask if they’re interested in learning more

It’s that simple. Just ask them if they want to learn more about your business and network marketing. Then, set up a time to catch up with them and give them more information. 

If they say they’re not interested, then that’s fine too. Ask if they know anyone who would be interested in the opportunity you’re offering. They may know someone off-hand or they may need to think about it. Be sure to follow up with them as well. 

Remember to follow up!

This is critical. Many network marketers bring up their businesses, extend the opportunity, and provide more information, and then…. Nothing. They don’t follow up. Maybe they forget or they feel like the person isn’t that interested. You never know how interested someone is until you follow up with them.

Remember, following up is an act of love. It shows that you’re interested in building your relationship with them, regardless of whether it results in a sale or not. You want to serve them. So, add them to Teamzy and categorize the relationship. Then, be sure to follow up with them when they appear on your Dashboard. It’s that easy.

Teamzy can help you grow your business

Teamzy is more than a CRM, it’s a business tool for network marketers. We’ve created training programs to help network marketers improve their skills, including the Art of Creating Conversations that Convert. This 7-lesson video course is designed to take the awkwardness out of talking about your business and make you sound like a true pro. Click here to learn more.  

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