How to Beat Distractions


How to Beat Distractions



Distractions are all around us and they’re constantly trying to grab our attention. It’s more than just our kids or loved ones trying to get our attention when we’re in the middle of something, too. There are other things – mostly tech-driven – that seek our attention as well. And, it’s hard to ignore the notifications that pop up on our phones and tablets that let us know we have a new email or that someone has “Liked” or commented on a social media post. It’s the instant messaging apps, too. But, it’s also often also the chores that aren’t done, fun things we wish we could be doing like enjoying the sunshine on a warm spring day, etc.

All of these things are super fun and there’s nothing wrong with getting carried away every now and then. However, for many people, the temptation to let the distractions win is a real battle they struggle with daily. How can you learn to fight the distractions when it’s time to focus and work on your business?

“Starve your distraction; feed your focus”

This quote is so critical to dealing with distractions. The central point of it is this: If you starve your body of nutrition by gorging on junk food, you’ll feel the effects on your body, right? Well, if you starve your business of positive, business-building activities, you’ll feel the effects as well, but this time on your business and in your wallet. By succumbing to the distractions that are always vying for your attention, you’re starving your business. That’s right, scrolling on social media instead of contacting your most important people, constantly checking your emails, and doing something – everything – other than your business activities, is starving your business.

Your business is your focus – or should be your focus – for about an hour a day. That’s during your Power Hour. Although you may work on your business outside of this, you must dedicate an hour or so to doing business activities if you want to reach your goals. Here’s how:

Stick to a system

A system gives you a guideline to follow to make the most productive use of your time and energy. It takes all the guesswork out of your day so that you never have to waste time wondering what to do, who to contact, and what to say – it’s all formulated for you using an algorithm that also makes it easier to reach your business goals.

If you’re like most folks, before Teamzy, you may have to spend a lot of time pouring through your list of leads on index cards or in a notebook, wondering “Who should I contact now?” and “What can I say to see how I can help and also put my business on their mind?” While you were wondering, you likely did other things that fed your distractions – you may have scrolled through social media, checked your email, folded laundry, swept the deck, made a cake, created your family’s weekly meal plan, paid some bills, loaded your cart on Amazon with tons of items you likely won’t buy, did a quick workout, created your weekend to-do list…

What’s missing? Working on your business!

A system eliminates the question of “what’s next…?” Teamzy provides a place to house your contacts’ information, all of the tasks you need to complete in order to achieve your goals, and scripts to get the conversation started or to use as a launching pad for your own unique messages to your customers, prospects, and distributors.

However, it’s up to you to sign in to your Dashboard and see what needs to be done daily. And, even though all the guesswork is done for you, this can be the toughest part of the process – just logging in – especially on those days when you’re especially prone to distraction. And that’s where the second point comes in….

Schedule your day

You have to carve out time for your business each day. That doesn’t mean you have to dedicate 8 hours to it at all, but you have to spend some time doing the activities that drive your business. We created Teamzy to make it easier to work on your business for an hour or less a day. Some days it may take the full hour; other days you can get it all done in 30 minutes or less. It all depends.

But, in order to make time in your day for your business, you have to prioritize your business.

What are your priorities?

At times, everything feels like a priority, even if it’s not.

  • Start with your to-do list. Write out everything you need to get done during the day. It’s best to do this the day before so that you don’t cut into any precious productivity time.
  • Select your top two priorities. Circle or place a star next to the TWO items that are the biggest priorities. What’s a priority? It’s something that you absolutely have to do that day no matter what. Here’s a hint: one of those priorities should be your business.
  • Focus on those two priorities. Work on completing those first. Block out everything else until you’ve completed them.
  • Since your business is a daily priority, schedule your Power Hour for a certain time. If you’re usually less busy at noon, do your Power Hour then. If 7 pm is open, do it then.
  • Once you’ve completed your priorities, move to the next most important item on the list. You’ll move through the list like this until the end of the day. Then you’ll create a list for the next day, pinpointing the top two priorities for tomorrow.

If your biggest distractions live in the home, place a sign on the door to let your family know not to disturb you during your Power Hour (unless it’s an absolute emergency, of course). And speaking of family, enlist your spouse’s help in making sure you get your activities done each day. Have them remind you to get it done, especially when you’re not feeling very motivated or you’re super busy.

Form an accountability group

Your spouse can remind you to do your activities; however, it’s also important to create an accountability group of one or two other network marketers who can hold your feet to the fire in regards to your business.

In an accountability group, you hold one another responsible for your goals and activities. Sure, you may share information and tips to help one another be more productive, but the main point is to ensure you all do what you say you’re going to do.

Think about it this way – what strategy makes it easier to get in shape: relying on your own willpower and motivation to workout or meeting with a partner at the gym and working out together? Sometimes you don’t even need to meet up with them; you could agree to discuss the day’s workout later in the day. The answer is enlisting the aid of someone else. The saying “no man is an island” is true; we all need the help of someone else to hold us responsible for everything we set out to do. Your business is no different!

So, who should you enlist to join your accountability team?

Start with other network marketers you know who are on the path to success. That means they have solid success habits and are open to having more accountability in their lives as well. Choose one or two folks to create a group. Then, create a plan to hold one another accountable, whether it’s texting each other when you’ve completed your activities for the day or agreeing to do them at the same time.

Learn more about how to beat distractions, stick to your system, prioritize your day, and even get in touch with folks to add to your accountability group with Teamzy. It’s more than a CRM – it’s an entire system built upon relationship marketing. No more feeling like an icky salesperson or that you’re burning through your relationships. Instead, you’ll get all the tips and tools you need to take your business to the next level and thrive. The best part is you have access to great additional training to kick your business into high gear. What are you waiting for? Learn more about Teamzy today.

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