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How to Get Your Customers to Introduce You


How to Get Your Customers to Introduce You

Did you know more than 82% of people rely on the recommendations of their family and friends before they buy something? Of course you did if you’re a Teamzy member! But, if you’re new or have never heard that statistic before, take a minute to think about it. The vast majority of people will ask someone they know about their experiences before they make a purchase. Although this makes the most sense for large purchases, like a new appliance or a vehicle, it’s also true for the products we use every day, such as nutritional supplements, skin creams, cosmetics, and clothing. Sometimes these recommendations are asked in the form of a formal question: “Your skin is glowing! What face cream do you use?”  or “You’ve lost so much weight. What diet plan are you using?” Often, these recommendations are more subtle and in the form of a general comment: “Your skin always looks amazing. I wish my complexion glowed like yours” or “You look great. I wish I could have a more toned physique.” Both of these offer the opportunity to give a recommendation – a recommendation to your business. The key is to stay top of mind so that your customers, team members, and business advocates think to recommend you!

Who is sure to recommend your business?

Let’s back up though and answer this question: Who is most likely to recommend your business?

Business advocates

These are the folks who are the biggest cheerleaders of your business. They’ll talk your business up to everyone they know. This is great! It’s nice to know that you have people in your network who are walking, talking billboards for your business.

Who are your business advocates?

Often your biggest advocates tend to be current customers. They love your products so much that they tell everyone they know about you. However, they don’t have to have ever bought anything from you at all. Really! Sometimes people love you and love your business, but your products and services just aren’t for them. Instead, they support your business by encouraging everyone they know to buy from you.

How to create advocates:

  • Invest in your relationships. The more you get to know people, the more you learn about them, including their goals, pain points, etc. Even if your business doesn’t directly address these issues, chances are you know someone who can help them. By connecting people together, you’re offering a deeper level of service and spreading the love around.
  • Be consistent. Relationships take two things: time and follow up. By following up consistently, you’ll build trust over time, which helps to grow the relationship. The more trust they have in you and your business, the more likely they’ll be to want to recommend you to others.
  • Plant the seeds for an introduction. People aren’t mindreaders – if you want them to recommend your business, you have to ask. By asking, you put your business (and the request) at the top of their minds so that when someone mentions a need that you can fill, they’ll jump in and say, “Hey, I know someone. Let me introduce you…”

    How do you do this? Memorize this sentence:

“Could you do me a favor? If you come across anyone you care about that might need help with [whatever it is you help with], would you connect them with me so I can send them some information?”

Pro Tip: Create advocates for your business by staying in touch with your best people consistently. Lean into Teamzy to help you keep in touch.

Current customers

Who knows more about the product than the people who are currently using and loving the products and services you sell? Hands down the hottest source of new leads is a current customer. Since they trust you and love your products, they’re likely talking up your business to someone right now as you’re reading this. Your customers already have people who are ready to buy right now – your task is to follow up with them to find out who they are.

How to create happy customers who make introductions

  • Follow up. Once they’ve purchased a product, follow up a week or two later to see how they like it. This is your opportunity to show that you care!
  • Share your knowledge and expertise. You’re the expert of your industry and market. Share what you’ve learned with your customers. If a new study or article has come out that supports the benefits of your product, share it with them. You have the opportunity to show your competence and even offer other products and services that can help.
  • Strive for connection. Your customers want to know that you’re more than a sale to them so check in with them to see how they are. Don’t just focus on the product or service they purchased, ask about their interests and other things that are going on in their lives. Perhaps they’re thinking of remodeling their home; connect them with a contractor you know. It has nothing to do with your business; however, it’s a level of service that reflects favorably on your business.

The power of an introduction

See, recommending isn’t enough. Although talking up your business is fantastic, it’s even better to introduce them to you. It’s more proactive. Think of it this way: An advocate and their friend, Sally, are talking and Sally mentions a pain point that your business can remedy. Your advocate says, “I know someone who can help. She’s great and a real expert in the industry. The best part is the high level of service she provides. You should give her a call.”

What happens next:

  1. Sally gets out her smartphone and calls you right away?
  2. Sally takes your information and says she’ll call you, but then gets busy and forgets all about it?
  3. Sally nods and says, “Great! I’ll look her up” and you never hear from her?

Although in a perfect world, #1 would always be the answer, more than likely, it’s the other two. Sally will either say she’ll call and not or she’ll say she’ll look you up and then not. The common outcome is that nothing happens.

What should you do instead? Ask for an introduction. An introduction is a proactive way to connect with more people to help and serve. It’s the fourth option; one where instead of your advocate saying, “You should give her a call” she gets out her smartphone, opens up the Facebook Messaging app or a new text message and types your name and the friends name into the “To” area. Then, she types a message like, “Hey! Thought you two should connect. Sally has some questions that you may be able to help with.” Going into it, Sally already has a higher level of trust in you than she would if she would have met you cold. Your advocate transfers her high level of trust to Sally.

Similarly, when you check in with your advocates, ask if there’s anyone they know who could use your services and ask for names. They may have to think for a minute; however, they’ll be sure to mention a name or two. Then, get their information and follow up with them. See how much more proactive that is than just asking them to refer you?

Pro Tip: An introduction is a proactive way to connect with more people. Ask your best customers who they can introduce you to.

Follow up like a pro

Once you’ve connected with someone, don’t forget to follow up with them. Like the rest of your network, you’ll sort them and let Teamzy tell you how often to connect with them. Following up is so important! Unfortunately, it’s the step that many network marketers forget. They may figure that the introduction is enough and if they follow up once or twice more and the person doesn’t buy, they’re never going to. On the contrary, it may take several follow-ups before the other person is ready to buy. That’s okay! Keep following up and building the relationship and you’re well on your way to creating a lifelong customer and business advocate.

Teamzy was built to help network marketers build strong relationships with their customers, prospects, and distributors and create thriving businesses. Visit for more information.

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