How to Sell During the Holidays without Being Annoying

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How to Sell During the Holidays without Being Annoying

The holiday season is right around the corner.

It’s THE time of the year to increase your sales, sets records in your business and encourage your distributors downline to do the same.

Although you definitely want to tap into your network to increase sales, you may feel a bit hesitant to do so.

After all, you don’t want to annoy your network, family, and friends so much that they avoid associating with you at all until after Christmas is over (that would be super awkward, right?)

So, how do you boost sales without annoying your favorite people?

How do you fire up your distributors to serve their customers better at this time of year?

And, how do you encourage your prospects to jump on the great opportunity you’re offering?



Flip your perspective

First, you gotta change your perspective. If you go into any conversation thinking you’re annoying them, they’ll sense it and react accordingly.

Instead, remember that you’re coming from a place of service.

With a heart brimming with generosity, you want nothing more than to help them find the perfect gift for their loved ones, friends, coworkers, boss, neighbors, and everyone else in their lives.

You’re not in it just to make a sale;  you’re in it because you want to make them a superstar in the eyes of the person who receives the gift.

You want the person receiving the gift to feel ecstatic when they open the gift.



You want them to exclaim, “Yaaassss! This is just what I wanted!!”, not “Okay, cool” and toss the gift aside to grab the next present, like it was a five-year-old fruit cake.

Get Social

The holiday season is a super social time of year with dinner parties, office parties, “White Elephant” parties and Yankee swaps, parties at school, etc.

Every weekend is sure to be filled with some sort of Christmas-themed festivities. What a fun time to get social with your clients!

Boost messaging.

The easiest ways to get social with your clients is to message them on Facebook.

Lean into Teamzy to know who to contact each day and be sure to keep your Dashboard updated.

Remember, your goal is to make their day; after all, they’re likely feeling stressed out by the holiday season as well, especially if they’re the ones planning a party or two.

Send positivity their way to put a smile on their face and give them a moment’s reprieve from stress.

Plan a party.

Although your product or service’s parent company is sure to have specifics, a gathering of your favorite people is sure to take the edge off the stress of the season while helping them get some holiday shopping out of the way.



Encourage them to bring a friend or two to help spread the love.

Don’t forget to update Teamzy with any new connections you make as well as any new information you learn about those who are already in your database.

Follow up!

Following up is the most important thing you can do; however, it’s also one of the first things that moves to the back burner when life gets hectic.

This is a huge mistake.

Since it takes a minimum of seven “touches” or connections to motivate someone to buy, it’s super important to keep following up.



This doesn’t mean you need to employ any awful aggressive sales tactics to encourage people to buy.

No, no, no.

You’re simply following up with a message to make their day.

Stay top of mind.

You may hope that your network will automatically think of you when they’re buying gifts.

However, it’s a busy time of year and chances are they won’t… unless you connect with them and follow up.

Take a minute to send a positive message to your customers, prospects and distributors and you can be sure you’ll stay on their minds when they’re ready to shop.

Cater to the last-minute shoppers.

Although there are folks who start their Christmas shopping in July and have it done and dusted by October, most people wait until the last week to purchase everything on their lists.

Keep in mind that many people wait until the last minute to purchase gifts so you’ll want to keep following up until the last minute.

Be ready to help.

Everyone has people on their lists who are just impossible to shop for.

That’s where you come in. If a customer mentions they’re having a hard time finding the perfect present, offer to help.



Ask about the person – what they like, don’t like, etc. – and offer suggestions.

What if the difficult person to shop for is the customer themselves?

Help them create a wish list of the items they like.

Motivate your downline

Give your distributors some love at this time of year to keep them happy and motivated to connect with their networks.

It’s so important to take the time to nurture your relationships with your downline.

Not only does this help you strengthen your relationships with them; it also allows them to see the relationship marketing model in action so they can emulate it themselves.

Look for opportunities to serve.

In addition to messaging them to make their days, ask if there’s anything you can do to help.

Or, invite them over for coffee and give them a small surprise to let them know you’re thinking of them.

It may seem small; however, the impact is sure to be huge.

The best part? You’re showing them how to sell with a heart of service.

Set goals with them.

Goals are the ultimate motivator for many people.

It gives them something to focus on, especially when life gets busy.

If they’re not used to setting goals, give them a hand!



Review their previous sales numbers and work with them to create a target number they’re confident they can reach.

Then, provide encouragement to help them reach it.

Check in with them.

Once you’ve worked with them to create a goal, follow up frequently to keep them motivated.

Check in to review their progress toward their goal and, if they’re struggling, offer tips to help them turn it around.

Nurture your prospects

At this time of year, many people are looking for ways to make more money.

The prospects you’ve been nurturing through regular messaging are more receptive than ever.

Make sure you’re taking the time to follow up with them.

Make their day with a simple “Hello!” in Facebook Messenger.

Then, keep following up.

The more you connect with them, the more likely they are to warm up to the opportunity you’re offering.

When they’re ready, they’ll let you know. Until then, keep following up!

Stay motivated

While you’re encouraging your distributors and following up with your prospects, don’t forget to take care of yourself!

Staying motivated will ensure you can give your best to your customers, prospects, and distributors, especially as the month gets more and more hectic.

Set a holiday season sales goal.

Just as you helped the folks in your downline create goals for the season, it’s a good idea to create your own goal as well, for the same reasons.

Plus, it’ll help you be more intentional with your time so you can stay true to your priorities and your why. Which leads us to…

Remember your Why.

Why are you in the business?

A few months ago, we posted a blog about finding your Why.

Take a moment to remember your Why.

If you wrote it down in a journal or on a piece of paper, take a minute to read it and meditate on it.

What does your Why mean to you?

How can you ensure you stay true to your Why?

Review a favorite inspirational quote.

Quotes are little tidbits of inspiration you can refer to when you need that power boost the most.

Perhaps you’re feeling too tired to spend 30 minutes checking in with your clients.

Maybe you’re thinking you could use those 30 minutes to clear up or do that ever-growing pile of laundry or just relax.

It’s so hard to get started when you’re not feeling motivated.

However, it’s more important than ever to do the work; after all, that’s what builds your business.

When you’re feeling low, review your favorite inspirational quote or maybe listen to your favorite song, you know, the one that gets your blood pumping and you feel like you can take on the world!

Whatever it is, do it.

Get fired up! Then get crackin’ on your follow ups.

You’ll be so glad you did once it’s off your to-do list!

This is a busy time of year on so many levels; however, it’s not the time to put your business on the back burner.

Now is the time to connect with your customers, prospects, and distributors and find more ways to help and serve.

Service should be the heart and soul of every connection you make with the great people in your database.

The better you serve your people, the more people you can help, and the more you’ll be able to grow your business.

And, what’s better than that?

Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson

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