Reach Your Goals: Your Fall Business To-Do List


Reach Your Goals: Your Fall Business To-Do List

Although it may not seem like it at first, autumn is the perfect time to plant the seeds for future business. Why? With all of the holidays coming up, you’ll likely spend time socializing with others and meeting new people, whether in person or online. Additionally, people will be looking for thoughtful gifts to give family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and more. This provides an excellent opportunity to reach out to your best advocates, customers, prospects, and distributors and remind them of the services you offer. 

What to do this fall in your business

Want to build your business, achieve your 2021 goals and set the stage for a successful 2022? Start here.

Connect with your network before the busy holiday season

It’s always a great time to connect with your network. However, this season provides several opportunities to reach out to your network and connect with them. Even if you haven’t connected with them in a while, the fall gives you a natural “in” to reach out and say “hello.” What’s more, your network can’t wait to hear from you.

Connecting with your network is one way to build trust. The more your network trusts you, the more likely they are to buy from you, join your team, and introduce you to other people who may benefit from the services you offer. Many network marketers are nervous about reaching out, especially if it’s been awhile since they last checked in. They may worry that that other person thinks they’re only reaching out to make a sale or, if they don’t know them well, may wonder if they’ll even remember them. The good thing is, reaching out doesn’t entail a scrolling email in which you explain, in depth, why it’s been so long since you reached out. It just takes a short text message or social media message in which you say “hi” and ask how they’ve been. That’s it. No long explanations, witty lines, or deep questions necessary. 

So, what do I talk about?

Once you say hello, what do you say from there? Ideally, the other person will respond and the conversation will go from there. Ask them about what’s going on in their lives – how are their kids? How’s work? Have they picked up any hobbies over the last year? If they’ve moved recently, how do they like their new home and neighborhood? The key is to find out more about them and what they’ve been up to since you last spoke. 

Through it all, keep your ears open and listen for ways to help and serve. Although some people will reveal challenges right off the bat, others will make mention of something in passing. They may mention that they’ve been looking to get in shape by the end of the year. Or that they’ve been looking for a new cleaner. If your business can’t help directly, you may know someone in your network who can help. After all, you are the hub of your network. Tap into this and think of ways to bring people in your network together. Not only will your people have their needs met, they’ll also love feeling as if they’re part of a strong community.

Get your top advocates to introduce you 

As a network marketer, your business thrives on the introductions made by the advocates of your network. When many network marketers start out, they add everyone they know to their networks and then, at some point, feel as if they’ve hit a wall. This is when they begin to feel frustrated that they can’t grow their networks. 

What they may not realize is that the best way to grow a network and fill it with great people is to ask for your best people to introduce you. Your advocates not only want to help your business succeed, but they also know people that you may not know who would benefit from the services you offer. Your connection to them is your advocate. However, many network marketers may not feel comfortable asking for an introduction. They don’t want to feel salesy or like they’re using the other person just to grow their businesses. 

Asking for an introduction

The key thing to realize about asking for an introduction is that your advocates are rooting for your business. They want to introduce you, but they may not think to do it automatically. They need a bit of prompting. All you need to do is ask. 

When you connect with your advocates and others in your network, ask them to introduce you to people they know who would benefit from your business, either as customers or team members (or both). You’ll need both to grow your business. 

Although some may be able to give you a name or two right away, most will have to think about it. Over the next fews days and weeks, they’ll begin to think about who they can introduce you to. Keep following up with them to keep the lines of communication open and to remind them of the excellent services you offer. 

Check in with your goals to get your business on track

Have you checked in with your goals recently? If not, now’s a great time. There are only 4 months left in the year to meet your goals. 

If you’re ahead of the game, that’s great! Keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll set yourself up for the year ahead in 2022. Your great habits will help you stay on track through the end of the year. Watch out for burnout and be sure to take some time to nurture your mind and mindset.

If you’re on track, you’ll also want to keep up the good work. You’ve spent the year developing those successful habits, be sure to keep it up. It’s tempting for many to relax as they head toward the end of the year. However, it’s often when you relax that unhealthy habits can set in. For example, if you’ve been focused on doing four or five Power Hours a week, you may be tempted to ease up and do only two Power Hours until the end of the year. Although you may promise yourself that you’ll go back to doing four or five in January, it’ll be harder to get back into it once you’ve had a few months “off.” Instead, keep up the good work and remember that the follow ups and connections you’re making now are the seeds that will grow into new relationships in 2022.

If you’re off track, don’t worry; there’s still time to correct your course. It can feel frustrating to feel as if you’re behind on achieving your goals. However, the more focus and dedication you put into your business now, the more it will pay off in the future. 

  • Recommit to your goals. Don’t give up just because you’re a bit behind. Rededicate your days to committing to your business and doing your daily Power Hours. Try to reach a point where you’re doing Power Hours daily. 
  • Check your habits. It’s our habits that can make or break us in business. Make your business a priority, one that you’re sure to focus on each day. That’s not to say you need to spend 8 hours on it, like a job. However, an hour or less a day can do wonders to help you push your business ahead.
  • Get help. A coach, mentor, and even an accountability partner can help you get and stay on track. Coaches can provide unbiased encouragement and advice to help you get back on track. Mentors offer their wisdom and experience to help you navigate common challenges in business and network marketing. Accountability partners can help you remain true to the goals you’ve set and vice versa. They’re someone who’s also in business who is going through the same things you are. You work together to help one another thrive by ensuring you stay accountable. 

Connect with your team to check in and help them get on track to achieve their goals

Be sure to check in with your team at this time and listen for any challenges or problem areas they may be facing. Often, the struggles that you’re facing or have faced are similar to ones that they’re also facing. By reaching out, you not only show that you’re listening and can offer advice or just an open mind, but you also show that you care. We all want to feel cared for; it’s reassuring and makes us feel a little less alone. Reaching out and following up opens up the lines of communication with your network so you can address frustrations and issues before they become a big deal. 

Also take the time to recognize team members who are doing well. Celebrate their wins and victories. They can be an inspiration for others on the team who are feeling frustrated or disconnected from their businesses. This is a great time to show off your leadership skills and elevate others in your team.

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