Set Yourself up for Success This Fall


Set Yourself up for Success This Fall

Does this sound familiar? You set your goals with the best of intentions and check in with them regularly. But, although you intend to work on your business daily, it’s often difficult to get motivated. You’re not sure where to start and how to get started each day. With the demands of the new school year upon you, as well as the holiday season, which is just around the corner, and everything else going on, it’s hard to stay energized and motivated to thrive. Not to mention the distractions of the day – from social media updates to texts, etc. It’s hard to soar to success when it feels like you can’t even get off the ground.

Believe it or not, the most successful people feel like you do sometimes. The difference is they’re able to overcome those feelings. What’s more, they set themselves up for success each and every day. What do they do so differently? If you’re struggling to get your day off the ground, here are some tips to keep you productive and focused all day.

How to start your day right to achieve success

Practice these tips daily and you can be sure to set yourself up for success every day.

Don’t plug in until you’ve been up an hour

Between email and social media, it’s easy to get sucked into the drama and demands of the day. However, so many of us pick up our phones as soon as we wake up and begin checking and responding to email and social media messages. We scroll through social media before we’ve even fully woken up. While receiving and responding to messages is important, give it an hour or so, if possible. 

The most successful network marketers spend the first hour of their days fully waking up, working out, or even working on personal development. They read a chapter or two of a book, review their goals, write in their personal or gratitude journals, or focus on what they want to achieve during the day. Instead of jumping right into things, they take the time to warm up. 

If waiting an hour to respond to an email or scrolling social media sounds impossible, work up to it. Start by waiting 15 minutes. Once you’ve managed to wait 15 minutes, try for 20 minutes. Keep adding 5 minutes each week until you make it a full hour. You’ll notice that you’re able to focus better and even get more done in your business and personal life. 

Success Action Step: Don’t check your email or social media for 15 minutes or more when you wake up. If you can manage 15 minutes, add 5 minutes until you’ve worked up to a full hour. 

Fill your mind with positivity

You are what you surround yourself with, whether it’s music, books, articles, or even what you surf on the internet. If you surround yourself with toxic or negative thoughts, your mind will eventually become more negative as well. That’s not to say you should avoid everything deemed “negative.” That’s impossible. However, it is possible to frame negativity in a more constructive way. 

To do so, you have to surround yourself with positivity. Read positive books and articles by inspirational business leaders and people you’d like to learn from. Listen to positive music and podcasts that make you feel motivated and inspired to thrive in life and business. Seek out internet articles that uplift and make you aspire to be a better person rather than leave you feeling hopeless and alone. 

Network marketers who have achieved success have honed the ability to seek out and learn more positive sources of media, whether it’s books or podcasts, or music. While they don’t turn a blind eye to negativity, they’re able to filter it into something more productive. This allows them to focus on what matters each day. 

Success Action Step: Review what you listen to, read, watch, and surround yourself with each day. Is it positive and uplifting or does it drag you down? If it’s the former, continue to seek out positive sources of information. If it’s the latter, try to reduce the amount of negativity you expose yourself to. Go on a negativity diet; that is, reduce the number of negative things you encounter each day and replace it with something positive. For every negative article you read, read 2 positive ones. 

 Write down your BHAG Success Goals

Your BHAG is your Big Hair Audacious Goal. What do you aspire to that others would say is slightly out of reach? Remember, at one point, going to the moon was seen as impossible. What’s your moon shot? 

Once you know your BHAG, think of goals that you can create to help you get there. To do this, work backwards. Imagine that you’ve already reached your goal and then think of the step before that. Work backward until you’ve reached close to where you are now. Now you have a set of goals that will last you for at least 5 years. 

Success Action Tip: Network marketers who have achieved success not only foster a big vision and BHAGs, they write them down. Not only that, they keep them posted so that they can see them regularly. Some post them on their bathroom mirror or in their journals so they can refer to them regularly. Others keep them in a spreadsheet or document on their phones. Still, others keep them in Teamzy, where it’s easy for them to track their progress and see where they stand. They nurture their big visions and work hard to make their BHAGs a reality.

Commit to your Power Hour

A Power Hour is the hour (or less) that you set aside to work exclusively on your business. You’re not sidetracked by distractions. Instead, you’re able to focus solely on your business and connecting with your network. As a result, you’re able to work through your list on your Dashboard and make the days of everyone you need to connect with that day. Additionally, you follow up with everyone on your list and are able to build trust and your relationships with everyone in your network, especially your top advocates. 

Success Action Tip: If you want to meet your goals and reach success, doing your Power Hour is essential. While you may not need to do it every day, at least at this time of year, you should do it several times a week. Choose a time of day that is most convenient for you, whether it’s in the morning, the afternoon, or at night. If doing it all in one hour is too much, break it into pieces. Thirty minutes here and another 30 minutes there. Or 4 15-minute pieces. The point is to set aside time to work on your business. This is YOUR time for your business – no distractions or anything else that will take your eye from the prize. Prioritize it each day and you can be sure to be on the road to success.

Login to Teamzy to help you achieve success each day

Of course, wait until you’ve been awake an hour before doing so. Teamzy can help you take your business to the next level. Login and connect with everyone on your Dashboard, then be sure to log your progress. Review your goals, watch a training video to help you sharpen your skills, and sign up for advanced training. Teamzy has the tools to help you take your business to the next level, whatever your idea of success. If you’re not using Teamzy, what are you waiting for? Click here to learn more. 

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