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Tik Talk: Why Anytime is a Good Time to Talk about Your Business


Tik Talk: Why Anytime is a Good Time to Talk about Your Business

One of the biggest challenges many network marketers have is bringing their businesses up in conversation. This is especially true if they had relied on those icky traditional sales methods in the past and burned through their networks. They fear that if they bring up their businesses, the person they’re chatting with will see them as pushy salespeople. More than that, they fear that the other person will begin to avoid them – after all, they don’t want to keep being sold to, right? However, in order to lead a successful business, you do have to talk about your business. How else will other people know that you’re eager to help them find solutions to their challenges? Plus, how do you expect to grow your business if you keep silent about it? Recruiting becomes impossible if you don’t talk about your business.

Why network marketers stay silent

Network marketing is unique in that so many people stay silent about it. If you owned a bakery, would you be silent about your business? Would you be quiet about the deliciousness of the loaves of French bread and your range of gluten-free options? No way! You’d probably make your loved ones your guinea pigs to try out new recipes and get their feedback.

However, for many, the network marketing industry has garnered a negative reputation. Too many people have had bad experiences with an overzealous network marketer who was so focused on selling their products and services that they damaged the relationship. No one wants to feel like they’re being sold to. Put simply, they don’t want to feel like a dollar sign – they want to be respected as a friend, neighbor, co-worker, loved one, etc. Being treated like a sale only served to burn bridges and left the person with a bad impression of the network marketing industry as a whole.

As a result, current network marketers stay silent about their businesses. And if they’ve burned bridges in the past, they may be afraid they’ll burn bridges again. However, to grow your business you have to make a habit of talking about your business. This is so true when it comes to recruiting.

How to talk about your business

Although talking about your business may make you nervous now, before long you won’t be able to keep quiet. And, the best part is, recruiting will become a breeze!

Reframe your perspective

If bringing up your business in conversation makes you nervous, rethink it entirely. First of all, the core of relationship marketing is the relationship. In order to build relationships with your network, it’s important to build trust. Think of it this way – whenever you bring up the topic of your business, it’s to help the other person and continue to build trust.

Talking about your business isn’t all about selling; it’s about finding a need that you can fill. This can be anything from suggesting a product that can help them with an issue they’re facing or connecting them with someone in your network who can help them. It can be related to your business, but it doesn’t have to be. The point is to be of service to your customers, prospects, and distributors, whether or not it immediately adds to your bottom line. This builds trust with your network and improves your relationships with them.

Start the conversation

This is as simple as sending a message to make someone’s day. Ask how they’re doing and then wish them a great day. If they respond, then keep the conversation going. How? Ask questions.

Open-ended questions are best as it encourages the conversation to continue. It also helps you get to know them better. Ask the questions according to FORM – family, occupation, recreation, and motivation, which is their wants and needs. A word of caution, you’ll want to gauge the questions you ask by your level of relationship with the person. You don’t want to come in hot and ask questions that are too intimate. For example, you may not wish to dive into their hopes and dreams after only having one conversation with them in your life. Start with asking them if they have plans for the summer or if they’re signing their kids up for soccer camp.

Pro Tip: Not sure what to say? Refer to the scripts in Teamzy to get the conversation started.

Pay attention

Many of us have the bad habit of thinking of the next thing to say instead of listening to what the other person is saying. What’s the point of asking questions if you’re not going to listen to the response? Take notes as they’re talking (though if you’re having an in-person conversation, you may want to let them know why you’re taking notes.

At the end of the conversation, be sure to update your Teamzy CRM with any new information you’ve learned. Then, you can help them later on if you’re unable to help them now.

Transition to your business

Once you’ve checked in with the other person, the conversation will naturally turn to you. This is your chance to talk about your business!

If you’re like many network marketers, you may clam up and mumble something about being busy, life is going well, etc. In fact, if you’ve been working the relationship marketing system for a while and you’re not seeing results, this may be the reason. Instead of shying away from talking about your business, tell them what’s going on.

Give an update about your business

If the other person is familiar with your business, give them an update. Do you have new products or services you’d like to shine a spotlight on? What do you like best about your business?

Share something fun you’ve been able to do because of your business

Did you just get back from a fun vacation with your family, paid for by your business? Share it! Whatever your business allows you to do that you couldn’t do before, share with the other person. You often can’t share how much you’re earning, but you can elaborate on the cool stuff you can do because of the extra income.

Share how your business connects you to your why

We all want to feel as if we’re living with purpose. Your business allows you to tap into your purpose every single day. Share your purpose with the other person and explain how your business allows you to live up to it.

The benefits of network marketing

In all of these situations, the wheels will begin turning in the other person’s head. They’ll begin thinking about how network marketing might help them live the life they want to lead. They’ll be curious about the benefits of network marketing, even if they don’t seem all that interested in it for themselves at first. If nothing else, they’ll begin thinking about the benefits of your business, whether it’s access to great products and services or just supporting someone they know and trust.

Recruiting made easy

At this point, the other person will either be curious enough about your business to ask more about it or they’ll say, “That’s great! Well, see you around.” This is your chance to extend to them an invitation to learn more about network marketing and your business.

Plant the seed

Even if they don’t seem very interested now, they may be in the future. Additionally, they may know someone who would be interested, if they’re not themselves. By planting the seed, you give them the space to think. As with any seed though, you’ll have to continue to nurture it with consistent follow ups.

Express how honored you are to help

When your passion and your purpose align with your business, you’re excited to help. Be sure to let them know you’re eager to help them as well as anyone in their networks who are interested. Say, “If you know anybody who may be interested, let me know.” It’s that easy. Although they may not take you up on your offer right now, they may at some point in the future. Or, they may know someone who would be perfect.

Invite them to an event

For those who seem interested now, invite them to an upcoming event or group call with your upline. They’ll want to know more information and inviting them into the fold is one way to shepherd them along the process. You can share more about your business and the company so they can decide if it’s right for them.

Follow up, follow up, follow up

Regardless of if they’re ready to take you up on the opportunity now or later, it’s crucial to follow up. If they’re interested, this will show that you’re doing your due diligence to help them through the process. If they’re not interested now, following up shows that you care enough to continue to give them the information they need to make a decision. Above all else, it shows you care and are concerned about them far more than a sale.

Teamzy makes it easy to follow up with your customers, prospects, and distributors efficiently and consistently. Take it a step further by signing up for Elite Business Bootcamp. Bootcamp was created to help you take relationship marketing – and your business – to the next level. You’ll get all the tools you need to lead a thriving business. Bootcamp registration is opening soon. Don’t miss out!

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