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Time management: How to Fit it All in This Busy Holiday Season


Time management: How to Fit it All in This Busy Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us. If you thought you were busy already, look out because it’s about to get busier! How can manage your time so you can stay on top of it all?

Although there may not be as many in-person gatherings this year as in previous years, your schedule is still bound to fill up. The good news is your business is about to get busier as well. With so many people wanting to avoid the stores and wanting to support local businesses, you may notice and uptick in your business over the next few months. 

Although this is fantastic for your business, you may begin to feel a strain on your time. Before you begin to feel overwhelmed, here are some tips to help you manage your time.

Set priorities for better time management

“Arrrrrggghhhh! Where do I even start?” – most people every day when they look at their to do list.

If you’ve ever screamed/thrown your hands in the air/sighed heavily at the sight of your to do list, then it’s clear that you need to set priorities. Even if you have a less dramatic response to your to do list, you should still set priorities.

“Where to begin?” is the first question we all have when approaching our list of tasks for the day. Prioritizing answers this question for you, saving you from wasting precious minutes trying to sort it all out. 

Put simply, what are your priorities? Is your business a priority? If it is, then move your Power Hour and business activities to the top of the list. If your health is a priority, move your daily run or workout up the list to ensure it gets done. The secret to managing your time is to make your priorities count.

Pin-pont one or two top priorities to tackle each day (if you want your business to thrive, it should be one of them). These are the things you absolutely must get done. Once you complete a priority task, work your way down the list to the next most important task. 

Do a Power Hour

One of the biggest challenges network marketers have is making time for their business. Although they want their businesses to succeed, it’s nearly impossible if they don’t spend time connecting with customers, prospects, and distributors in their networks. 

Enter the Power Hour, a powerful time management tool. The Power Hour is a 60-minute block of time which is solely dedicated to your business. No interruptions, no web surfing, no staring out the windows and daydreaming. You’ll simply sign into Teamzy and work through the list of people you need to contact that day. That’s it. Once it’s done, you’re done, unless you have other tasks to do for your business. 

The best part is that you have some flexibility. You can spend the full 60 minutes on your business or you can break it into smaller segments if a full hour isn’t possible. Break it into 2 30-minutes segments or even 4 15-minute segments. The only thing that matters is that you spend that time focused on your business.

What if it doesn’t take you a full hour? Some network marketers, especially those who are just starting out or have smaller networks, may not need the full hour to connect with their networks. If you find that you can connect in an hour or less, then use the time to work on yourself. Read industry or business-related articles, books by business leaders, etc. Taking time to work on yourself will pay off in your business as well. The important thing is you’re committing to spending time working on your business. 

Schedule your day

Schedules aren’t very exciting; however, they do help you get in the habit of working on your business and putting your top-priority activities first. And, when you’re super busy, having a schedule will help you get it all done while you maintain your sanity.  They’re another essential tool in the time management box.

Unfortunately, many business owners avoid setting a schedule. They find it restrictive, having to account for each minute of the day. Although you can be that restrictive if you so choose, your schedule doesn’t need to be. 

Scheduling entails blocking out parts of your day to set aside time to work on a priority or important task. For example, a schedule may reflect that from 10 – 11 am, you’ll do a Power Hour and from 7 – 8 pm, you’ll workout. If you have another appointment or something comes up, you can alter the times; however, every day you can be sure that you’ll work on these tasks. 

Although it seems contrary, scheduling the important tasks of your day actually gives you the freedom to spend the rest of your time how you wish. You don’t have these important tasks looming over your head when you know you’ve made time for them in your calendar. Instead, you can get it all done and leave people wondering what your secret is.

Stay positive

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t – you’re right.”

-Henry Ford

A funny thing happens when you think you can’t get it done, it turns out you can’t. It becomes a self-fulfilling time management prophecy. The thing is, when you take on a defeatist attitude, it overwhelms the rest of your day. You become so busy saying “I can’t, I can’t, I can’t” that you don’t realize that you can.

It starts with one task. Once that’s complete, you go to the next, and so on and so on until your list is much, much shorter. Start with your priorities and move through the list.

What usually happens is we spend so much time on the tasks that don’t really matter, instead of focusing on the ones that do. Then, when we get around to the important tasks, such as connecting with our networks or working out, we’re just too darn tired. All those small, insignificant tasks zapped our energy! 

That’s why it’s vital to focus on the priorities first, then handle all the other stuff. 

What about the distractions of the day? 

Distractions are the nemesis of time management. They will always be there; you can count on that. There will always be something that demands your attention. It’s up to you to block it out, not forever, but for a little bit. 

How to maintain a positive, can-do attitude

If a positive, can-do attitude doesn’t come naturally, here are some tips to make it easier.

Positive affirmations

These are sayings or quotes that keep you motivated and help you think positively. Think of a quote from an inspirational leader that really hits home with you. It could also be a song or song lyric, a phrase you saw somewhere that you connected with or something your parents told you growing up. Whatever it is, write it down and post it where you can read it for a quick pick-me-up.

Time-management tip: Take a break

It may sound contrary, but sometimes a break is what you need to stay motivated and tackle the challenges of the day. It often helps to take a few minutes before taking on a big task to breathe, center yourself, clear your mind of stress, and just get in that good spot. After all, it can be tough to focus when your mind is elsewhere thinking about something stressful or about how tired you are. A break gives you that time out you need to refresh your mind. 

Remember your goals

Goals do more than give you something to shoot for; they also recharge your motivation when you need it the most. If you have trouble focusing on your important tasks or getting motivated to do them in the first place, pull out your goals for a quick review. 

Teamzy makes it easy to review your goals and see how close you are to achieving them. Not only will you always know your numbers, but you’ll also have a picture of your journey toward achieving your goals. Perspective and positivity go hand in hand. 

Teamzy makes it easier to manage your time

In addition to helping you set and achieve your goals, Teamzy also helps you keep your business organized. Not sure how to start your day or who to contact in your network? Teamzy has you covered. Not sure what to say to your customers, prospects, and distributors? Teamzy has scripts to follow and get you started. Want to improve your skills as a business person and build a thriving network marketing business? Check out Teamzy University for video trainings to help you get and stay at the top of your game. Click here to learn more. 

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