Your Habits: Start the Day Right to Achieve Success


Your Habits: Start the Day Right to Achieve Success

What is one of the biggest predictors of your success? Is it luck? Or, knowing a lot of people and having a large network? Is it having a knack for sales? Although these things may influence your success, however minimally, the biggest predictor of success boils down to your habits. That’s right, these things that you do every single day have an impact on whether or not you will succeed. Just as regularly brushing your teeth and flossing has an impact on the health of your mouth, regularly working on your business and connecting with your network has an impact on the health of your business.

The most successful people work hard to build the habits that will help them succeed in the long run. But it’s more than just your habits, your mindset and your motivation also play a role in your overall success. They also play a role in helping you build positive habits to begin with. We will help you build all three.


Your habits provide the foundation for your success. These are the things that you do each and every day no matter what. These are habits you do instinctively, without even having to think about it. You can recognize them because they’re the activities that you’re so used to doing that if you have a momentary lapse and forget to do them, you feel out of sorts. You just feel off possibly for the rest of the day. Think of habits like brushing your teeth, or showering, or even working out or reading in the morning. These are all things that you do automatically without even having to think about them. 

There are business-friendly habits that the most successful people have, as well. What do you think they are? Many probably answered, “check their email.” Although they may check their email in the morning, it’s likely not the first thing they do. Many of the most successful people build healthy habits into their day from when they wake up to when they go to bed. They may take a few moments to pray or meditate. This helps them prepare for the challenges of the day. Or, they may exercise. This also helps them get into the right mindset to help them take on the day. 

After they do these things, then they set aside time to work on their businesses. When you work for yourself it is important to work on your business each day. In network marketing, this means connecting with your network every day. You want to reach out to them to check in, see how they’re doing, and make their day. Now you don’t have to spend all day doing it. We’ve set up a system where you can get it all done in an hour or less. We even give you a list of people to contact each day. The number and frequency of contact is based on the goals you set for your business and your relationship to your network. This way you’re contacting your biggest advocates more often than anyone else. After all, they are the foundation for your business.

So what are the habits that you should develop in order to grow your business? 

The first is to get in the habit of working on your business. Whether you work on your business three times a week or five times a week it’s clear that the more often you work on your business the more successful you are likely to be. The more you reach out and stay top of mind of people in your network, the better you’re able to serve them. Set aside time several times a week to work on your business. An hour or less is all you need.

Unless your network is huge, you may be able to connect with everyone on your list in 30 minutes or less. So what do you do with the remaining 30 minutes? This is your time to work on yourself. Many of the most successful network marketers use this time to sharpen their skills by reading, listening to audiobooks or podcasts, or working on an online training course. Curving out time for these activities is a habit in itself. Making a habit of personal growth and development is something that will continue to pay off in the years to come.


Your mindset will dictate whether you succeed or not in anything in life. Whether you want to start a business or you want to start a new exercise program to get in shape, your mindset will dictate your success. It’s more than having a positive attitude. Yes, a positive attitude will get you far. A positive attitude will help you weather any storms that may head your way in business and in life.

However, a positive attitude only gets you so far. Your mindset includes your attitude but it also includes perspective. What is your perspective on success? It also includes focus. Focus gives you the drive to achieve the goals you set to help you achieve success. The most successful people are not only able to focus on achieving their goals, they also have the right attitude and perspective to overcome the challenges that they may face along the way.

How do you know that you have the right mindset? And, how do you develop the mindset that will help you achieve success? How do you handle setbacks and challenges? Do you have a positive outlook? Do you feel you’re able to achieve success? Are you able to focus on the task at hand no matter what? The answer to these questions vary. However, it is clear that if you have the right mindset you are able to handle the challenges that arise.

Although you may not have a smile on your face at the time, your attitude is positive and you know that a setback is only temporary. You may also understand that these challenges provide an opportunity to help you grow. You feel that success is attainable for you and you’re able to focus on doing the activities that you need to do in order to succeed. Sure, you may have days when you’d rather be relaxing outside on the deck; however, you are able to put your head down and focus when you need to.


We delved into motivation a lot last week so we won’t get into it too much here. The thing to keep in mind is motivation is critical to maintaining your habits. For example, if you have to take a few weeks off to go on vacation or deal with an emergency, it’s easy for your habits to fall by the wayside. It takes motivation to get back on track. You have to want to succeed in order to get back in the habit of working on your business. 

To feel that surge of motivation that you need to get into the practice of doing your habits, listen to that inspiring song that gets you motivated or read the verse or saying that gets you pumped. Motivation comes and goes. Unfortunately, when motivation is low, it can be difficult to get it back. As a result, your habits may begin to suffer. However, your habits can also help you boost your motivation. Perhaps when you’re feeling unmotivated, putting special effort into practicing your habits will help you reclaim your motivation. For example, if the sun is shining outside and you just don’t feel like working on your business, making the extra effort to spend that 30 minutes connecting with your network will provide that surge of motivation you need and keep you from losing your habit.

Teamzy can help you develop the habits of success

With Teamzy, it is much easier to develop the habits of success. We make it more intuitive and more fun to work on building a successful social selling business. Just give us your goals and upload your network and we will create a list of people to contact each day. It’s also easier to set ambitious goals and track your progress toward them. When you feel your motivation starting to go, check out our online training programs to help you sharpen your school skills and help you become a more effective network marketer. Click here to learn more.

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