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3 Reasons Why It’s a GREAT Time for Home-Based Businesses


3 Reasons Why It’s a GREAT Time for Home-Based Businesses

With all the news of the past week, it’s a scary time. We’re not sure what’s going on, but what we do know is we need to shelter in place in many areas, school has been canceled and the children are home, and people with corporate jobs are being told to work remotely. There’s so much uncertainty.  It may seem difficult to think about business, much less a home-based business.

However, at this time I feel blessed. I’m blessed to have a business that is based at home. Our life hasn’t changed much because we already work from home. When I worked in an office, there was a lot of uncertainty. When you lose a job, you lose more than your income, you also lose security. Creating a home-based business five years ago gave me freedom from this anxiety and control over my finances, my time, and the time I spend with my family. 

In the face of all of this uncertainty, one thing is clear: It’s one of the best times in history to have a home-based business. 

Now many of you might be nervous to approach your networks. After all, you don’t want to seem like you’re capitalizing on the moment. However, you’re not coming at it from that angle at all. You serve from the heart, and when you serve from the heart, your focus is on serving your people first, not making the sale or adding people to your team. You just want to help!

3 Reasons it’s a GREAT Time for Home-Based Business

1. People feel isolated and they crave connection

Whether you’ve decided to stay home on your own accord or you’ve been directed to shelter in place, one thing is clear – we’re all feeling isolated from one another. Though our circumstances have changed, what’s still true is that people have a deep-seated need for connection and community. As connectors, you have an opportunity to offer connection and care–now, when people need it most.

Reaching out to Make Someone’s Day will have a huge impact. 

Many network marketers and others with a home-based business are avoiding reaching out at this time. Perhaps they’re feeling anxious about events and can’t focus. Or, they don’t want to feel like they’re bothering people. The truth is you’re not bothering people; they want to connect. They’re eager to connect with other people, especially since their social life has been reduced. Don’t hide your light – people are hungry for connection.

Find ways to offer value

That is, ask yourself “How can I add value?” One thing to keep in mind – don’t add to the hysteria. Instead, post information that is of use to other people. For example, Pam Strickler, who is in Teamzy Bootcamp right now, has experience in home education. She’s been posting links on Facebook about content and curriculum for parents to help their kids who are home from school. Remember, most school districts aren’t prepared for distance learning and are trying to figure it out right now. For the time being, many parents are trying to homeschool their children to keep them focused on their educational goals. These links are super helpful for parents who just aren’t sure where to start. 

In what ways can you add value? Think about it and look for resources to post to your social media feeds to help your network. 

Organize a virtual event 

Zoom is a great video conferencing app I use to connect with people. Set up a virtual event to connect with your team or people in your network. Barb Betts, a real estate agent, hosted a happy hour with her girlfriends on Zoom. Robin Sick had a prayer meeting with her team on Zoom. 

You can also use Facebook Live. Christine Theriault was thinking of doing cooking classes virtually on Facebook live. Many people are having to cook three meals a day for their families and want some new and fresh ideas. She had the idea to demonstrate recipes that her network can replicate for their own families. 

Your virtual event doesn’t have to be related to your home-based business. The point is to connect people socially.  

2. People need leadership  

People are thirsting for leadership. Many people are either overly scared/worried or they’re not concerned enough. Both groups need leadership. 

Anxious people need to be heard and then they need to be reassured. They need someone they trust (psst, that’s you) who can give them perspective. It helps them get out of their own heads a bit. 

Those who aren’t taking it seriously enough need leadership by example. Follow the CDC guidelines. Every day we learn more and more about this virus. We need to do our part to keep it from spreading. Focus on how you can do the right thing and encourage others to follow your example. 

3. People are home; they will be more responsive

The upside of being home is the busyness of our lives has been removed for us. We no longer have to commute to work or take the kids to school or their activities. Sure, this is a huge upheaval to our daily lives. However, it gives us more time to focus on what matters.

You’re more likely to have good conversations

Without the distractions of daily life, we can finally connect with other people and have great conversations with them. We’re craving that connection to others and will seek out conversations with people we haven’t spoken with in ages. This is the best time to connect and reconnect with people. 

Most people are waking up to what a good idea having a home-based business is. 

Many people are being laid off from their jobs. Others may have jobs now but fear that their company won’t endure an economic downturn. Others may be figuring out that working from home is fantastic and wish to continue doing so long after we’ve returned to normal. 

So, talk to them about it. Even if they’re not ready to make the jump now, they may be thinking of having something on the side they can build over time. The point is, now is a great time to start the conversation. 

Getting commonly used items on auto-ship is more attractive than ever. 

Receiving essential items, such as cleaning products, nutritional supplements, skincare, etc. has never been more convenient or reassuring. It’s reassuring because you don’t have to leave home and risk exposure to the virus or even the common cold. Plus, you don’t have to deal with crowds and wonder if your products are going to be sold out. If you don’t have a home-based business, or you have friends selling products you need, put in your orders now so that you can be set for the duration of your time at home. 

We live in uncertain times right now. However, the one certainty is you have the ability to improve people’s lives. You can help them create income for their families while they’re home for the time being. And, you can show them how to build a thriving home-based business. 

Learn how you can help. 

Lift people up.

Build community. 

This is not the time to hide your light. Let it shine and use it to help people. If you’ve been avoiding your Power Hour, get back in the habit of doing them daily. Log into Teamzy when you get a chance and start reaching out to your network. Connect with your network – old and new customers, prospects, and team members. Reach out and make their days with a brief message of hope and connection. 

What if your industry is one that is impacted by the changing market? Still connect with your network. It may feel as if no one is in the market for your product or service, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore them until they are. Get in there and connect with them so that when they’re in the position to buy or know someone who is, they’ll think of you first. It’s all about building relationships now. 

Get out there (virtually, of course) and connect with as many people in your network as possible. They’re eager to connect so be sure to do so. Whose day will you make today? 

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