3 Tips for Building an Unstoppable Network Marketing Business


3 Tips for Building an Unstoppable Network Marketing Business

Whether you’re new to network marketing or are a network marketing pro, your top priority is to make your business a success. The level of success you wish to reach depends on your goals. Some network marketers reaching for the sky and others simply hoping to have some extra cash each month. Regardless, most people don’t get into the network marketing business with an expiration date. You want to succeed for as long as possible and master your business.

In order to master your business, you have to master relationship marketing. 

What is relationship marketing?

Relationship marketing involves growing your business by building relationships with the people you know and, eventually, the people who are introduced to you by the people you know. It’s the opposite of traditional sales methods, which involve aggressively selling your products and services to everyone you know, even if they’ve said they’re not interested.

Relationship marketing is the opposite. The intention is to develop your relationships with the people in your network through service and care, and if you can make a sale, that’s great. The focus isn’t on merely selling your products; it’s about finding ways to solve the problems your network is facing and being of service to them. Instead of annoying the people you know and love, you build them up and find ways to make their days. It’s a far more positive experience than the traditional network marketing route that many people take, especially when they first start out in the industry. 

Network marketing can be a difficult industry for many people, even if they have the best intentions. While there’s no guarantee that you’ll succeed, you can increase your chances by following these three tips. 

Build your relationships

At its core, network marketing is a relationship business. You tap into your relationships – from your close relatives to people you know tangentially through your children’s school – to sell more and more products and services so you can build your business. However, traditional sales methods take this concept off-track. They put the focus on selling products instead of on helping the people in your network. 

With relationship marketing, the focus is on building your relationships with the people in your network. Instead of seeing them as the next sale, you see them as the next person whose life you can improve. You believe in your products and services – in short, your business – and you see it as a way to help and improve people’s lives. 

Honing a heart to serve

Relationship marketing appeals to people who have a heart for service. That is, they want to serve and help other people. They care about the people in their network . They may have started their network marketing businesses with the intention of helping the people they care about the most. Basically, if your goal is to get rich quick, relationship marketing may not be for you. 

Help and service are also central to relationship marketing. For too long, people felt like marks when their network marketing friends came around to try to sell them on the next ‘brilliant’ product. They may have even purchased an item or two in the beginning. However, over time the relationship soured when they realized that the only time they heard from their friend was when they needed a sale. That would annoy anyone!

Relationship marketing nurtures your relationships by making the relationship the priority. Your network understands that you genuinely care about them and wish to help. Since relationships take time to build, building a network marketing business takes time. It takes commitment to your business and the relationships you serve. It also takes consistency to follow up with people with a short message. The messages aren’t long and don’t involve selling at all; their intention is to make the day of the person who receives it. This allows you to build trust while creating opportunities to serve. Sometimes you can serve by telling them about a product you sell that is sure to solve the problem you’re facing. Other times, you’ll serve by connecting them to another person in your network who can help. This shows that you see them as more than a sale, but as a person as well. 

Leverage your time

Life is busy. Your day is likely full of tasks and activities to do, whether you work full or part-time, stay home with your kids, etc. Often, people start their network marketing businesses with thoughts of riches and success dancing in their heads; however, they may forget that there’s still a lot of work involved. You have to work on your business if you want to enjoy the fruits of your business.

If you come from a traditional 9 to 5 job, you may think that you need to work on your business 8 hours a day. This is totally false. In fact, you can work on your business for one dedicated hour a day and reap the benefits of a thriving business. You see, most people who put a lot of time into their businesses aren’t using their time productively. Sure, they’re keeping in touch with people, but there may not be a rhyme or reason to it. 

Power Hour

At Teamzy, we advocate a 60 minute Power Hour daily (although to be fair, most folks get it all done in less than an hour). During this time you’ll contact the people who you are due to follow up with. The list of people to check in with is based on how you’d rate them in your network. For example, you’d contact someone who’s purchased from you and is a great customer far more often than you’d contact someone who expressed vague interest in your product a few months ago. While you may contact that person once or twice a year, you’d contact your best customers much more often. This helps you build a stronger relationship and provide a higher level of service to the people who make up the foundation of your business. 

Prioritize your business

Sure, you know you have to work on your business daily; however, things come up and if you’re like many network marketers, your business falls slowly down your list of priorities. That’s no way to build a strong, lasting business.

At Teamzy, we encourage you to put your business first and offer tips to help you make it a reality. It’s one thing to say your business is important; however, if you want to succeed, it’s crucial to do the daily activities (like your Power Hour) that make your business a priority. 

And, since we know you’re busy, Teamzy’s Dashboard gives you the list of people to call as well as some scripts to use to get the conversation started, whether you’re messaging them for the first time or you go way back to the sandbox. There are scripts for every type of relationship and situation, from the first message to follow up messages to whoops, let’s get back in touch messages. You’ll always come out looking like a star to your new and existing customers, prospects, and distributors. 

Grow your network marketing business

When you commit to your business by doing your daily Power Hours and you focus on building relationships with the people in your network, your business is sure to grow. Not only that, but you’ll also find that you enjoy working on your business. After all, you get to live your purpose and help people while becoming closer and more connected to the people you enjoy. There’s nothing better than that! What’s better than doing what you love every single day?

“Our passion is helping independent business owners operate more effectively and efficiently so they can help more people and make more money, enjoyably.”

– Teamzy

It doesn’t hurt that you’ll begin to make more money along the way. You won’t feel shame or awkwardness going back to customers and discussing your business with them because you haven’t burned any bridges. Your relationship with them becomes stronger with each message you send. They know that you have their best interests at heart and are eager to help you grow your business, whether it’s by buying your products or services, introducing you to their friends who may benefit from your business, or joining your team themselves. That’s right, they may see the success you’re achieving by working from the heart and wish to emulate it themselves. You can have a positive impact on the people you care about by living according to your mission and values. 

Let Teamzy help you build your network marketing business

The best part is Teamzy is there every step of the way to help you grow your business and overcome any obstacle you may face. The CRM is designed specifically for network marketers who rely on relationship marketing to build their businesses. Additionally, it offers tools to help you create a reliable business, no matter how ambitious your goals. As your business grows, continue to grow professionally with training designed specifically to help you overcome the common pain points of network marketing. What are you waiting for? Click here to learn more.

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