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Should You Prepare Your Business for the Summer Months?


Should You Prepare Your Business for the Summer Months?

Before the pandemic and stay at home orders, you were probably beginning to plan a family vacation, a week or two somewhere sunny and warm. While those plans are on hold for now, you can still shore up your business so you can take a few days for rest and relaxation with the family, sitting by the pool, in the garden, or hiking an unexplored trail (maintaining social distance and wearing the appropriate PPE, of course). Regardless of your plans, now is the time to prepare your business so you can truly enjoy your time off, whenever you can take it, and strengthen your business to thrive in any market.

Shore up your business

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”

-H. Jackson Brown Jr. 

Prepare your business for any challenge

Times are challenging now. It’s tough to prepare a network marketing business – or any business for that matter – to endure a pandemic. A few months ago you may have had plans to strengthen your business during these months so you could enjoy a nice vacation this summer. A few weeks of sun and fun in your favorite destination. Now you’re trying to juggle a ton of commitments while clutching onto your sanity. You’re quarantined with your family, trying to maintain some sense of normalcy, all while trying to juggle the kids’ school schedules, household chores, and routines, and your spouse being home all the time. Whew!

Although it may seem as though you can’t fit one more thing into your day, in order for your business to survive, you have to make time for it each day. By shoring up your business now, you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your efforts later in the year.

Ramp up communication

Now is the time to ramp up your connects. Connecting is vital to your business. It’s through these connections that you’re able to build the relationships that make up the foundation of your business. In addition to connecting with your database, take extra time, and care to connect with your top business advocates. Be sure to make their days with a special message just for them. Also, ask them to introduce you to other great people like them.

Ask for introductions

It doesn’t matter how ambitious your goals are, if you want to grow your business, you have to add more relationships to your network. Introductions are the best way to prepare your business for anything. Many network marketers try to add anyone to their networks and wonder why they can’t seem to build strong advocates for their business. The strongest advocates for your business – that is, your best customers and distributors – know and hang out with other people just like them. Chances are, those folks will also love your business and the products and services you sell. They’re also sure to love the top-notch service you provide. So, why not ask them to introduce you? 

Like many network marketers, you may be shy about asking. After all, you don’t want to come off pushy and like you’re using them to build your business. It can feel awkward asking, especially when you worry that you’ll negatively impact the relationship. But, hear this – if they’re already huge advocates of your business, they’re likely already talking up your business to their favorite people anyway. While only a few may think to give out your information when they bring up your business in conversation with a friend or acquaintance, they’ll surely do so if you ask them to. And, if you ask them for the names of people they know who could benefit from your business, they’ll think of a few off the top of their heads. When you follow up with them, they’ll think of several more. 

“If you’re interested in something, you will do what is convenient.  If you’re committed to something, you will do whatever it takes.”

Follow up

Once you’ve been introduced to new prospects by your advocates, connect with them, and gauge their level of interest. This allows you to follow up with them within the timeframe that is right for the relationship. If they’re super interested and motivated to buy or join your team, you’ll follow up with them more often than you would if they just show a passing interest at this point. This works in your favor – you’ll connect with the highly motivated people once or twice more before you take time off, which will put your business in good condition before you leave. 

Over the coming months, continue to follow up with them. They’ve had the time to think about the products and services you’re offering. Impress them by following up. You see, following up takes commitment. You’re committed to your business and to providing them the high level of service you offer all of your clients. Most network marketers don’t follow up, especially if they’re more focused on the sale than the person purchasing the items. They may say they’ll connect in a few months, but most don’t; they forget about it. By following up, you’re showing you’re different from them. You show them that you care more about developing a relationship with them than making the sale. That’s the heart of relationship marketing – showing your network that you care. Your new contacts will be motivated to buy from you, join your team or introduce you to someone who will love your products and services. Your business may not be for everyone, but everyone knows someone who can benefit from your business.

“Focus on being productive instead of busy.”

– Tim Ferris

Do a Power Hour daily

All you have to do is set aside an hour to message them and connect. If a solid hour is too much break it up into 15 or 30-minute blocks throughout the day. Do this every day, no matter what, to prepare your business to thrive. It’s essential to sharpen those habits you spent time earlier in the year developing. 

Pick up where you left off

If you’ve taken time off from your business, pick up where you left off with your customers, prospects, and distributors. If you put in the hard work before you took time off, you won’t have to spend your time saying, “Sorry I haven’t connected with you in months…” Instead, you can pick up with, “Hope you’re having a great day! I just got back from vacation and it was amazing! Let’s catch up soon!” If you haven’t been great at keeping in touch with your network, well, now is a great time to get back to it. Start with “Hello” and use the scripts to get the conversation started.

Keep asking for introductions

Asking for introductions isn’t a one-time thing. For the folks you really hit it off with, ask them to introduce you to people they know who would benefit from your business. They know that you have in your heart to serve and will be honored to help you build your business.

Teamzy will help you prepare your business

Log into Teamzy and you’ll have everything you need to get back in the habit of working your business. You’ll have the names of all the people you need to connect with at your fingertips. And, if you’re not sure what to say in your messages, use the scripts. The scripts are there to use word-for-word or as inspiration to help you craft the right message for whomever you’re contacting. Click here to learn more and for more tips to help you prepare your business for anything.

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