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Build Your Relationship Network Marketing Business from Quarantine


Build Your Relationship Network Marketing Business from Quarantine

One of the biggest concerns network marketers during these uncertain times is how to build a business while you and/or your customers, prospects, and distributors are in quarantine. Although some states are beginning to loosen restrictions, many others are still locked down. It’s true that many businesses have been negatively impacted by the economic fallout of the pandemic; however, for network marketers who value relationships, this is a great time to do what you do best and make those relationships stronger.

Although it seems completely contrary, It’s still a good time to grow your business, even from quarantine, without sounding like a typical salesperson. Isn’t that part of the reason you were drawn to network marketing in the first place – to help people and grow those relationships with your best customers and distributors? With so many people out of work, it’s a real blessing to have a home-based business. We can generate a stream of income without relying on an employer or the government.

5 reasons why it’s a great time to be in a relationship-based business

People need connection and community more than ever. 

They’re isolated and feeling lonely. Most people feel totally upended in their lives, especially now that social interactions are limited. As humans, we crave connection and without it we feel really alone. That’s why it means the world when someone reaches out and connects. Don’t you feel honored when someone takes the time out of their day to reach out to you? That’s how your network feels!  Be the leader who fills this need and connects with people and brings people together (digitally, of course, at least for now).

People are more responsive now. 

Since people are home, they’ll respond more now than in the past. They have the time.  What’s more is they’re on their phones anyway, scrolling through social media, online shopping, and reading headlines. They’re desperate for connection! So, don’t be surprised if you hear from them much sooner than usual.  

People are focused on their health and things that can improve their lives. 

With so much uncertainty, people are looking for solutions that can improve their health and lives overall. If you’re in the nutrition or fitness industry, you may have noticed a spike in business and people seek out advice and products that will make them healthier. Your business may fit the bill and, if you’ve maintained a connection with them, they’re likely thinking of you, too. 

What if your business doesn’t fill this immediate need? You can still connect with them. Building a relationship is always good. 

Shipping directly to people’s homes is convenient for them. 

Shopping has become cumbersome. Many businesses are closed and in order to shop in the ones that are open, you have to sanitize everything and don your PPE. As a result, many people prefer to have things delivered instead. It’s so much more convenient! People who preferred to shop in-person before are now discovering that delivery is the way to go. 

People are realizing how beneficial a home-based business is. 

People are waking up to the security of having that extra income, especially if they or their spouse recently lost their jobs or experienced a cut to their hours or pay. They may wish to create another stream of income, supplement their current income or replace an income. 

Principle: people prefer to do business with a friend (aka Relationships Matter)

This is the timeless principle of business – people would rather do business with a friend. Think about your own experiences if you need a product or service. Typically, you’d go with someone you know, right? Your customers are the same way. 

Network marketers who value relationships always put the relationship before the sale. Although the industry has traditionally taught people to go for the sale, regardless of the situation, many network marketers have rejected that approach. It makes people feel as if they have targets on their backs. When you put the relationship first, you won’t alienate people. They’ll feel valued and appreciated. 

So, how can you add value to the relationship? 

5 ways to add value to the relationship

Make someone’s day! 

If you’ve used Teamzy for a while, you know that this is my philosophy. Don’t focus on going for the sale; instead, focus on how you can lift someone up. That’s how to build a relationship.

It all starts with the simple Icebreaker Script, which is sure to make the person smile.

H Jane! Just stopping by to say hello. How are you doing? Are you safe and healthy? I hope, despite these uncertain times, that today will be awesome!

Listen for wants and needs. 

Your goal may be to help but you can only help if you know what your clients, prospects, and distributors are struggling with. Often, if you ask how someone is, they just say “good” and leave it at that. That’s why you have to use directives to get them talking: “What have you been up to? Send me an update!” 

Then, ask questions to learn more about your relationships. It’s important to be interested and not interesting. That is, learn more about them instead of trying to tell them more about you. 

Share your expertise

What do you know that can help? A lot of us feel a bit helpless at this time because we want to help, but we don’t know how. One way to help is to provide empathy encouragement, laughter, and prayer. We all can do that, right? In uncertain times, these four things become so valuable! Try to use these skills whenever possible to spread the love and make someone’s day even better.

If relevant, share your personal knowledge. That’s always helpful!

Share a resource to help them

What resources can you find that can help? Share an article, meme, video or book title specific to their need. If they’re at their wit’s end trying to balance work and homeschooling their children, share a funny meme that empathizes with their struggle. Or perhaps share an article with tips to get it all done (or not. If anything, we’ve had to learn to extend grace to ourselves and others during this time).

Remember, you have a network of relationships at your fingertips. Introduce them to someone you know who can help them. Social media makes it so much easier for us to connect with one another. 

Where appropriate, share your business/products

The point is to discover their interest. Give them an update on what you’ve been up to. Once you’ve asked about them and learned more about their struggles, it’s a natural place to update them on your life. This is your opportunity to tell them why you do what you do and why you’re so passionate about it! Then, ask them if they’d like to learn more about it. If they’re interested, get them on Zoom or a call to see how you can help. If they say “No, thanks” it’s no problem. You’re planting the seed for later. They may warm up to the idea the longer they think about it. Ask for an introduction to someone they know who might be interested in the opportunity you’re offering. 

Get the focus off selling and instead focus on adding value. You don’t need to be salesy for these ideas to work. The sales will come! But, first, you have to build trust and that comes through building relationships. 

Here’s how to apply this and build your relationships:

Set a daily number of people you’ll reach out to

It’s as easy as setting a goal. Keep in mind to be realistic, though. See if you can reach out to five people each day and then adjust the number accordingly. If that number is too easy, increase it. The key is to build your relationships.

Focus on making their day and adding value

This is your top priority. Sure, it would be great if you could make a sale. However, don’t be disappointed if you don’t. You want to build trust so that you lay the foundation for a repeat customer or team member (or top introducer!), not just make a single sale.

Where appropriate share your business/products

The key word here is “appropriate.” This may or may not be the best time to aggressively sell your products. What many people need now is empathy, optimism, and some laughter. When you build a business with heart, your focus is on developing those relationships with people, not just in making the sale. If you do the work now, it’ll pay off in sales over time. 

Track it all so no relationship falls through the cracks

Every relationship is important. As your business grows, so does the number of relationships you have to keep track of. Make sure no one falls through the cracks. 

Teamzy has been helping network marketers organize, track, and build customer relationships for years. Running a business without Teamzy is like drinking water with your hands. Sure, you’ll quench your thirst, but you’ll waste a lot of water. Teamzy ensures that nothing is wasted while you build a thriving network marketing business. Click here to learn more. 

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