And This Is Why Some Teams Grow Faster

Do you want to improve your leadership skills? Leadership expert Simon Sinek said, “The joy of leadership comes from seeing someone on your team achieve more than they thought they were capable of.”

Most of us aren’t sure of our true potential until someone who believes in us shows us what it is. The same is true for your team. Even the most confident all-star on your team needs consistent contact and encouragement in order to thrive.

When they do well, you do well. Follow these tips to help you sharpen your leadership skills and grow a successful team.

Follow-up with your current and prospective team members.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to follow-up with your prospective team members. Although they have expressed interest in the opportunity you’re offering, you may have to follow up with them up to 10 times until they’re ready to accept it. This may sound like a lot, but trust us, persistence will pay off!

Once they’re on your team, it’s still important to keep in touch and follow-up! Since following up is an act of love, continue to express care for your team with every message you send.



Ask how their day is going and sprinkle your message with emojis. Remember, your goal is to make the day brighter! Log into Teamzy to find out who to contact today.

Provide consistent encouragement.

Everyone needs encouragement at one time or another, even if they’re knocking it out of the park. Let your team members know when they’re doing awesome (and use all the exclamation points!!!).

If you sense they’re losing motivation or if they’ve had a rough month, give them a large dose of motivation. Share your mantra or a quote that inspires you. Or, tell them about a time when you felt the same way and share how you got your mojo back.

This will not only help them feel less alone, it’ll also improve your relationships with them.


“The most powerful leadership tool you have is your own personal example.”

Legendary coach John Wooden


Be the example.

If you want them to boost the professionalism of the business, model the professional behavior you’d like them to practice. Additionally, if you want your team to work relationally, you have to show them how in every interaction you have with them.

They’ll look to you to offer advice, whether they’re just starting out or they’ve hit a plateau.

Along the way, you’ll earn more of your team’s trust: they’ll trust that you have their best interests at heart and are willing to help them thrive.

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