Become More Consistent in Your Network Marketing Business


Become More Consistent in Your Network Marketing Business

Consistency is an important skill to have; however, it is one of the most undervalued habits you can adopt as a network marketer. It not only helps you build a thriving network marketing business, but it also helps you build trust with everyone in your network. Although you may want to become more consistent in your daily business activities and communications with your network, it can be difficult to know where to get started. Today, we’ll give you the tools you need to become more consistent in all aspects of your business.

What is consistency?

Consistency is steadiness and uniformity. In business, it’s doing something regularly, particularly when you say you’re going to. You’re creating a standard application for yourself. This is the standard that you, your team and your network will come to expect from you. In turn, this will make you more reliable. You know you can rely on yourself to follow through. Your business can rely on you to work on it regularly and continue to build it. And, your team can rely on you to follow up and maintain contact with them. 

Reliability builds trust. As a result, your team and your network begin to trust you more. You say what you’re going to do and follow through with doing it. This makes it easier for people to rely on you and trust you. Therefore, they want to work with you, join your team and buy from you because they always know what they’re getting – great service!

“Trust is built with consistency.”

– Lincoln Chafee

How to become more consistent

Assess your habits

In order for consistency to become a habit, it should be supported by your other habits. For example, if doing your Power Hour regularly, ideally daily, isn’t a habit, it may become difficult to foster the habit of consistency. Similarly, if following up with your network has to become a habit in order for you to do so consistently. 

What habits are holding you back? What habits should you form at the same time in order to make it easier to become more consistent in your business? Habits are interrelated. Make sure yours help to encourage you to build a strong and thriving network marketing business. 

“Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.”

– Dwayne Johnson

Schedule it out

Consistency takes reminding. In order to become more consistent, you have to remind yourself. Set reminders on your phone, in your planner, or even write sticky notes and place them where you’re sure to see them. This may seem like overkill; however, it’s impossible to rely on memory and good intentions when you’re trying to build lasting habits. 

“When you look at people who are successful, you will find that they aren’t the people who are motivated, but have consistency in their motivation.”

– Arsene Wenger

Create a routine

You couldn’t imagine forgetting to brush your teeth in the morning. That’s because it’s part of your morning routine. Consistency can also become part of your routine as well, and it likely will once it becomes a habit. The key is to build consistency into your routine. Make your Power Hour part of your morning, afternoon or evening routine. Have following up become part of your Power Hour routine. 

“Relationships feed on credibility, honesty, and consistency.”

– Scott Borchetta

Change your mindset

Change takes time, as does adopting a new habit. Give yourself the grace to accept the process along the way. Will you slip up in the process of forming the habit? More than likely. But, that’s fine. It takes time to develop the habits that will help you thrive and succeed in business. Accept this. 

Make it easy

It’s easier to become consistent if you make it easy for yourself to become consistent. Basically, you want to set yourself up to win each day. The less you have to do or think about being consistent, the easier it will be to adopt the habit of consistency. Go easy on yourself and find ways to make it easy and achievable. 

“Part of courage is simple consistency.”

– Peggy Noonan

Write it down

Write down your tasks each day, whether on a sticky note or in your planner. This is especially helpful when you have a ton to do each day and feel overwhelmed. After all, one of the reasons we forget to do tasks is because we feel overwhelmed. The act of thinking about and writing down what you need to get done will help it feel more manageable. If you’re not sure what you need to do in your business, log into Teamzy to see the list of people to contact on your dashboard.

“True consistency, that of the prudent and the wise, is to act in conformity with circumstances and not to act always the same way under a change of circumstances.”

-John C. Calhoun

Circle your priorities

What are the top one or two things you need to get done each day? Circle them or put a star next to them so you can be sure to tackle them first. Then, as you complete the tasks on your list, choose your next top priorities until everything is complete.

Review your list

Review your list throughout the day to help you mentally prepare for the next challenge. 

Encourage consistency from your team

If you’re struggling with consistency, your team may be as well. When things don’t go to plan, it can lead to frustration. Your team may even begin to think that it’s impossible to cultivate consistency. Keep frustration at bay by becoming a model of it.

Show them how to communicate consistently

If you want them to connect with their networks on a consistent basis, model that consistency in your communications with them. Connect with them on a regular basis (using Teamzy to help you know when to connect). Then follow up with them consistently to show how they should follow up with their networks. 

Keep them motivated

Encouragement is a wonderful way to keep your team motivated. Send them motivational messages, inspirational quotes, and other words of encouragement to help them stay on track to succeed.

Encourage your team to brainstorm ideas to help them maintain consistency

If there are people in your team who are winning in regard to being consistent, have them share their best tips. Or, if everyone is struggling, brainstorm ideas to help them become more consistent in their businesses. Sometimes sharing ideas can motivate people to adopt new habits. It also allows your team to hold themselves and each other accountable. 

Teamzy can help you become more consistent in your business

We created Teamzy to make it easy and more fun to build a thriving network marketing business. Log in to your Dashboard each day to see who you need to connect with that day. Teamzy uses a special algorithm to help you figure out who to connect with each day based on how you’ve sorted your network. You can set follow ups as well as goals for yourself and your business. Additionally, you have access to scripts to help you start the conversation with everyone in your network and training videos to help you keep your skills sharp so you can serve your network even better. We give you the tools you need to create a network marketing business you love. If you’re not using Teamzy, what are you waiting for? Click here to learn more.

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