Build a Business with Heart


Build a Business with Heart

If you’re like most network marketers, when you started your business, you wanted to lead a business that you love. Not only do you want to improve your life with the products and services you love and believe in, but you also want to share that love with others as well. Put another way, you want to lead a business with heart.

A heart-centered business involves more than just sharing the love for a product or service, it’s selling in a way where everyone in the network feels loved and valued. They don’t feel like you’re trying to sell to them all the time. And, they know that when you connect with them, you’re doing so to improve your relationships with them, not only to make the sale. In addition to listening to them, you may make suggestions that may help them with the challenges they face. In every interaction is a bit of heart and the focus on service.

Why lead a business with heart?

As you build your business, you’ll do so with heart and soul. A little bit of you goes into your business and into every connection you make with your network, whether you realize it or not.

So many businesspeople focus on their mindsets, and only their mindsets. Mindset is important, for sure. After all, your mindset – specifically having a positive one – can have a huge impact on your business. You are what you think. 

Your heartset is also important, if not more so. It is the central part of your business – its soul. It’s central to your Why and helps to motivate you to work hard each day to build your business. Think of it as the vibe of your business. It not only inspires you to serve your customers, prospects, and distributors, it also motivates them to buy from or work with you as well. When you lead a business with heart, it inspires those around you. Your customers want to buy from you, not only to support your business, but they love the products and services you offer. Similarly, your team loves to work with you because they feel appreciated and cared for. And, since they have a model to follow in you, they’ll be inspired to develop a business with heart as well so they can serve their network better. 

It’s simple when you lead a network marketing business with heart, you spread the love while you grow your business.

How heart can help you build your business

Do you want to buy from someone who you genuinely like, and who you know likes and appreciates you in return, or from someone who you know is only after the sale? For many years, many network marketers focused on hard-selling their customers. Their aggressive sales tactics showed they were only after the sale, nothing more. If a customer wouldn’t buy from them, thus helping them reach their monthly goals, they weren’t interested in cultivating the relationship. They often alienated the people they were supposed to care about. As a result, many of these network marketers left the business, often frustrated that they were unable to achieve success. Or, they achieved success but found it more and more difficult to sustain it given they had alienated so many people. 

However, there’s hope. Many newer network marketers are interested in serving their customers and looking for ways to build their relationships. Sure, they want to make sales; however, they understand that in order to create strong advocates for their businesses, they have to focus more on service than on hard selling. Having a network of strong advocates allows the network marketer to focus more on serving their people than on cold-calling strangers hoping to make a sale. They understand that the best way to grow their networks is to tap into their existing network to find more great people who may also appreciate their business. The central theme of leading a business with heart is this: spread the love and the love will come back to you.

How to lead a business with heart

If you want to add more heart to your business, now is the perfect time to start. Whether you’re new to network marketing or have been doing it a while, it’s always a good time to add more heart.

Focus on service

Service is central to a business with heart. It’s the core of your network marketing business. It involves maintaining consistent contact with your network. That is, you connect with them on a regular basis. You don’t go years without talking to them – you connect with them regularly. How do you know how often that is? The good news is, if you use Teamzy, we’ll let you know when to contact everyone in your network so you don’t feel as if you’re pestering them. Instead, you’re showing consistency, which helps to build the relationship.

Connecting with them regularly is only part of the service though. The other part is listening for a need and finding ways to fill it. Sometimes this relates to your business; other times it doesn’t. For example, if a customer mentions they’re training for a 5K and your business is health and fitness-related, you may suggest to them a product you offer. However, if your business is fashion-related, you may still help. Perhaps you know a network marketer in the health and fitness industry who you could introduce them to. In addition to helping your customer, the other network marketer may introduce you to customers of theirs who may want to buy from you. By spreading the love, you’ve opened yourself up to another network. 

Cultivate a heart to help

If you’re like many network marketers, you started your business because the products and services you sell helped you and you want to help others in the same way. You naturally have the heart to help. Use that desire to help your customers, prospects, and distributors in any way you can. 

As with service, the opportunity to help comes from regular contact with your network. Check-in with them and find areas where you can help, whether it’s by solving their problem or connecting them with someone who can. 

It doesn’t stop with your customers, you can help your team as well. Although you’re running your business yourself, your team leans on one another for advice and support. Use your experience and expertise to help your team overcome the challenges they may face and grow in the process. Share your wisdom to help them gain perspective on a situation or work through a tricky obstacle. Leading a business with heart doesn’t just mean your business; it’s helping them put heart into their businesses as well. Encourage them to continue to grow personally and professionally so that they, in turn, can grow their businesses as well. 

Spread love

Love is the center of a business with heart. Share love with everyone in your network. This takes many forms. Celebrate the wins of your team as well as your customers. Congratulate your team when they have a great month or have completed their goals. Celebrate with your customers when they reach their own milestones in their lives, from a promotion at work to finishing that 5K. This shows that you care and you’re excited for their achievements. 

Don’t forget to share your story and why you love your business so much. Not only does this give your network insight into you and your business, it also makes you more authentic and true to your values. When you have a new product or service, tell your network about it and explain why you love it. If you love it, your network will love it as well.

How to help your team have more heart in their businesses

If you want your team to lead their business with heart, you have to show them how it’s done. Although telling them how to do it may work for some, it’s easier to show them how to do it. When you lead by example, people are more likely to want to follow it.

Share their highs

When their businesses are doing well, shout it from the rooftops. Celebrate their wins with the entire team, whether in person or on social media. This will not only make them feel loved and appreciated, it will also encourage others to celebrate their successes as well. Your team will not only feel loved, but also that you care about them.

Encourage them during low times

Business is a cycle and for every win we get, we often experience a failure or two. These are not fatal; they merely show us what doesn’t work. It’s easy to offer congratulations and adulation when things are going well, but it’s the encouragement we receive when things aren’t going well that has the biggest impact. Encourage your team and keep them motivated with inspirational words or a notable quote, a book or podcast that inspired you, or by sending them periodic messages to let them know they’re doing well. These are small gestures that can have a big impact on your relationship while also showing them how to encourage others. 

Follow up with them

Following up is an act of love. You cared enough about the other person to remember to check in with them to answer a question they had or a concern they voiced. Or, if you haven’t heard from them in a while, check in with them to see if things are going well. Again, this seems like a small action; however, it’s essential to building a business with heart.

Teamzy helps you keep heart central to your business

From giving you a list of people to contact each day to offering training programs to help you boost your skills, Teamzy has you covered if you want to build a business with heart. Click here to learn more.

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