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Connect with Your Network This Summer


Connect with Your Network This Summer

“Taking care of our relationships and each other is the most important work we can do in this world. In the end it’s what makes life worth living.”

– Marie Forleo

2020 has been shaped by things outside of our control. However, there is one thing we can control and that’s our business. Humans are social creatures and in times of uncertainty, we gravitate toward connection. We want to connect with one another and lean into each other for support. Although for most of the year, this contact had to occur online or while wearing a mask, the intention is still there – to connect with one another. 

Your network is no different. They want to connect with you as well. Although like many of us, their summer plans may have been interrupted or changed, they still want to hear from you. This is the perfect time to reach out and connect with your network, especially those people you haven’t connected with for a while. 

Why it’s important to connect with your network

Network marketing is built on the relationships you’ve built with your customers, prospects, and distributors. Although you may go way back with many of the people in your network who are family and old friends, others are people you’ve met and become acquainted with along the way. Each of these relationships is important to your business, especially the relationships you have with your top advocates. Your advocates are the people who are your top customers as well as your best supporters, who introduce you to people who can benefit from the products and services you provide. 

In order to stay top of mind, it’s vital to communicate with them on a consistent basis. That doesn’t mean you need to contact everyone every day or even every week. It just means that you need to be in contact with them on a regular basis. They need to know that you’ll continue to stay in touch with them, seek out ways to serve, and see them as a relationship that matters, not just a sale. The last part is most important; after all, traditional network marketing sales techniques burned so many bridges by NOT respecting the relationships and instead seeing everyone as a sale. It’s up to you, and other network marketers who put relationships first, to overcome this misconception.

It starts with “hello…”

Reaching out to say ‘hello’ and make someone’s day flies in the face of traditional sales strategies. Typically, salespeople are always trying to make the sale no matter what. Instead of listening to what the customer needs, they push their product or service. When you value the relationship instead, you’ll reach out to your customers to find out if there is something you can help with, and if your product or service fits, you’ll tell them about it. However, if it doesn’t, then you empathize and find another way to help, whether it’s connecting them with someone in your network who can help or just listening. You provide more than products and services; you provide value to the people in your network, which allows you to stand out from the competition.

This is why we stress follow-ups. Following up is an act of love. It shows your customers, prospects, and distributors that you truly care and you’re listening. Instead of contacting them once and that’s it, you follow up to see how they’re doing, and if you offered a solution, to see if it worked for them. They not only know that you care, they know you’re listening to them and have their best interests at heart. Each time you reach you, you’re continuing to build strong foundations, both with your relationships and with your business. After all, they are intertwined.

Connect with your network this summer

Summer is a great time to connect with your network. The sun is out, the days feel longer, and we’re socializing more than usual. What better time to reach out to your network to say ‘hello’ and just check-in and see what they’re up to?

Look for opportunities to serve

Even with summer plans on hold or canceled for many, we’re still as busy as ever. There are always opportunities to serve your customers, prospects, and distributors. First, log in to Teamzy and do your Power Hour at least five days a week. This gives you the opportunity to contact and follow up with your network, including your top people. Don’t get frustrated if they don’t respond right away. Although they’ve seen your message, they may be too busy to respond right now. If they do respond, be sure to listen for a way that you can help them make things easier. If your product fits, great! Tell them all about it. Or, invite them to take advantage of the opportunity to join your team. However, if it’s not something your business can fill, that’s okay too. Perhaps listening to their challenge reminded you of a book you read that helped you in the same situation. In that case, surprise them with the book. 

Be the hub of your network

As a network marketer, you’re the center of a network of people. The longer you’re in business and the more you serve, the larger your network will grow. Think of your network as your sphere of influence – these are all people who are connected to one another through you. Use this to your advantage when you serve.

If you or your business can’t help a valuable customer or team member with a challenge, perhaps someone else in your network can. When you’re communicating with your network, think of who you can connect together. That is if a customer mentions off-hand that she just doesn’t have time to do yard work, connect her to a landscaper in your network who may be able to help. Even if she doesn’t end up using the landscaping service now, she’ll still appreciate that you thought to connect her to someone. Additionally, the landscaper will be happy that you referred them to a potential new customer. 

The more you connect people with one another, the stronger your sphere of influence will become. They’ll see you as more than a network marketer, but as someone who has the gift of bringing people together. Someone who not only talks about how valuable relationships are to them but also brings value to those relationships. 

Ask your network to introduce you 

Reciprocity is a component of relationships. When someone does something nice for us, we want to return the favor, right? When you introduce and connect people in your network, they may feel they should introduce people to you. So, ask. 

One of the mistakes many network marketers make is they assume that their customers and team members will refer them. After all, if they’re such strong advocates for the business, they’ll be referring your business every chance they get, right? Not always. Even your biggest advocates lead busy lives and may not think to refer you all the time. In fact, the busier their lives are, the less likely they are to refer you; it’s just not at the top of their minds. 

Instead, ask to be introduced. Explain that you want to grow your network and to do so, you want to serve other great people like them. Then, ask them if they know anyone who can benefit from your business and the service you provide, and, if they do, ask them to introduce you. This gives them a task. They’ll think of someone who can benefit and will connect the two of you. They’re not pressured to have to constantly refer your business; instead, they can refer one person (or maybe more) and then be done with it for the time being. It’s easier for them and you’re still able to grow your network. 

Of course, if they can’t think of anyone just yet, leave it open and follow up with them at a later date. The suggestion of an introduction will remain in their mind, even if they’re not actively thinking of it. When they do come across someone who can benefit from your business, they may remember when you follow up with them. If they do, be sure to ask them to introduce you so you can begin to build this new relationship. 

Connect with your network to build your business

Relationships are the core of your business and if you want to build a network marketing business that lasts, it’s essential to contact the people in your network on a regular basis. In the past, many network marketers relied on notebooks or index cards to help them maintain their database. With Teamzy, network marketers can toss those old school methods aside and take their networks with them anywhere. Teamzy lets you know who you need to contact each day and even gives you scripts to get the conversation started. You’ll always know where you are in the pursuit of your goals. Click here to learn more.

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