Cultivate New Customers This Year

Do you feel as if you’ve run through your entire network of people and there’s no possible way you can get new customers? Most small business owners – especially network marketers – feel this way from time to time. It’s easy to feel as if you’ve contacted your entire network; however, rest assured that there are, indeed, more people to contact.

“But how?” you’re likely saying right now. “I’ve literally reached out to each and every one of my contacts a million times. WHO can I possibly contact now?”

Have you thought about your current customers?

After all, they’re familiar with you and your business already and also love your products/services. Plus, they have their own networks chock full of people who would love your business and products if they knew about them. That’s right; if you want to expand your network; tap into your happy satisfied customers.

Why current customers?

As a business owner, you lead with your heart. Yes, earning money is fantastic, but at the core of your business is your heart to serve and help others. Your customers know and understand this – hey, it’s probably why they choose to buy from you instead of other network marketers in your areas. They know that when you suggested a product or service that can help them, you’re doing it because you have their best interests at heart, not because you’re trying to reach your quota for the month. They can feel your passion for your industry every time they connect with you, whether it’s over the phone, online or through texts and messages – it’s that palpable!

Since they already know what you and your business are about and you have an established relationship with them, you can focus on trying to find solutions for what ails them. Of course, you must continue to build and maintain the relationship; however, it’s less about building trust and more about maintaining it.

The benefits of staying in touch with customers

You know the saying, “Happy wife; happy life”? The same is true for customers, though it doesn’t roll off the tongue as easily: “Happy customers; happy business.” Happy customers drive your business!

Order more products

When you are in regular contact with customers, they are more likely to buy products from you. Not only that, but they’re also more likely to buy more products, more often. Think about your best customers: how much do they usually spend when they order? Of course, in the beginning, they may have purchased one or two things; however, the chances are good that they’re buying more products now. Maybe they’re super stoked about a particular product line or maybe they just think you’re the greatest ever and want to support your business. Either way, when you are in regular contact with your customers they are happy and satisfied, and they’re more likely to buy more from you.

Easier to retain

Happy customers are also easier to retain. They’ll stay loyal customers of your business for much longer and may become the strongest advocates for your business. Why? They know and love you and your products. Plus, they know you’re the real deal and not someone who’s just trying to get their cold, hard cash. And, when they have questions or doubts, you’re always present to give them answers and to educate them further on the benefits of your products.

As humans, we’re creatures of habit and often, when we find something we like, we keep going back for it, whether it’s a fitness program that we love, a skin cream that gives us a glow that rivals J. Lo’s, or oils that keep our families healthy all winter long (no matter what germs the kids bring home from school). We just can’t get enough so we go back and buy it whenever we can.

The best source of a new customer

It’s true; the best source of a new customer is a current customer. After all, they’re already telling everyone about you and your great products and services! In fact, 85% of North Americans make purchasing decisions based on recommendations of family and friends. That’s right, more than three-quarters of people rely on the opinions and experiences of their loved ones to help them decide to buy. And that’s not just for large purchases either; that’s for any purchase, whether it’s buying a new television or nutritional supplements.

That’s not to say that your customers are talking about you all the time (although who knows, they might be); but when a co-worker sees that them making a nutritional shake in the breakroom at work or their sister remarks that they look five years younger, their sure to bring up your business and recommend it. They may even pull out their phones and message you on the spot. (However, it’s best for you to be proactively in touch with them, and ask them to introduce you to these people!) That’s the power of the personal recommendation. We place more stock in the first-hand experiences of the people we know than we do in clever ads and marketing copy.

All of this leads to trust.

New customers that are referred by your current customers allow you to start on the trust ladder a few rungs higher than if the customer was a total stranger. Of course, you still have to build the relationship; however, it’s easier than starting from zero.

If you live in an area where competition with other network marketers is high, your current customers are, by far, your best source of new customers. New customers may be curious about the products, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of traditional network marketers and their Go for No approach. If they know someone who is a current customer of yours, your customer can vouch for your business and assure them that you’re a no pressure salesperson; you have their best interests at heart. More people are attracted to this approach and you’ll find it so much easier to stand out from your competition in your area.

The same is true if you live in a small town and feel as if your network is totally limited. By tapping into your current customers, you can expand your network. After all, they likely have friends and family outside of the area who could benefit from your products and services. Plant the seed and encourage them to recommend you to their networks.

How to cultivate new customers

Stay in touch with your current customers

Yes, it’s that simple. By taking the time to follow up periodically, you’ll stay top of mind and let the know you’re there to help if they need it. Use Teamzy to help you remember to follow up with all of your customers. Teamzy uses a special algorithm to help you stay in touch with all of your customers based on how close a relationship you have with them. You’ll stay in touch with your top customers more often, while also connecting with those who have the potential to become great customers.

It’s easy to become bogged down at this point and overthink your communication with each customer.

After all, you always want to make a great impression, whether they buy from you all the time or you think they may this time around. Don’t overthink it – instead, just follow the system and follow up with the folks on your Teamzy Dashboard each day. That’s it.

If you’re stuck trying to think of the perfect thing to say, use the scripts included in Teamzy to help you get the conversation started. Teamzy takes the guesswork out of connecting with your customers so that you can spend more time serving them and less time wracking your brain for the perfect words or turn of phrase.

Encourage your customers to recommend you

Although many customers are natural advocates who will recommend your business to their family and friends without prompting, most people need a bit of a nudge. It’s not that they don’t want to recommend your business; they just don’t think to do so. However, they totally would if you asked them to.

But… how do you ask them to without seeming totally gross and salesy?

If you’re already uncomfortable with selling, you might feel awkward asking your customers to recommend you to others. Instead, just plant the seed by saying something like:

“… if you or anyone you care about could use some help with (the problem your business solves), I’d be honored to help!”

The beauty of this phrase is that it’s completely non-aggressive. You’re not forcing them to reveal their network to you, like the traditional Go for No sales technique dictates. Instead, you’re giving them the choice to recommend people in their network to you and your business. The phrase plants the seed that prompts them to think about who in their network would benefit from your business and products the most. The biggest benefit for you (outside of new customers, of course)?

You’ll have new customers that are as great as your current customers; people who you love to work with! What better way to grow your business than by attracting customers who understand and appreciate your business style?


Learning New Skills

Part of being a business owner is learning new skills. If you want to go deeper and learn how to navigate any conversation like a boss, I suggest you take my course Conversations that Convert. This 7-lesson video course that takes you into the 7 areas, from starting conversations, providing value, closing the sale and even multiplying your customers.

It takes you through the entire process of connecting with someone and sets you up in a strong position to make a sale. In the world, we live in today. People are not picking up phone calls, they’re not meeting face-to-face or returning voicemails.

These connections are going on on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger or Snapchat. It’s happening through 2-sentence messages received as quick glances at their notifications. There’s an art to this method. I’m excited to show you how, so you can grow your business and build strong relationships!

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