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Welcome to the New Year! Although you’re likely brimming with energy and motivation right now, you may not know exactly where to focus it. Should you focus on streamlining your day and getting organized in your business? Should you go all-in on building your relationships with current and potential customers, prospects, and distributors? Perhaps devise a strategy to grow and expand your business this year?

The answer is YES! Yes to all of those questions. If you’re new to network marketing or you like to focus on one thing at a time, you may feel intimidated by the prospect of doing all three things. You may say, “I’m motivated and all, but I just don’t know how I’ll get it all done.”

That’s the thing with motivation – sure, it gives you the energy to want to achieve all of your goals (and then some), but when you begin to think about how to get it all done, you may freeze. And, when this happens, your motivation wanes and you’re less likely to achieve your goals. Eeek! We can’t let that happen! Here are some tips to help you channel your motivation into actionable steps.

Leverage your time

“Every day a thread makes a skein in the year.” – Dutch Proverb

This quote makes for a fantastic visual, doesn’t it? Even if your winter hygge routine doesn’t include knitting, you’ve surely seen a skein of yarn before, with its threads coiled around one another. Although the full skein is one long string of fiber, the skein breaks it down, folding it into foot-long lengths. Each time the yarn is folded, it adds to the skein.

The same is true with your business.

How so? Think of the skein of yarn as a year in your business. The length of yarn before the fold is your activities. Do your activities every day, and your skein grows so much that by the end of the year, you have a big, fat skein of yarn (for those who knit and crochet, it’s one of those huge skeins you see in the craft store that are the size of the average two-year-old).

If you don’t do your activities each day, your skein is significantly smaller. Although you’re feeling motivated are raring to go now, there may be days during the year when you’re feeling tired or you’re being pulled in too many directions (the kids are sick, you’re not feeling so great yourself, you feeling pressure at work, etc.). As a result, you may not do your activities. And that’s fine for a day – hey, life happens.

However, it becomes a problem when you don’t do your activities for a second day, and then a third, and then before you know it, you haven’t done them in a week. If you had built the habit of doing your activities, this is where the habit begins to break down. This is also where businesses begin to break down as well, despite having the best intentions.

Commit to doing your activities each and every day.

That means even when you or the kids are sick, you’re feeling unmotivated or your to-do list seems to be multiplying exponentially. By doing your activities daily, you’re making your business a priority and when your business is a priority, it will repay you in growth – that is, happy current customers and distributors, new people to serve, and a boost in your bank account.

Streamline your day

Teamzy allows you to streamline your day and stay organized. No more wasting time wondering who to contact and follow up with; Teamzy tells you who to contact and how often to do so. The best part? You can get it all done in less than an hour a day – that’s it! In fact, most users can work through their daily list in about 30 minutes. Why so quick? You have all the information you need right at your fingertips on your Dashboard. Even if you’re stuck trying to think of the perfect thing to say, we have scripts to copy/paste or use for inspiration. You have everything you need to succeed in less than an hour a day. Even when life gets super hectic, you certainly have an hour to spare, right? Teamzy helps you complete your daily activities so that by the end of the year, your skein is full.

Build your relationships

“The language of friendship is not words but meanings.” – Henry David Thoreau

We’ve said it time and time again: in relationship marketing, it’s your relationships that drive your business. And, what are relationships built on? TRUST! When your customers, prospects, and distributors trust you, they’re more likely to work with you, whether that means buying from you or joining your team.

Trust takes time to build

Even if you’ve known someone a long time. How can you build trust? Be consistent. That’s right; consistency makes you reliable. Your customers and team members know they can count on you to do what you say you’re going to do and when you say you’re going to do it. The more they can rely on you, the more they’ll learn to trust you. And, the more they trust you, the more they want to support your business.

What’s more, staying in contact with your peeps will shed so much light on ways you can serve them by meeting their needs, identifying current problems they’re dealing with, etc. With this information, you’ll be able to deliver them the best service you can offer. Deliver excellent service and you’ll create stronger relationships with your customers and distributors and build loyal advocates for your business.

Grow your business

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.” ~Albert Einstein

All business owners dream of success; however, many fail to achieve this dream for one simple reason: they don’t provide value, or they don’t provide enough value to keep their customers coming back. Instead of trying to deliver value to their customers and adapting to their changing needs, they instead focus on trying to become more successful. It’s nearly impossible to reach success by ignoring the needs of others.

Regardless of the product or service you’re selling, you’ve got to provide value to your customers. And, if you want to keep your team happy, it’s important to provide value to them as well.

Providing Value

How can you provide value? First, listen to your customers and distributors, tuning in to hear a need that you can fill. Usually, they’ll mention a pain point or concern during the conversation. If they don’t mention anything, ask. Say something like:

“I’d love to serve you better. Is there something I can do that you would find valuable?”

For your team…

“Value” could be providing coaching or mentorship or offering encouraging word each week. It could include providing weekly accountability sessions to your team to help them reach their goals. Or, it could be showing them how to use the relationship marketing system to grow their businesses.

For your customers…

“Value” may take the form of providing tips on a blog or on social media that addresses the most common concerns you hear. For example, if you’re in the skincare business, post tips or a short video (of your own or one you found online) to help your customers maintain a healthy, moisturized skin during the harsh winter months. If you’re in the wellness business, post an essential oil recipe to help your customers and their families stay healthy all season long. If fitness is your thing, offer tips to help people stay motivated and in shape during the winter months.

Get the picture?

All of these things provide value first; if you happen to sell a few products or services, that’s awesome! But, your primary objective is to give value to your customers and solidify your place as an expert in your market.

If you’re not sure what kind of value to provide your customers and team, think about what you would find valuable. Chances are, what you find valuable your customers and team will also find valuable. Either way, don’t sweat it too much or overthink it. After all, you know your peeps better than anyone else – focus on providing things that they’re sure to find valuable and you can be sure your business will grow.

Teamzy is on your side to help you stay on track in 2019 and beyond. If you’re not using it yet, what are you waiting for? Sign up today and take your business to new heights.

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