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How do I get my Rodan + Fields consultants and customers imported into Teamzy?

Rodan + Fields

Log on to Check My Pulse.

To Export your Downline:

  1. Click on the Team Tab
  2. Then select Downline Report
  3. Next select Export CSV Comma Delimited
  4. Now, save the file to your desktop

To Export your Customers:

  1. First go to Customer tab
  2. Then select Export to CSV
  3. Save to your desktop

Now, to Import your files to Teamzy.

  1. Log in to your Teamzy account.
  2. Then select +Add Contact upper right.
  3. From the pop up select Bulk Import
  4. Then Select one of the .CSV files you just prepared.
  5. Now repeat with the other one the same way!