Find Your Purpose; Become More Productive


Find Your Purpose; Become More Productive

Want to be more productive? Sure, you could read one of the many books out there that guarantee you’ll dramatically increase your productivity. However, if you don’t know your purpose, all the productivity advice in the world will only make a negligible difference. 

How finding your purpose makes you more productive

“Productivity is not time management, it’s purpose management.” 

– Rachel Hollis

Your purpose does more than give you a direction to aim for on your journey to success; knowing your purpose also makes you more productive in your life and business. 

Define what’s truly important

When we want to become more productive, the first thing we do is see what we can do faster. Then we see what we can eliminate, or delegate to someone else. This takes a long time because we’re just not sure what to cut, delegate, or eliminate. It all seems important. Additionally, many of us fall into the same trap. We think that we are the only ones who can do many of the tasks on our lists. The reality is there are many other people who are perfectly able to do those tasks, whether they’re tasks around the house, activities at work or at your children’s school.

What are your priorities?

However, when you know your purpose, it’s so much easier to figure out what’s important and what isn’t. You can answer the questions: what do you truly have time for and want to do? What activities do you feel you’re stuck with and for sure don’t want to do? That’s because you realize that the tasks that are important are the ones that will get you closer to your goals. You can go through your task list and eliminate those tasks that don’t get you closer to your goals. Instead of wasting time, you become truly productive.

Organize your day

Once you’ve narrowed down the tasks you need to focus on, you can plan your day around them. One of these important tasks should be your Power Hour. Many network marketers say, “I know I need to connect with my network but I just don’t have the time.” The Power Hour is a set amount of time where you work solely on your business. Basically, you log in to your Teamzy Dashboard, contact the people on your list, and log your activities. That’s it. You don’t have to waste time figuring out who to contact because it’s all right there. Additionally, if you’re not sure what to say, Teamzy has you covered there as well! Select a conversation starter for inspiration or copy and paste it into your message (changing the name, of course). 

Finished your Power Hour? Now what?

If you finish following up and messaging your peeps early, use the time to plan your business. Or, you can use the time for personal development. Watch a Teamzy video training, write in your journal, or read a motivational book. The point is, you’re spending the time working on your business, which will help your business grow and succeed. 

Once your Power Hour is complete, it’s on to the next most important task on your list, and so on. The stress you’ve experienced is diminished. Why? You know where to focus your time and can pass on tasks that don’t fulfill your purpose. That’s not to say that ‘fires’ won’t arise during your day – they will. However, when your purpose is top of mind, you’ll be able to maintain perspective. You can decide if it’s truly important or if it can wait another day.

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

– Walt Disney

Achieve your goals

February is the month when the goals that many people have set in January go out the window, never to be heard from again. Many folks blame not making a habit of the positive activities that will help them achieve their goals. This includes going to the gym, committing to a daily Power Hour, etc. However, that’s only part of the story. The other part is one’s purpose. 

It’s much easier to commit to your goals when you have a purpose firmly in mind. It gives you a reason to do the activities in the first place. When you say, “My purpose is to help X amount of people achieve their fitness goals” it’s much easier to do your Power Hour every day and connect with your customers, prospects, and distributors. This motivation will make it easier to build successful habits that will help you achieve your dreams.

Keep your motivation high

You see, Zig Ziglar was right – motivation doesn’t last. If we’re lucky, motivation doesn’t taper off until the end of January. In most cases, it’s gone by the second week of the year. What happens? Distractions cause us to fall off course. Life happens and other things pop up that demand our attention. We may intend to get up early and work out or do our Power Hour from 10 am to 11 am each morning. For the first week or two of the year, we abide by that intention. However, then something comes up – a dentist appointment, the kids get sick or there’s a snow day and they have to stay home from school, or you get sick and just can’t rally that day.

A day off can be good – we all need a break from time to time. Unfortunately, sometimes that one day turns into two days, then before long, it’s been a week, and then two weeks. By that time, motivation is gone and we’ve forgotten the goals we’ve set. As a result, we slowly move our business to the back burner. It’s no longer a priority, but a hobby we get around to when we think of it or feel like it. Now, that’s not fair to our goals. That’s not fair to the life we wish to lead, is it? 

“You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.”

– Zig Ziglar

The thing is, when we set goals in January, we don’t intend to forget them a few weeks later. In fact, we imagine a life in which we’ve already achieved them – a life in which we’ve hit our financial goals for the year. And that’s great! Visualization is an important part of achieving your goals. However, you also need a plan to achieve those goals. A large part of that plan is the activities you need to do to achieve your goals. 

Unfortunately, most people give up at this point. It’s too hard, something comes up, they don’t see their business as a priority, they’re scared to succeed – the excuses go on and on. This is the step that takes the most work and commitment. If you don’t put in the work here, it’s impossible to reach your goals. 

Achieve your goals!

The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way. When you have a purpose and a plan to succeed, you can build the habits you’ll need to achieve your goals. Every day your goals will be the front and center of your focus. This will allow you to ignore the distractions and get to work on your business. Your business is a top priority in your life; when distractions arise, you’ll maintain your focus. If anything, your purpose is the ultimate motivation you need to get through Januar. It’ll help you establish the habits you need to thrive all year long.

Let Teamzy help you find your purpose so you can be more productive each day

Did you know that you can record your Why in Teamzy and make it part of your focus daily? Your Why and your purpose are often the same so having ready access will keep it top of mind. You’ll know exactly what you need to do every day to achieve your goals. If you’re not using Teamzy, what are you waiting for? Click here to learn more about Teamzy and how it can help you take your business to the next level.

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