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Goals: Stay on Track to Achieve Your Goal This Year


Goals: Stay on Track to Achieve Your Goal This Year

It’s one month into the new year, are you still on track to achieving your goals? Many people begin the year, ready to take on the world and achieve all of their goals right away. However, a few weeks into the year, their motivation begins to wane and they become less focused.  As a result, they become less focused on doing the things they need to do in order to achieve their goals. It’s not enough to focus for the first few weeks; if you want to achieve your goals, you have to continue to focus all year long. Your journey has just begun – here’s how to stay on track to achieve your goals this year. 

Create a vision

It all starts with a vision, a vision of the life that you’d like to lead. What do you want to achieve this year, and – perhaps most importantly – why do you want to achieve it? 

If you’re not sure, take a few minutes and do a visualization exercise. Close your eyes. Then, imagine your life a few years from now. Don’t hold back. What do you see, hear, and smell, and how do you feel? Who are you with? Stay in this world for several minutes and truly take it all in. When you’re ready, open your eyes and write down the details that stood out. This gives you insight into what you want in life, what your dream life looks like. Now, how can you make it a reality? By what date do you wish to begin living the life you visualized? What steps do you need to take to get there?

Why visualization works to achieve your goals

Although it may seem silly at first, this exercise allows you to focus on what you really want out of life. When many people set goals, they set them without regard to their overall aspirations in life. They set goals that they think they should set – they set goals to lose 10 pounds or increase their sales – the same goals it seems everyone sets. More often than not, they don’t succeed in their goals because they have no personal connection with them. This makes it more difficult to stay focused in the process of achieving their goals. 

However, when you visualize your goals, you’re more likely to achieve them because you have a clear connection to them. You can imagine yourself achieving them, which makes it easier to put in the work to make it happen. Additionally, when you begin to feel the temptation to quit, visualizing allows you to reconnect with your goal while boosting your motivation.

Strategize a plan

It’s not enough to imagine yourself achieving your goals; you have to create a plan to make it happen. More specifically, what activities do you need to do each day in order to make your dreams a reality?

For network marketers, this means connecting with your network everyday. Now, you don’t have to call everyone in your network everyday; however, you should contact several people, by text message or through social media messaging. 

Although many network marketers keep the names of their networks in a notebook or on carefully sorted index cards, this system often proves ineffective. Teamzy makes it easier to manage your network by keeping your network organized and at your fingertips. Accessible from any device, Teamzy helps you stay in touch with the people who drive your business. Simply upload them into the app and sort them into categories. Then, Teamzy uses its algorithm to give you a list of people to connect with each day. All you have to do is reach out to them and log your activities. Your network builds trust and confidence in you as you build your business.

Do your Power Hour daily, or nearly everyday and you’ll begin to build your business. It’s all about connecting with your network and building relationships with them. This builds trust, as does following up with them when you say you’re going to. When you consistently work on your business, consistently connect with your people, consistently follow up with them, and consistently make your business a priority, you’ll not only reach your goals, but will also build a thriving business. 

Trust the process

Achieving your goals takes time, as does building a successful network marketing business. You have to have patience and have trust in yourself and your plan. Additionally, you have to commit to following your plan, that is, connecting with your network each day during your daily Power Hour. 

In the beginning, it’s easier to trust the process. However, as the weeks go by, you may begin to waver, and that’s normal. You may begin to have doubts and wonder if it’s all worth it. This occurs most often when you don’t hear back from people in your network within the timeframe you had hoped, or when a prospect tells you they’re not interested. It can damage your confidence, especially if you’re just starting out and are beginning to build your business. It’s at this time that it’s most important to stay true to your goals and your path, and keep going. 

Working through setbacks and challenges on the way to achieving your goals

There are always setbacks and challenges on the road to success. However, it’s essential to face them and, in some cases, learn from them. When people in your network don’t respond right away to your messages, they might just be busy. They have families, careers and businesses of their own, hobbies, and other priorities. They may simply forget or may mistakenly think they already responded. Surely, they’ll get in touch when they have time.

If a prospect lets you know they’re not interested in the opportunity you present, don’t take it personally. Instead, ask if there are people they know who they feel would benefit from the offer instead. Although they may not feel the opportunity is right for them, they may still want to help your business succeed and may know someone who would be interested. Sometimes the most loyal advocates of your business aren’t only the people who buy the most products or join your team, but also the ones who introduce you to the people who would be interested in what your business has to offer. Although it may seem like rejection, at least on the surface, it can provide the opportunity to increase your network and welcome another advocate for your business. 

Embrace the journey

Building a network marketing business can be challenging, but it’s also fulfilling. Many people adopt the type of thinking that “I’ll be happy when I achieve my goals” or “Life will be perfect when…” Although it’s important to focus on the end goal, it’s also important to enjoy the journey as well.

Sure, life may improve once you’ve achieved your goals; however, it’ll also improve after you’ve overcome a challenge or added more people to your network. It’s tempting to want to fast-forward through life and get to the good part – when you’ve achieved everything. However, this robs you from the experience of building confidence in yourself and your abilities, connecting with the people in your network, making and learning from mistakes, and refining your approach so that you improve your business skills. So, while some experiences may seem difficult or painful at the time, they may become our best learning experiences. 

Teamzy can help you stick to your goals and build a successful network marketing business

We developed Teamzy to make it fun for network marketers of all experience levels to build a thriving business. In addition to keeping your network organized, Teamzy also makes it easy to set both business and personal goals that are meaningful to you. You can keep track of your progress toward your goals and set milestones to help you stay on track. Additionally, Teamzy also offers short video training and Elite Business Bootcamp to help you sharpen your skills and develop new ones. If you’re not using Teamzy, what are you waiting for? Click here to learn more.

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