How to Become a Power Hour Boss


How to Become a Power Hour Boss

Do you want your network marketing business to thrive? Many network marketers, especially those who are new to the industry, think that in order for their businesses to thrive, they have to work eight hours a day, seven days a week. Even if they’ve been network marketers for years, they may still feel as if they need to work constantly in order to get results. Nothing could be further from the truth, especially if you build your business the right way, with a strong foundation in your relationships. In fact, all you need is an hour a day to do the work that drives your business.

Build your business in an hour (or less) a day

Time is at a premium in our lives. Although life slowed down for many of us under stay at home orders, it may be beginning to pick up again. Many network marketers found that business picked up during this time and they were reaching out to their customers, prospects, and distributors more often. 

The best way to succeed is to be consistent and have a system in place. When I started in network marketing, my biggest struggle was finding a system that allowed me to stay in touch with all of my contacts, every single one of them. I also struggled with knowing when to contact them and when not to, as well as knowing what to say to them. Additionally, I wanted to find a way to follow up with people seamlessly so that nobody fell through the cracks. I couldn’t find a system that fit my needs so I created one with the help of several tech-savvy people. The result is Teamzy, a CRM that does all this and more and is easy to use. 

With Teamzy, it’s easier to do the daily lead generating tasks that build a business, and in an hour or less day. 

In just four years, more than 100,000 network marketers have used Teamzy. Active users, that is, people who use Teamzy five days a week for an hour, are averaging 21 new customers and nine new recruits over 90 days

Master your Power Hour

Our system works because it uses your goals to set daily goals and tasks. If you set ambitious goals, you see more ambitious tasks on your dashboard in your daily goals. Similarly, if you set modest goals, you’ll have fewer tasks. It’s based on the simple principle that if you want to grow your business big, you have to keep your focus small. It’s by committing to doing those daily tasks consistently that you can build a foundation for a strong business.

Once you set your goal, Teamzy will create tasks to help you reach it, one day at a time. When you log into your dashboard, all of your daily activities are there. Since the tasks are based on the goals you’ve set, you can be sure that if you stick with it, you’re more likely to reach your goal. 

Leveraging your relationships

Get rid of the sticky notes and notebooks with your contacts’ information haphazardly organized. Teamzy was designed to help you keep your contacts list sorted and in one place. You don’t have to worry about losing or misplacing information again – it’s all right there. Continue to add people to your network by adding their information when you get it. By adding people, you can ensure that your network grows and stays fresh. 

The key to connecting with your customers, prospects, and distributors is to maintain the mindset of making their day. You’re contacting them to make their day a bit brighter than it was before. As humans, we thrive on connection and love to be thought of by our friends and loved ones. By reaching out to just say “hello” and check-in, you’re showing the people in your network that you care enough to send a quick note of cheer. What’s better than that?

Know who to connect with each day

Each day, in your Power Hour Module, you’ll get a list of customers, prospects, distributors, and follow-ups to contact. Just work through each list until you’re done – that’s your Power Hour! Just work down each list. You don’t need to worry about finding people to contact; the people you need to contact that day are right on your dashboard.

The size of your list will vary based on how ambitious your goals are. The higher your goals, the more people you’ll need to contact each day. But, don’t worry, the people you’ll contact most often are your best customers and team members – the people who drive your business. You’ll reach out to your best people more often than everyone else. People with five stars will reappear in your list every 30 days, those with four stars will show up again in 60 days, those with three stars will come back in 90 days, etc. 

Connect on your terms

Traditional sales methods insist you barrage your network with phone calls, but who talks on the phone anymore when texting and messaging is so much easier? During your Power Hour, you’ll communicate with your people how you want to, whether it’s through Facebook Messenger or another method included in the dropdown menu. 

If you’re not sure what to say, use the scripts. The scripts work. They’re short enough to keep your message light and sure to be read. You can either copy them word-for-word or use them as a springboard to craft your own message. Just be sure to change the name and add your favorite emojis to make the message truly yours. 

Becoming consistent

The biggest hurdle many network marketers face in becoming a Power Hour Boss is achieving consistency. That is, committing to doing a Power Hour every day. So often, life gets in the way. Things come up and committing to a whole hour at once just isn’t possible. However, there’s no hard-and-fast-rule that your Power Hour has to be done all at once. In fact, many successful network marketers do 15-minutes here and 10-minutes there throughout the day until they’ve worked through their lists. 

What happens if you miss a few days or even a week? That’s okay, just focus on hitting today’s goal. Then, make it a point to do a Power Hour as many days a week as possible. There’s no need to go overboard. The most important thing is to commit to making your Power Hour a daily habit. After all, if you miss a week at the gym, you wouldn’t go on Friday and do 6 workouts that day to make up for it. That wouldn’t get you any closer to your fitness goal AND you’d be too exhausted to do much of anything else.  Insead, just do one to get back into it. 

Always stay in touch

Staying in touch with your customer is the best thing you can do for your business. In fact, when you build your business on relationships, it’s the most important part of your business. Here’s why:

Providing excellent service is the right thing to do. Service is an act of love. When you serve your customers, prospects, and distributors, you show them how much you care. You show them that they mean more to you than a sale – you truly want to help them. 

When you’re in regular contact with your customers, they order more and remain customers longer. You’ve built a relationship with them and they trust you. They also love the products and services you offer and will keep coming back. 

What about people who perhaps bought from you once or twice and haven’t in a while? Just because they don’t have a current order with you right now doesn’t mean they don’t think of themselves as a customer of yours. Treat them the same as you do your customers who have orders in. You never know when they’re going to place an order and by staying in touch with them, you stay top of mind. That means when they’re ready to place an order, they think of you.

There’s no better place to get a new customer than a current customer. If you people like you, they’ll recommend you to friends. The question is: are you getting introduced to them? People won’t automatically refer you to their friends and family, they forget. The best thing to do instead of relying on them to make that move is to just ask them to introduce you instead. That way, they’re more likely to do it.

Are you a Power Hour Boss?

Commit to a daily Power Hour and you’re committing to your business success. Teamzy can help you every step of the way. If you’re not using Teamzy yet, click here for a free trial. And, if you want more great tips to help you master your Power Hour, pick up my new book, Power Hour Boss: How to Build a Relationships-Based Business in Less than an Hour a Day. It’s full of great tips to help you master your Power HOur and master your business. Pick it up today!

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