How to Talk About Your Business


How to Talk About Your Business

When was the last time you spoke to someone about your business? While some network marketers freely talk about their businesses with anyone anytime anywhere, others are more hesitant to even bring it up. Why? Many network marketers are unsure of the most natural way to bring up their businesses in conversation. They don’t want to feel pushy, especially if the person they’re speaking with is a good friend. Additionally, they may not know how to slip it into the conversation in a way that doesn’t feel awkward. However, in order to grow your business, you have to talk about it. After all, how are people supposed to know if you don’t tell them? You are the biggest advocate for your business, so how can you talk about it without feeling weird about it?

Why it feels awkward to talk about your business

It’s no secret that traditional sales techniques have given network marketing a bad name over the years. In the hands of an over-eager salesperson, traditional sales techniques may lead to short-term success but a ton of burned bridges. Sure, people buy from pushy salespeople once, but they aren’t likely to again. In fact, they’ll go out of their way to avoid them if at all possible, which is difficult if they’re family. 

Because of this, many network marketers want to stay far away from this stereotype and actively seek to differentiate themselves from it. However, many aren’t sure how to bring up their businesses in normal conversation for fear of sounding pushy or salesy. They may feel like if they talk about their businesses at all, they’ll alienate the other person. Unfortunately, if they don’t talk about their business at all, then how will anyone know they have one?

There’s a fine balance between pushing your business on someone and just letting them know that your business can help them. The good news is there is a way to let people know about your business without making it weird or awkward.

Why it’s important to talk about your business whenever you can

If you don’t talk about your business, no one will ever know you have one. 

Many network marketers mention their businesses when they first start out. They may post on social media and tell their family and friends about their business ambitions. And then… that’s the last time they mention anything. “If you build it, they will come,” right? Not if they forget it’s there. 

Your network wants to support you and your business. But, life gets busy. They’re busy trying to juggle their lives; it’s difficult for them to remember that you have a business. It’s not a slight to you that they’ve forgotten; it’s just that your business isn’t top of mind. You know what would remind them? Mentioning it in conversation with them. 

Talking about your business isn’t pushy or salesy or anything negative. It’s simply reminding people that your business exists and you’re there to help them. That’s it. Consider it a service to them to remind them. Just like follow-ups, it’s an act of love. 

How to talk about your business without feeling like an annoying salesperson

So, you know you need to talk about your business, but how do you do it without feeling awkward? 

Focus on building relationships

The network marketers who are pushy about their businesses have the sale at the heart of the conversation, not concern for the other person. They just want to make the sale, regardless of what the other person is thinking or feeling or even needs. It’s all about the sale.

Conversely, network marketers who wish to build relationships talk about their businesses with a high level of care and concern for the other person. Of course, they want to make a sale; however, it’s not the most important thing. The most important thing is to continue to build the relationship. Strong relationships allow network marketers to grow their businesses, often by having the advocates in their networks introduce them to other great people. 

Look for an opportunity to talk about your business

In the natural course of the conversation, the topic will inevitably turn to you and what you’re doing. This is the perfect chance to talk about your business. You don’t have to frame it like a sales pitch, either. Instead, say what comes to mind about it.

  • How is business going?
  • Why are you passionate about it?
  • What’s the best part of it?

Most people will listen and ask questions about it. Take the time to answer them and don’t forget to remind them that you’re there to help them, too. Sometimes they’ll take you up on the opportunity and want to know more right away. Other times, they need to think about it for a while and let the idea germinate in their minds. The important part is telling them about your business. The next time you talk to them, they may ask how business is going and may even mention someone they know who may be interested. 

When you talk about your business, you’re planting a seed. The seed won’t become a full-grown plant right away – it needs time to germinate and grow. 


Sometimes when you’re speaking to someone, the focus is on them. Perhaps they’re facing a challenge in their lives right now or maybe they just got some good news and are excited to share it. It goes without saying that it’s not always appropriate to bring up your business at these moments. 

However, you can listen to what they’re saying and look for a need you can fill, either with your business or by connecting them to someone in your network. Listening allows you to think of ways that you can help them. And, they don’t have to be facing something negative, either. Even if they’ve just received great news, they may need your help. 

If it feels awkward to bring your business up on the spot, do so when you follow up with them. You’d naturally follow up with them anyway to see how they’re doing and see if you can help. That’s an opportunity for you to talk about your business and how it can help them. 

What happens next?

Many people will ask questions about your business to learn more, whether it’s to be polite or out of general interest. Answer their questions, if they have them. 

“Are you interested in learning more?”

If they seem interested in your business and in network marketing, ask if they’re interested in learning more. If so, set a time to catch up with them and give them more information. Send them a sample to try and invite where appropriate. The most important part of this is to follow up with them. Often, network marketers offer the invite, but forget to follow up. And, when that happens, you risk the person purchasing products from or joining the team of someone else. Don’t let that happen! Follow up with them and continue to gauge their interest.

What if they’re not interested in learning more? That’s okay, too. You’re planting a seed, and not all seeds germinate, especially right away. Following up is important here as well. Sure, some may not be interested in your opportunity at all. But, they may know someone who is. If they say they’re not interested, ask if they know anyone who may be interested. Although they may not be able to give you a name right now, chances are they’ll continue to think about it and may even give you a name when you follow up. 

In other cases, someone who isn’t interested at first slowly warms to the idea. Circumstances change and after having some time to think about it, a person may want to purchase from your business or even join your team. This is great news! However, if you don’t follow up, you’ll never know. Be sure to follow up with them anyway and continue to gauge their interest.

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