What to Post: Helping is the New Selling


What to Post: Helping is the New Selling

You’ve probably heard time and time again that social media can help you build trust with your customers, prospects, and distributors, but you may be sitting there thinking, “How? I already post images of my products. What more can I do?”

It may be tempting to post images and links to your products ALL. THE. TIME.

After all, how else are your customers going to know what you’re selling? However, your Facebook followers may find that a tad bit annoying, especially if that’s all they ever see from you in their feeds.

They’ll begin to miss you – the real you, not just your products!

Now, that’s not to say you shouldn’t post images of your products–you totally should! Just not all the time; it’s overkill.

So, what can you post that would help you build trust and your relationships with your favorite customers, prospects, and distributors?

Whatever you post – whether it’s a photo of a product or your hilarious and adorable kids – should lift people HIRE; that is:

  • Help

  • Inspire

  • Relationship

  • Educate

Over the next four blogs, we’ll give you an overview of each of these concepts as well as tips to help you use them on Facebook and on your other social media feeds to build trust and become the trusted advocate of your customers, prospects, and distributors.



H: Help

Take a moment and think about the social media posts that have stood out most to you: What did they have in common?

Chances are many of them were helpful, whether it was a video that showed you the right way to slice an avocado, a list of tips to help potty train your child (or puppy for that matter), or a step-by-step to help you make the perfect seasonal floral wreath.

If you think something is useful, others will, too!

The truth is, we love watching videos that help us improve or show us something we didn’t know before. We create a connection to the content that helps us connect with others.

You know you’re going to share what you just learned with the next person you talk to – your mom, another parent in the pick-up line at school or your book club. It’s inevitable; we’re hardwired to share useful information with one another.

Take advantage of our hardwired need to share and apply it to what you post on social media. It could be on-brand or related to your brand or industry.

The main idea is to post something you find useful!

Look for videos and other resources that answer these questions. Your brand may already offer videos, infographics and more on the topic, or they recommend particular experts in the industry.

If you don’t see the type of content you want, don’t be afraid to create it yourself, especially if you’re naturally creative and are willing to learn graphic design and video formats.

After all, when the information comes straight from you, what better way to build trust, right?


Building trust is a process. Trust results from consistent and predictable interaction over time.

Barbara White


If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few ideas.

Your business: Skincare

Skin care is so much fun, with all of the creams, serums, and masks! The issue is the average person isn’t totally sure how to apply them, how often, what time of day, if it’s right for our skin type and concern, etc. Perhaps most importantly, we want to see results!

Skincare content  ideas:

  • The right way to wash your face
  • Show how to use your favorite mask and your results
  • Timelapse photos of a serum
  • How to apply a favorite serum or cream


Your business: Essential oils

Essential oils smell amazing, but that just the tip of the iceberg. Many folks love the idea of oils but just aren’t sure how to use them. That’s where you come in! You’re THE PERFECT PERSON to answer all the questions they didn’t even know they had!


Essential oils content ideas:

  • Clean your entire bathroom/kitchen/house with oils (this is especially perfect for cold and flu season!)
  • Make an essential oil roller
  • Make a spa-like skin scrub with soothing essential oils
  • Create an oils-inspired hand gel or oil to keep germs and sickness away


Your business: Fitness

It’s safe to say, most of us wish we were fitter than we are. However, things often stand in the way – we don’t have time, we don’t belong to a gym, we’re too tired for a long workout, the list goes on and on. Help your social media followers get active.



Fitness content ideas:

  • 5 moves in 5 minutes
  • The right way to do a push-up or crunch
  • 5 essential moves for killer abs/shoulders/legs
  • Post-workout cooldown routine
  • Yoga/stretches for certain sports or physical activity

Your business: Nutrition

The same excuses people make about fitness, they also make about nutrition. They make excuses like they’re too busy to cook healthy meals, especially during the school year. Who has the time? Show them how easy it can be to eat healthily, no matter how busy they get!

Nutrition content ideas:

  • Make a favorite nutrient-rich shake for on-the-go
  • Share tips for eating healthy on a budget
  • Share tips for making a healthy family meal in 30 minutes
  • The top 10 healthy items to include on your weekly grocery shopping list and what to make with them
  • Healthy holiday recipes for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s

Your business: Candles & decor

Although the holidays are right around the corner, making it the ideal time to set the mood with scent, let’s talk about the current season.

Sure, the fall is filled with warm scents, like pumpkin and apple spice; however, for people with kids who are involved in sports, this season smells like sweaty, stank athleticwear, from jerseys to protective pads to shoes.

Show them how to cover the stink with warm, inviting fragrances.


Scent-related content ideas:

  • Tips for keeping the home smelling great, even during football, soccer and field hockey season
  • Essential scents for fall entertaining
  • Erase the scent of pets before guests arrive
  • Create ambiance in your space
  • Scents for improving relaxation/reducing stress

Your business: Leggings

Leggings are truly the most versatile item of clothing. Dress them up for a night out or for work or wear them casually when you’re lounging around the house.

However, many of us could use some inspiration in the style department (that suggestion probably made you think of a few names, right?).

There are people out there who would love to wear leggings but just aren’t sure how to pull them off with their current wardrobes.

They’re practically screaming for your help!

Leggings content ideas:

  • Show how to put together outfits with leggings as the central piece: Work, at-home, at a school event, and a night out
  • Seasonal outfit suggestions
  • Great pieces of clothing that pair well with leggings

Get brainstorming!

The greatest source of ideas for content is you! Yes, that’s right! You’re your brand’s expert!

Plus, you know your clientele and your team. When you’re brainstorming ideas, put yourself in their shoes.

Brainstorming questions for new content:

  • What did you want to know when you became interested in your product? Chances are you were drawn to the product for a reason. Try to recall what it was.
  • What questions did you have about the industry? You haven’t always been well-versed in all things related to your industry. Think about the major questions you had and where you learned the answers.
  • What questions do you hear most often from potential clients? These questions and your answers make the best content. Why? They give you a chance to truly share your expertise with your clients and, in a way, train your distributors to answer similar questions.

Service before sales

Although your content may feature your products, you’re not overtly selling them. People will focus more on the help you’re providing and see how your products can help them with their issue, whether or not they realized they had an issue in the first place.

Instead of scrolling past a post that feels too “salesy,” they’ll stop at yours to watch the video or read an infographic or blog post that you wrote. In the process, you’ll build trust and they’ll view you as an expert in that particular area.

How cool is that?

Be sure to connect with the people who respond to your posts and add them to your Teamzy database, if you haven’t already.

After all, they don’t have to comment; they did because they learned something new. Return the favor and connect with them.

This will help you build your relationship with them and, most importantly, build trust.

What if you like the idea of filming videos, but you’re camera-shy or you’re just too busy to commit to making your own content?

Consider sharing videos you enjoy on Facebook or your other social media platforms.

There’s no point reinventing the wheel when there is already so much great content out there.

  • Always watch the videos in their entirety first to make sure there are no surprises.
  • Share videos and content of well-known or well-vetted people. If they lose credibility, it may impact yours as well since you shared it.
  • If you get inspired, don’t be afraid to create your own content. Make it fun and when you have time!

Speaking of inspiration, in the next post, we’ll get into Inspiration and offer tips to help you inspire others with your posts.

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