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How to Lead a Thriving Network Marketing Team


How to Lead a Thriving Network Marketing Team

As a network marketer, you own your business and are your own boss; however, you also lead a network marketing team of other professionals to help them reach their business goals. This relationship is vital to their success as well as yours. In fact, the relationship network marketers have with their teams is as important as the ones they maintain with their networks!

But, like any relationship, it takes time to build trust. Even if you’ve known the people on your team for years or even decades, it’ll take time for them to see you as and respect you as a leader. Sure, they may know and love you, but that personal relationship may be different from the professional relationship you’ll develop with them. They want assurance that you have sound business judgment, care enough to help them improve their businesses, and – perhaps most importantly – do all of the things that you tell them to do. Over time you’ll build trust and authority with your team.

6 ways to build trust with your network marketing team

Practice these six tips and you can be sure you’ll build trust within your network marketing team in no time.

Check-in with your network marketing team

What are the members of your network marketing team up to? Although an effective leader doesn’t need to lurk over the shoulders of their teams to make sure everyone is working, they should have a general idea of where they’re at in their businesses. They should be able to identify pain points and also list any successes each member has achieved. 

Leader A: 

“Oh, I don’t know how my team is doing. I think Jim is doing good. I saw Karen the other day at the store; I should’ve asked. Guess I should find out.”

Leader B:

“Jim just broke is sales record this month by 5% and added five new contacts to his network. Karen was having a tough time breaking through and expanding her network, but she’s set a goal to add three new people this week and has already added two. Tom came close to reaching his monthly goal, falling short by just two sales, but he’s feeling super motivated to make it up this month…”

Spot the difference? Who’s the better leader? 

Hopefully, you said Leader B.

What could Leader A do to improve his leadership abilities and know what’s going on with this team?

That’s right – check-in! Checking in is another type of following up. Just as you follow up with your customers and prospects, you have to follow up with your team. This shows you care and allows you to get a pulse on how they’re doing in their businesses. Are they doing well and really knocking it out of the park this month? Or, have they hit a rough patch and they’re getting ready to quit? Are they struggling with recruiting new team members or getting new customers? Have they found their flow and are adding new people constantly? Learn about all of this (and more!) by checking in to see how it’s going. And, at the end of the conversation, remind them that you’re always there with a heaping dose of help and encouragement when they need it.

Pro Tip: Use Teamzy to remind you to check-in with your team members regularly.

Live what you preach

If you want your team to practice relationship marketing you’ve gotta do it too. They need the reassurance that you’re also doing what you’re advising them to do. If you’re telling them to do a Power Hour daily to generate business and follow up with clients, you need to do it, too. If you’re telling them to reach out to their current customers and distributors and ask for introductions, you should be doing it as well. Although they’ll never truly know if you’re following through with what you say (that is, unless they hear from you within your Power Hour time), you’ll know. And you’ll never feel like an effective leader if you know you’re saying one thing while doing another. 

Pro Tip: Commit to relationship marketing and your team will buy-in as well. 

Provide support

Happy network marketing teams feel supported. When your team members run up against a challenging situation in their business, they want to know they can count on you for encouragement and support. If they feel as if they can’t possibly grow their businesses more, or if a family situation is keeping them from giving 100% to their businesses, they need you to offer advice or just listen. 

Keep your network marketing team motivated and inspired

It’s normal for motivation to wane, especially at this time of the year. We’re getting close to the busy holiday season when our schedules begin filling up with parties and events (not to mention all the planning involved). The last thing many network marketers want to do is their Power Hours. So, they skip a day. But then, that day turns into two… and then a week… and before you know it, it’s January and their customers, prospects, and distributors think they’ve fallen off the planet. 

You may even feel this way yourself at this time of year. Guess what – the same things you do to stay motivated (even when it’s hard) can help your team do the same. Share an inspirational quote that really gets you going or a new motivational or productivity tip each week (or every two weeks) during this time of year. It’ll motivate your team and may keep them on track to meet their end-of-year goals. They’ll be glad you cared enough to help them succeed in their businesses. 

Pro Tip: Become the beacon of motivation by posting your favorite motivational quotes to social media.

Catch them doing something right

This is an old leadership trick that is super effective for leading thriving network marketing teams. Often, the only time someone hears from their leader is when they’ve done something wrong. Think about the non-network marketing jobs you had before you started your business. Chances are, there was a time when you had a boss who would pull you aside or call you into their office to tell you everything you did wrong. You didn’t smile enough at a customer or a client is complaining about something and it’s your fault. It’s not very motivating to hear everything you’ve done wrong, is it?

Praise is rare. If you’re lucky enough to have a boss who took the time to recognized what you did right, well, that likely put a spring in your step for the rest of the day. You may have felt a surge of motivation, and even more positive about your job.

That’s how your team feels when they receive praise. Have they hit their Power Hours for the last two weeks – congratulate them. Did they get introductions from happy current customers? Give them a shout out. People love praise and recognition.

What if you’d like to make a suggestion for improvement?

If you must offer criticism, give it with a dose of sweetness first. Mary Poppins was onto something when she said: “A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down.” Preface your criticism with something positive that they’re doing right and then offer your critique or suggestion. 

Do: “I love how easily you connect with people! Following up is an important way to build your relationship with them. What’s keeping you from following up with them consistently?

Don’t: “You’re not following up with your network like you’re supposed to. You need to be more consistent if you want to reach your goals.”

The second response makes the team member feel defensive. They won’t listen to what you’re saying after the first sentence. Instead, they’re going to start thinking of rebuttals to explain why you’re wrong. Instead of building upon your relationship with them, you’re building a wall between you. 

The first response is more positive and open. You’re complimenting them on their interpersonal skills. This puts the other person in a positive frame of mind. Next, you’re stating that following up is important. It’s just a fact. Then, you’re asking them to think about what is keeping them from following up, with the implication that you’re there to help them through it. It’s far more supportive than the second more adversarial response.

Encourage them to learn

Training is essential to success, whether you’re new to the business or have decades of experience. Network marketing is always changing and if you want a business that lasts, learning is crucial. 

First, enroll in training yourself. Sign up for Elite Business Bootcamp and participate in the courses offered by Teamzy. The more you learn, the more successful you’ll be and the more you’ll be able to share with your team. 

Second, encourage your team members to sign up for training as well so they can get the first-hand knowledge and training they need to thrive. 

In addition to training, encouraging your team to read books from notable business leaders, subscribe to business and industry magazines (print and digital), and generally stay up-to-date will nourish their motivation and help their businesses thrive. 

Pro Tip: When you find out about a new training or an inspirational book, share it with your team.

Teamzy can help you connect with your team, as well as your customers and prospects. In addition to a powerful CRM, it offers a variety of business training programs to help you and your team succeed. Click here to learn more.

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