Talk About Your Business Today!


Talk About Your Business Today!

What’s the secret to growing your business? Talking about it. Not just mentioning it in passing; you’ve gotta talk it up whenever you can. Sounds easy, right? For some networking marketers, it is. They’re always talking about their businesses. However, for many network marketers, talking about your business doesn’t come naturally. Maybe they’re shy or they just feel awkward talking about Themselves or their business. They may also not want to monopolize the conversation talking about their business because they see it as impolite. However, if you don’t talk about your business, who will, especially if you’re new to network marketing? 

The good news is that spring is a perfect time to talk about your business. In reality, any time is a great time to talk about your business. But the spring provides new opportunities to socialize with everyone around you. Between weddings, birthday parties, and graduations, you will be in contact with more people than ever. Add into the mix sports and summer camps in the summer and you are ripe to expand your social circle. So how do you get started talking about your network? We’ll give you some tips today.

Why talking about your business is hard

Unless you’re a natural salesman it can be difficult about your business. For many people, it’s just not what’s done. After all, salesmen often get a bad reputation for being a bit slimy, especially when all they talk about is their businesses. You want people to buy; however, you don’t want to feel like you’re bugging them or harassing them or making them feel awkward. When you focus on your relationships, your goal is to build those relationships. Always talking about your business may seem off-putting to the people that you want to build relationships with. You don’t want to create roadblocks in these budding relationships because you’re worried that the other person doesn’t want to hear any more about your business. As a result, many network marketers, especially if they are new, may not talk about their business very often. They may feel that if someone wants to use their business then they’ll ask about it. This puts the ball in the other person’s court and places the burden on them to seek you out for business. However, people don’t know what you can offer if you never talk about what you can offer. They are not psychic and if they don’t know that you have a business they may not know to look for ways that they can use your business.

How to talk about your business without feeling awkward

Luckily, there are ways to talk about your business without making it feel awkward for anybody involved in the conversation. Although it may take some practice, over time it will become less and less awkward to talk about your business and share how your business can help people.

Get perspective

Why are you in business? Chances are you want to help people and network marketing allows you to do that while making money at the same time. The only way that you can help people is if they know that you’re there to help and serve them. That’s where talking about your business comes in. They only know that you’re there to help if you tell them. You’re doing them a service by talking about your business. Instead of feeling awkward or like you’re bugging them. Remember that you’re letting them know that you’re there to help. Talking about your business is a way of helping them. When you reframe your perspective and approach conversations from the angle of helping the other person and sharing what you can offer them, then it’s much easier to have that conversation with them.

Use scripts

Maybe you’re excited to talk to people about your business but you’re just not sure how to start the conversation. Do you just dive in there to talk about your business? Or do you build up to it? Do you have to explain why you went into business and give a whole spiel? Or do you just mention things here and there? If this is the first time talking about your business with the other person, you don’t want to leave a bad impression and make them feel like you’re just a pushy salesman. It’s easy to feel like there’s a lot of pressure on having these initial conversations. The good news is there are scripts you can follow to help you get that conversation started, especially if you’re new to having it. Even if you’re a veteran network marketer, scripts can help you have conversations with people who you’re newly acquainted with. 

Although initially, you may want to use the scripts verbatim, over time, as you grow more comfortable with them, you can adjust them to make them your own. Or you can adjust them to the person who you are conversing with. The key is to practice them as much as you can. Over time you’ll begin to memorize the scripts, which will make it easier for you to adjust them to make them sound more natural to you. Teamzy has created scripts to use to help you get started. 

Don’t forget that conversations are about give and take

Although it may feel tempting you’re not giving the other person a sales pitch. You’re still having a conversation with them. Conversations involve two people taking turns to share information. The scripts allow you to talk about your business naturally during this conversation. In any conversation, there is a time when you may be asked what you’re up to. This is your sign to start talking about your business. But you don’t want to make it a monologue. It’s possible to talk about your business naturally in the course of the conversation. You might begin by talking about what you’re doing and why you got into your business. You may then talk about what’s going on in your industry and your role in it. All of this starts to plant seeds in their minds for how they could utilize your business. 

Just give them the general information at first. Your next step may be to ask them if they would like to learn more. Although in an ideal world, everyone you speak to will want to use and rely on your business, in reality, it does not work that way. People may need to think about it. Or they may not need your business right now but may in the future. Very often, you may be able to help somebody that they know. But they need time to think about who that person is. The important part of the conversation is to plant that seed. As you water it, it will grow.

Follow up

Following up is the water and fertilizer that you need to grow your relationships and your business. It’s one of the most important things that you can do to help your business thrive. So many salespeople, not just in network marketing but in all types of sales, lose out on business because they don’t follow up. They may get too busy or may not even think to do it in the first place. Following up is an act of love that shows that you care about the other person and that you truly are focusing on service. 

After your conversation with them, follow up. Call, text or send an email message to explain that you enjoyed chatting with them the other day and ask if they have any questions about your business and how it could help them. They may respond right away or it may take them a few days or a week. That part isn’t important. What is important is that you reach out to them and they appreciate that small gesture. It shows that they are interested in connecting with them enough to want to earn their trust and eventually their business.

Not everyone will become a loyal customer or team member right away. These things take time. However, they may be open to learning more information about what you can offer. If they ask more questions or seem interested, be sure to continue to follow up with them.

Teamzy has the tools to make talking about your business easier

Over time talking about your business will become easier and easier to do. In the meantime, Teamzy has these scripts and other tools that you can use to make it easy and more natural. Before you know it you’ll be chatting with everyone about your business with ease. Not using Teamzy yet? Click here to learn more.

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