Master Your Power Hour


Master Your Power Hour

Whether you’re new to network marketing or you’ve been doing it a while, one thing is certain: you want to grow your network. For years, many network marketers kept their network’s information and list of business tasks in a binder, on index cards, or in a spreadsheet. They’d pull out this information, make a few calls, send a few emails and then put it away for a few days or a week. They didn’t have a system telling them who to contact and when to contact their networks. But, even worse for their business, since they didn’t have a system, it was impossible to build consistency and further build trust with their networks. What they needed was a Power Hour (and Teamzy, but more on that later).

What is a Power Hour?

A Power Hour is the greatest tool you have in your business-building toolbox. It not only helps you commit to consistent contact, it also ensures that you’re taking time out of your day to work on your business. 

That may be one of the biggest challenges many network marketers face – making time for their business activities. For many network marketers, their lives are full of commitments, from family, community groups, employers, etc. Their network marketing business may be a side hustle for now, or perhaps they’re just getting started in the business. They’re not sure yet where their businesses fit into each day. Yes, they know they have to work on it; it’s just finding the time that becomes a challenge, especially when life is busy.

A Power Hour is the time you put aside to work on your business and only your business. You don’t fold laundry or return other emails or texts – you work on your business, get in touch with people in your network, review and check your progress toward your goals, practice scripts, watch short training videos, etc. Everything is business-focused and designed to help you build and grow a network marketing business you love to lead.

How do I squeeze a Power Hour into my busy day?

Life is busy and some days are busier than others. In a perfect world, you’d be able to do one every single day of the week. However, this isn’t always possible. Plan to do at least three a week. Pick the days and times of day that work best for you and your schedule. If you can do more, that’s great! At certain times of year – the ones that tend to be busiest for your business – plan to add another Power Hour or two each week so you can set yourself up for success.

For example, if your business is related to health and wellness, you may notice an uptick in interest during or after the holiday season or before summertime. These are the times when you have the greatest chance of increasing sales and adding more people to your network and team. Take advantage of this busy time by staying top of mind of your network, especially your biggest advocates. Ask for introductions, follow up with customers and prospects, and check-in with your team to offer advice and guidance. 

It’s not enough to plan to do your Power Hour, though. You have to follow through. This is where it’s so important to make your Power Hour a priority in your day. Prioritizing your day is the best way to ensure you check off all the tasks on your daily to-do list. When you select your top two priorities of the day – the tasks you have to complete no matter what – your Power Hour should be one of them. 

But I can’t possibly set a full hour aside…

In a perfect world, you’d dedicate a full hour to your business. In reality, sometimes that isn’t possible. That’s why we advise breaking it up into smaller segments. Breaking it up makes it easier to commit to your business and ensure you achieve your goals. 

If you can only do 15-minute segments, include four 15-minute Power Hours during your day. Use that time to contact everyone on your list and follow up with them. Perhaps you can do 30 minutes. That’s great! In fact, most network marketers, unless their networks are huge, can contact everyone on their daily list within 30 minutes or less. Use the first 30 minutes to connect with your network and the next 30 minutes to work on professional development. 

It doesn’t matter how you break it up as long as you get it done. That’s the most important thing – getting it done each day you plan to do it, no excuses.

I can’t wait to get started, but who do I contact first?

Doing your Power Hour is the first step to becoming a Power Hour boss; the second step is figuring out who to contact. When you’re building a network marketing business, your network drives the business. Even if you’re happy with the size of your network, you’ll still want to stay connected to your network and ask for introductions to help it grow. 

Traditionally, network marketers relied on index cards or spreadsheets. The most successful network marketers use technology as a tool to help them succeed. Teamzy was created to help network marketers build the foundation for a solid network marketing business based on developing relationships. Since relationships are built on trust, the intention is to increase trust while you’re growing your relationships with your network. To do so, your network has to rely on you to stay top of mind, follow up when you say you will, and reach out to show you care. To create this consistency, you have to have a system. 

Teamzy uses your goals to generate a list of people in your network to contact each day based on your relationship with them. Although you contact everyone in your network during the course of a year, you’ll contact some folks more often. For example, you’ll contact your biggest advocates an average of once a month. This helps you stay top of mind and gives you the opportunity to provide excellent service. With Teamzy, you don’t have to wonder who to contact and how often because Teamzy takes care of that for you. All you have to do is log in during your Power Hour and get connecting. 

Go ahead, make their day

Teamzy also offers scripts to help you start the conversation and make someone’s day. Use them verbatim or use them as inspiration to craft your own personalized message. 

We focus on making someone’s day over making the sale because the latter is traditionally used as an aggressive sales technique. Of course, you want to make more sales and make your monthly sales goals. However, an aggressive sales technique may alienate people rather than help make a sale. People, especially these days, are turned off by pushy salespeople. Who wants to buy from someone who hounds them into purchasing something they may not even want? When you focus on making their day, you can build trust and get to know them better. The more you connect with them, the better tuned in you are to assessing what they need and how your business can help.

For example, as you’re getting to know someone you may learn that they’ve just started training for a 5K. If your business is health and wellness related, you can mention a product or service you offer that may be able to help them reach their goals. The key is to serve your customers, not treat them as sales marks. As a result, they’ll appreciate the service you provide and will be more willing to introduce you to other great people who can benefit from that service. This will help you grow your network and achieve all of your goals. 

Learn how to connect more effectively with your network 

Teamzy also includes both short training videos and full training courses to help you connect with your network better. Keep your skills sharp and develop new ones. You’ll learn to listen more effectively, connect with your network better, and serve your customers, prospects, and distributors even better. The more you improve your skills, the more you’ll be able to grow your business. If you don’t feel as if you have time for professional development, build it into your Power Hour. That way you can ensure you have time for it.

Want to be a Power Hour Boss?

Teamzy can help you master your Power Hour so you can build the foundation of a thriving network marketing business. Get started today.

Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson

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