Your Summer Business Checklist


Your Summer Business Checklist

Last week, we offered tips to help you boost your productivity. Let’s continue that theme and outline your next task – creating a summer business checklist. If you want to thrive in business, it’s important to abide by a list of tasks to help you achieve all of your goals and thrive during the summer months. These tasks will also help you plant the seeds for success this fall and beyond. 

Summer Business Checklist: Ramp up introductions/contacts

It’s a busy time of year, one where you’ll be socializing with many people, some of whom are in your network. While you’re catching up with friends and family, be sure to talk about your business and ask for introductions. 

Introductions are essential if you want to grow your business. They’re also essential if you want to maintain your network as well. Although many network marketers are nervous to ask for introductions initially – after all, they don’t want to seem like they’re bugging their network – with practice, it becomes a natural part of the conversation.

Who should you ask for introductions?

Start with your top advocates. These folks already know and love you. And, they’re super supportive of your business. Although they may need a bit of prompting, your advocates may be eager to introduce you to other great people just like them who may benefit from your business. 

Additionally, when you run into someone you know, talk about your business. A natural part of the conversation is to share what’s going on in your life, which creates an ‘in’ to start talking about your business. During the course of the conversation, you can ask them if they know anyone who can benefit from your products or services and if so, ask them to introduce you. 

What should you say?

During the conversation, ask for the introduction. Explain that you love your business and are always looking for other great people to help. Then ask them if they know anyone who would be able to benefit from your products and services, or from the opportunity you provide. Although they may think of someone in that instant, they may need to think about it. Don’t let that put you off from asking; they may think of someone to introduce you to later.

What’s next?

Don’t forget to follow up with them in a few days to see if they’ve thought of someone to introduce you to. Over the course of the next few days and weeks, they’ll be thinking of who they can connect you with. Be sure to follow up with them to stay top of mind.

Summer Business Checklist: Add more Power Hours to the week

Your Power Hour is your time to connect with the people in your network. Teamzy gives you a list of customers, prospects, and distributors to connect with each day. Reach out and use the scripts to make it easier to make their days. Remember, the intention is to connect with your network to add some sunshine to their day and help you stay top of mind. 

Since most network marketers can connect with their list of contacts within 30 minutes or less, unless they have a huge network, consider using the rest of the time to work on professional development. Read a book by an inspirational and successful entrepreneur, listen to a podcast to keep you motivated in your business, or connect with a coach or mentor. Whatever it is, use the time to help build your business and achieve success.

If you’re already doing a Power Hour a day, you may not need to add more to your week. However, if you’re doing 2 or 3 a week, consider adding one more. This additional Power Hour can help set you up for success in the coming months. 

Summer Business Checklist: Review your goals 

If you haven’t done so already, review the goals you’ve set for the year. Are you on track to achieving them or are you at risk for falling off course? There’s still time to correct your path, and the summer is the perfect time to shore up your journey.

Teamzy makes it easy to know where you stand in regard to achieving your goals. Once you’ve set your goals, Teamzy uses an algorithm to help you get started and stay on track by putting you in touch with people in your network. Just contact the people on your Dashboard each day and before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your goals.

However, sometimes life happens and you may fall behind on reaching your goals. That’s okay. Whether you’re in danger of falling off track or you’re on track but want to knock your goals out of hte park this year, consider setting short-term summer milestone goals. 

What are summer milestone goals?

These are goals that are smaller steps to help you correct course or stay on track to reaching your overall goals. They’re shorter term, so you’ll have the summer to achieve them. 

For example, you may want to increase sales by a certain percentage within the span of a month or you may wish to add a set number of people to your network within the next 3 weeks. These goals are smaller ones that complement your overall goal and help you stay on track. Remember to make them SMART so you can continue to track your progress.

Summer Business Checklist: Improve your skills

There’s no better time than the present to improve your skills. By taking the time to improve your skills now, you’ll offer your network the highest level of service and expertise while staying ahead of the competition. 

What should I improve?

What skills do you think need improving? Would you like to become a better listener or more natural at talking about your business? Or would you like to know more about the current trends in your industry? These are all skills to improve. Teamzy offers short training videos and full training programs designed to help you improve your business skills so you can become a thriving network marketer. 

But, I don’t have time…

Even though it may appear as if you don’t have time, you do. Set aside time each week or use the remainder of your Power Hour to help you improve your professional skills. When you make development a priority in your daily life, time opens up. 

Summer Business Checklist: Get your team on board

Help your team thrive by helping them stick to the summer checklist as well. Although some may have a system they rely on to build their business and achieve their goals, others may not. Share with them why relationship marketing works for you and help them make it part of their business as well. 

Follow up with them

Follow ups are only for customers and prospects. It’s important to follow up with your team as well. This allows you to check-in with them to see if they’re feeling frustrated, are facing challenges or are riding high on the wave of success. Although they may share any challenges they may be experiencing, you can also ask them directly if you can help in any way. This shows that you care. It also provides a model they can use to communicate with their customers, prospects, and distributors. 

Share their successes

Sharing success is a great way to build team camaraderie as well as show you care. Additionally, it can create a conversation with which to encourage them to set summer milestone goals and motivate them to achieve their annual goals. 

Encourage them to commit to professional development

Get your team on the professional development train as well. By encouraging them to commit to professional development, you help them succeed and build strong businesses. Additionally, if you participate in the same training, you can hold one another accountable and stay motivated.

Teamzy can help you thrive this summer

We can help you achieve all the items on your summer business checklist. From setting and reviewing goals to ramping up communication with your network to improve your business skills, we’ve got you covered. Click here to learn more.

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