Positivity: Improve Your Attitude and Become More Positive


Positivity: Improve Your Attitude and Become More Positive

What’s the secret to success? Is it working your fingers to the bone every day or having the largest database? No, it’s positivity.

Although hard work and growing databases are essential for success, one thing that people overlook that is instrumental to success is their attitude. It’s true, your attitude influences your success. If you have a negative attitude, people aren’t likely to want to do business with you. It feels like there is a cloud over you and most people don’t want to be around that.

However, if you are filled with positivity, then people are drawn to you. We all want to be around people who are brimming with positive energy. It helps us feel good about ourselves and allows us to see the world in a rosier manner. If you’re like many network marketers, you may not feel as if you’re brimming with positivity. Don’t worry; we will help you develop a positive attitude that you can share with your network and beyond.

Why your attitude matters 

Your attitude is the one thing in your business that you can control. You can’t control whether someone is going to buy from you or whether they want to join your network. Additionally, you can’t control your team and their commitment to their businesses. You can’t control the market or your industry. However, you can control how you view all of these things. You can control how you react to all of these things. For example, when there is a dip in the market, many people will think the worst. Or, if you have a day where it seems as if no one is responding to your messages checking in, then they assume the worst. They may start to think that people are avoiding them, which then leads to thoughts of going into a different business and shutting up shop entirely. 

When you think positively though, you’re able to put things in perspective and see them for what they are. They are temporary challenges that you must overcome. Instead of assuming that people are avoiding you when they don’t respond to your messages, you think that they’re busy. And, it’s true; they are likely very busy. They aren’t avoiding you, they just haven’t had time to connect with you. People lead busy lives; don’t assume that they are avoiding you when they are simply just busy. The same is true with other things that may at first seem negative. These things are often minor setbacks; challenges to overcome to help your business thrive.

Your attitude is contagious

The attitude you take towards these things will have an impact on other areas of your life. Think about it: when you experience a setback, such as the people on your network not responding to you in a way that you would like, this experience trickles into other areas of your life. Because you feel frustrated, this may lead you to be short with other people, whether they are loved ones or the cashier at the supermarket. Since your mind is still dwelling on the negative, then the experiences of your day will be negative as well, or at least you will perceive them more negatively. 

However, when you choose to exude positivity instead of dwelling on the negative, you don’t let negative situations impact how you view the rest of your day. For example, you don’t assume that the people you interact with during the day are acting negatively toward you. After all, they could also be having a bad day. Give yourself and other people a bit of grace in your interactions.

Tips to foster positivity each day 

Shift your perspective 

Our experiences in life are a matter of perspective. And our perspective is what cultivates our attitude. When we perceive that an experience is negative, then we look at it negatively and have a negative attitude toward it. Although a situation may indeed be negative, we can choose how we view it. When you have a positive attitude, you see a negative situation as a temporary setback or challenge. You do not let it color the rest of your day; instead, you look for ways to overcome the challenge. Sure, you may feel bummed out or a bit sad or frustrated. However, you do not let your frustrations spill over and impact your attitude.

We have a choice when it comes to our attitude and how we view things. One, can choose to do all the negative and see everything as a negative situation or we can choose to view a negative situation as something temporary. We can choose not to give negative situations power over our attitudes. We can choose positivity over negativity every day. Your perspective will change based on your attitude toward things that happen in your life. Instead of wallowing in negativity and letting it negatively impact your day in your relationships with those around you, you can choose to embrace positivity and not let negative situations color the rest of your day.

When something negative happens, take a time out before you react. Take a minute to analyze the situation and ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Why do I perceive this situation as negative? 
  • What is the best way to react to the situation? 
  • What are the consequences of my reaction to the situation? 
  • Is there a lesson to learn in this situation? 
  • Is this a short-term challenge that I can overcome?

By taking the time to analyze the situation, you can formulate the proper response to it. You may find that it is not the end of the world, and it is something that you can overcome. This allows you to not only embrace positivity but also allows you to have a solutions-oriented mindset. That is, instead of dwelling on the negative you begin to think of solutions to help you overcome it. You become a problem solver instead of a problem wallower. See the difference positivity can make?

Focus on gratitude 

Feeling gratitude can have a strong impact on your overall attitude and whether you Embrace positivity or focus on the negative. Do you feel grateful for everything that you have, the experiences you’ve had, and your life in general? Take a minute to ponder that question. Many of us say that we’re grateful but we don’t act it. As a result, we feel as if we’re taken out every time we face the smallest setback. It’s difficult to embrace positivity when we feel frustrated.

The best way to combat this frustration is to count your blessings. Sure, it may sound like a cliche, but by taking a moment, especially when you don’t feel like it, to think about everything that you’re thankful for, you can begin to see situations for what they are. Instead of blowing your reaction out of proportion, you’ll be able to react to it appropriately. For example, when the people in your network aren’t responding to your messages, you will see that they are busy instead of assuming that they’re avoiding you. Or, if you have a slow month, you’ll see that it is the nature of the season rather than a sign for you to close up shop. 

To cultivate your attitude of gratitude, take time every day to write down three things for which you are grateful. Certainly, there are three things each day that you feel thankful for in your life. It could be your health, the people in your life, that you have a roof over your head, that you enjoy what you do, Etc. It doesn’t matter what you’re grateful for, it just matters that you write it down. The best thing about this habit is that when you’re feeling frustrated or letting negative situations get the best of you, you can open up your journal or notebook and see everything you are grateful for.

Surround Yourself With Positivity 

It’s easier to feel positive when you are surrounded by other people who are positive as well. Try to surround yourself with positivity. That means seeking out people who have a positive attitude. You’ll find the more you hang out with positive people, the more positive you will feel in turn. If that is difficult, then choose to surround yourself with positive media, that is books, podcasts, music, movies, etc. What you choose to listen to or read can impact the attitude you have. When you choose to seek out positive sources of information, you will find that it is much easier to embrace positivity in your daily life.

Teamzy can help you embrace positivity 

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