Want to Grow Your Business? Use Teamzy!


Want to Grow Your Business? Use Teamzy!

One of the main reasons people get into network marketing is to make money on their own terms while serving people they know and trust (who know and trust them, too). And, while a network marketer can build the foundation for a strong business this way, there comes a time when they want to grow their business, serve more people, and make more money. This is where many feel as if they’ve hit a wall and aren’t sure how to grow their businesses. After all, they want to continue to serve great people. However, they feel as if they’ve already added everyone they know to their networks. How can they grow their businesses if they’ve already approached and added everyone they know to their networks?

Growing a business one relationship at a time

The best way to grow a business is to do what you’ve always done; that is invest into relationships. Sure, you’ve already added everyone you know to your network, but have you added everyone they know? By tapping into the networks of your best clients, you can add to the foundation of a strong and thriving network marketing business. 

But, how do you go about doing this? By continuing to reach out and connect with everyone in your network. This is where the tricky part comes in. For most network marketers, it’s difficult to remember when to follow up and who to follow up with. That’s where Teamzy comes in. 

We developed Teamzy to help network marketers build relationships with the people in their networks. Like many people, we had seen the damaging effects that traditional sales methods have on relationships and on network marketing businesses. We were determined to take a different path. We believe that relationships are a top priority in every type of business, especially in network marketing. By putting the focus on putting relationships first, before even making the sale, one can create a network of strong advocates to help build and support the business. 

Generating leads

How do you generate leads when you build a business based on relationships? By leaning into the relationships you’ve made, especially those with your top advocates. Continue to serve them and meet and exceed their needs and expectations. 

Your top advocates are the biggest fans of your business; they want to support you. They want to help you grow your business. The best way to do so is to connect you with other great people they know. These folks would appreciate all that your business offers. In a perfect world, your advocates would introduce you to people automatically, without being asked. In reality, they need to be prompted. This isn’t a slight to you or your business; they’re just busy and may not think of it offhand. 

When you connect with them, ask if they’re anyone they know who would be interested in your business, whether buying from you or joining your team. Teamzy has proven scripts you can use to help get this conversation started if you’re anxious about asking at first. With practice, you’ll begin to feel more natural about asking them to introduce you to the people they know. It will become second nature. However, until then, speak up and ask your biggest advocates to introduce you to people they know. 

Keep in mind that they may not be able to come up with a name at first. It may take them some time to come up with a name; that’s why it’s so important to follow up with them. Once it’s on their minds that you’re looking for someone who would benefit from the products and services you offer, they’ll begin to spot people in their own lives who fit that description. Follow up with them consistently and you’ll build trust. You’ll also give them the opportunity to think of someone to introduce to you. 

Connect with your network consistently

Even if you’re not asking them to introduce you to someone who would benefit from your products and services, it’s important to connect with them consistently. Just pop into their messages to say hello and wish them a great day. That’s all you need to do to grow your business. And, you don’t have to do it all the time either; after all, you don’t want to stress them out by contacting them all the time. Teamzy has made it easier to connect with people consistently and on par with the level of relationship you have with them. For example, you’ll contact the biggest advocates of your business more often than anyone else, at once a month. For others, you may contact them once every other month or every third month. Over time, they’ll come to expect to hear from you, whether they’ve purchased from you or not. This builds trust – they know that they can rely on you to keep in touch with them. They will understand that you care for them as people rather than just customers or potential customers. 

This consistent contact also gives you an opportunity to show them your expertise about the industry and your business, which also builds trust. Trust is vital to build relationships as well as building a thriving network marketing business. As you grow your business and do the work of connecting with your network daily, it’s normal to feel frustrated that you’re not seeing results as quickly as you want. Rest assured that every time you reach out and connect with your network, you build trust and your relationship with everyone in your network. Over time, you may find that they not only respond more quickly to you, but they also purchase more from you. They’ll even introduce you to other people they know who can benefit from the services you’re offering. Although building your business takes time, by consistently doing the work, you may be able to enjoy a larger payoff. 

Follow up to grow your business

Following up is a critical task in network marketing; however, it’s one that many forget to or neglect to do. For some, they simply don’t remember. They contact someone once and then they don’t do it again. They may figure, “I reached out, it’s their turn to get in touch with me.” For others, they don’t want to feel like they’re bugging the people in their network. After all, that’s what all the network marketers who operate using traditional sales methods do, and they don’t want to emulate them. However, it’s important to still stay in touch and not let anyone fall through the cracks. That’s where following up comes in. 

For many, it’s a delicate balance, to connect with your network just enough that you stay top of mind, but not so much that you feel as if you’re bugging them. That’s where Teamzy comes in. With Teamzy, it’s easy to follow up because the CRM reminds you when to do it. You don’t have to worry about anyone falling through the cracks, whether they’re a new customer, prospect, or team member or they’ve been in your network for years. 

Following up is an act of love

It shows that you respect the person enough to check in with them, see how they are, and see if there’s anything you can do to help them. What better way to show that you care and see them as more than another sales transaction? Additionally, if they mentioned a need or had a question the last time you connected, following up gives you an opportunity to check in, give a reply or response, or just express care and concern. This builds trust and the relationship. 

While it’s important to follow up with your biggest advocates, it’s also important to follow up with the people who are on the fence or need time to think about the opportunity you presented to them. If you just drop it and don’t follow up, they won’t think they’re important and this could damage the relationship. However, when you follow up, you can answer any questions they have, address concerns, or reinforce your expertise and knowledge. And, of course, this also helps to grow the relationship. 

Growing your business takes time

The good news is, if you do the work every day (i.e., your Power Hour to connect with and follow up with your network), you can begin to build the foundation for a successful network marketing business. Over time, as you build trust, you’ll grow your network and build your business. Although this takes time, you can rest assured that you’re also nurturing your relationships in the process, unlike what would likely happen if you used traditional, pushy sales methods to build your business. You’ll build a thriving business, from the heart, that you’re proud to lead.

Let Teamzy help you build a successful network marketing business 

If you’re not using Teamzy yet, what are you waiting for? Teamzy is more than a CRM that helps you keep track of everyone in your network; it also ensures you stay in contact and follow up with each of them so you can build a strong business. Access scripts, training videos, and training programs to help you keep your skills sharp. Click here to learn more. 

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