Why Following Up is the Key to Business Success


Why Following Up is the Key to Business Success

What’s one thing you can do that is sure to improve your business, starting today? Follow up. 

That’s it; it’s that simple. Following up is simply checking in with the people in your network, seeing how they are, answering any questions they have, and wishing them well. However, even though it’s easy to do and takes only a minute, many network marketers don’t follow up at all. This can have a negative impact on their leads, not to mention prevent them from being able to grow and expand their networks. So, why don’t network marketers follow up? We’ll get to that in a minute, but first, let’s talk about why following up is so important.

The power of following up

Following up is a powerful tool in your relationship marketing toolbox. More than 80% of sales happen between the 7th and 10th follow up. 

Let that sink in for a second – you’ll have to follow up with the people in your network more than once or twice. On average, you’ll have to follow up more than seven times to make a sale or have someone take you up on the opportunity to join your team. That’s a lot of following up!

The question is, how often do network marketers typically follow up with their networks? Most don’t at all, while others may follow up once and then leave it at that, which leads us to wonder…

Why don’t network marketers follow up?

Most network marketers know they should follow up with everyone in their networks, deep down in their heart of hearts. Perhaps they hear that nagging voice in their heads that says, “You know, you really should follow up with so-and-so today…” but they don’t heed it. 

There are many reasons why network marketers don’t follow up with the people in their networks.

I don’t want to bug them

This is one of the most common reasons why network marketers don’t follow up with the people in their networks. It’s an excuse that’s driven as much by anxiety as it is by polite courtesy. You don’t want to bother the other person. It doesn’t matter how long after the initial call that you’re following up; you don’t want to feel as if you’re annoying them by messaging them to follow up. It doesn’t matter if you last messaged them a week ago or two months ago – you still get nervous that you’re bothering them. After all, they’re very, very busy – too busy to respond to you again, right?

In reality, you’re not bugging them – you’re just reaching out to see how they are and answer any questions or concerns they have. It’s not a bother; it’s a service. You’re showing them that you care enough about them to circle back and check in, even if they don’t respond right away. You’re putting yourself out there and saying “Hi, I care and I’m here if you need my product or service or a connection to someone in my network.” 

Just do it already

Before you send a message, repeat the following mantra to yourself: Following up is an act of love.

You’re not pestering them by messaging them to follow up – you’re serving them and showing your care, concern, and in many cases, your expertise. Be confident in yourself and your business, especially in the beginning when you’re just starting out. You’ve got this!

I don’t want to sound salesy

When many network marketers began their business journey, they may have used traditional sales methods to grow their businesses. They’ve seen first-hand the effects of aggressive sales and may feel anxious that their networks will think they’re being too aggressive. They’re eager to show them that their approach is different and they value relationships, but there’s always that feeling lurking in the background that they sound too salesy. 

There’s a difference between following up to show your networks that you care and aggressively messaging your network. When you work from the heart, you approach the follow up as an act of love. You’re reaching out to show you care, not to make the sale. The relationship comes first, and when you approach the follow up with heart, that sentiment will become clear.

Just do it already

Use Teamzy to connect with your networks and set follow ups. Teamzy allows you to be more consistent in your interactions with everyone in your network. Additionally, it has proven scripts to help you get the conversation started when you’re feeling nervous about sounding too aggressive or salesy. 

I got the feeling they weren’t interested

It’s human nature to read into things and create elaborate stories about our interactions with others. When we’re starting out in business, we may not be totally confident in our abilities and skills as a salesperson. In order to not seem salesy or annoying, we try to tune in to the other person’s feelings and motivations. While this helps in many aspects, it can also make us create narratives that don’t exist. That is, if the customer or prospect doesn’t respond to our messages or respond after a few days or weeks, we begin to think that they don’t want to hear from us at all…ever. 

The truth is, people get busy. We all live busy lives with work, family, etc. and many aren’t able to respond right away. Or, they mean to respond, but they just forget. Don’t take it personally; see it as a service that you’re following up with them to check in and see how they are. Even if they don’t respond, they appreciate that you’ve taken time out of your day to reach out to them. 

Just do it already

Just do it. Don’t read into their late responses or lack thereof. Instead continue to follow up when Teamzy tells you to based on your relationship with them. If they don’t respond, don’t take it personally. They’re probably just busy. Instead, continue to follow up with them when Teamzy tells you to. This helps you build consistency, which builds trust. 

I just didn’t have time

If you want to build a thriving network marketing business, you have to make time for it and make it a priority. If you don’t have time to follow up with your network, do you have time to build a business? 

Everyday you must commit to generating leads, and in network marketing, lead generation is in the form of connecting with the people in your network. This includes following up, as well as reaching out to new prospects and customers. Although it sounds like a lot of work, you can do it in less than an hour. We encourage network marketers to commit to a daily Power Hour, that is, set aside an hour a day to reach out to your network. 

Just do it already

Teamzy makes it easy to connect with your network. Simply log into your account and your dashboard will reveal the people you need to contact that day, including the people you wanted to follow up with. Work through the list and before you know it, you’re done. Just commit to that hour (or less) and you can get it all done each day.

I don’t know how

If you’re not sure how to follow up or aren’t sure what to say, use the scripts outlined in Teamzy. We’ve created proven scripts to help you connect with your network. Use them verbatim or adapt them to suit your style. Before you know it, it’ll be second nature to you. 

Just do it already

Log into Teamzy and find the right script for you and your situation. It’s as easy as that.

Teamzy makes it easy to build your business

We developed Teamzy with network marketers in mind. Just login and get started – you have at your fingertips the tools you need to build the foundation for a successful business. Import your network database and sort your network according to your relationship with them. Then, commit to reaching out to your network daily and follow up with them. If you’re not sure what to say, use the scripts, and if you want to sharpen your sales skills, watch our training videos. We make it easier to build a network marketing business you love. Click here to learn more. 

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