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Want to change your luck? Change Your Attitude


Want to change your luck? Change Your Attitude

True or false: Success has everything to do with luck. Although many people may say that success and luck are linked, in truth, success has everything to do with attitude (and hard work, of course).

However, many network marketers keep on believing the opposite; that success in this business, and any other, has to do with luck. They lament that they’re not having any luck reaching their sales goals each month or remark that someone else on their team must be really lucky because they keep knocking it out of the park with their numbers. Although they work hard and do their Power Hour activities every day, they don’t feel as though they’re getting through to their networks and aren’t getting the results that others are getting. Must be luck, right?

It’s the nature of business – everything ebbs and flows. Sometimes no matter how much you follow up and reach out to your network, they’re just not responding. Other times, everyone you reach out to responds within a day or two. Through it all, it’s essential to keep going, keep working, keep doing your Power Hour, and keep reaching out to your network, no matter what. And, in order to keep going, it’s important to cultivate the right attitude.

The role attitude has in achieving success

“Our attitude toward life determines life’s attitude towards us.”

-Earl Nightingale

Attitude is your way of thinking or feeling. It colors our thinking, behavior, and how we react to things that happen to us, whether in life or in business. It has an impact on success – if you think you’ll succeed in network marketing and foster an attitude of positivity and a can-do spirit, you’ll likely succeed. Even if things are tough, you’ll understand it’s temporary and that things will turn around. 

The opposite is also true and if you’re not sure if you’ll succeed, you’ll give up much more quickly. You’ll say, “Well, I’ve done everything I can and that’s that. No one’s responding to me, I can’t remember to reach out to people daily, and I’m not doing as well as everyone else on my team.” In this case, you’ve given up before you’ve even begun! 

In order to succeed, you have to believe that you will. After all, your attitude is one of the only things you can control. You can’t control when and how often your customers will buy, you can’t control whether or not someone will join your team, you can’t control when someone in your network will respond to your overtures of communication. However, you can control how you respond to these situations, whether positive, where everyone is responding to you, or not-to great, where the only thing you swear you hear are crickets.  It’s all about your attitude. Therefore, if you want to change your “luck” then you’ve gotta change your attitude.

“Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it.”

-Lou Holtz

5 things you can do to turn your luck around 

Attitude check: Replace complaining with gratitude

When things aren’t going our way, one of the first things we do is complain. We complain to anyone who will listen, often our loved ones, and then we make excuses. “Of course she exceeded her sales numbers this month; she knows everyone,” we may say to make ourselves feel better for just barely managing to make our monthly numbers. 

Or, we complain that no one is responding to us, even though we’re following up with them. We begin to make up stories to make sense of why we’re not seeing the results we had hoped. After all, we’re doing the work and making an effort to connect with the people in our networks. 

Instead of complaining about what isn’t going right, think about what is going well and what you’re grateful for. For example, if it’s one of those days where no one is responding to you, be grateful that you have so many people to contact, who support your business and care about you. Then, make a list of things you’re thankful for and try to write down at least three things. This helps you flip your thinking so that instead of feeling negative about your situation, you look for things to feel positive about. This can go beyond the business to other things in life that you’re thankful for, from having a loving and supporting family to being healthy. 

Attitude check: Replace insecurity with confidence

When you’re first starting out in network marketing, or any business for that matter, it’s normal to feel insecure at first. After all, if you’ve never started a business before, you may not have the skills and experience – yet – to thrive. You may feel full of self-doubt and think “who am I to think I can do this?” or “do I have what it takes to succeed?” 

This is normal. We all feel this way, at least in the beginning. Most people feel some self-doubt when they embark on something new. However, rest assured that this feeling will go away as you gain more experience and improve your skills. As you become more comfortable network marketing and build relationships with everyone in your network, you’ll begin to become more confident in your skills, knowledge, and business. You’ll begin to trust yourself and your skills the way your network trusts you. 

For the time being though, until you’ve become more confident, repeat mantras and sayings to help you feel more confident. Even saying a simple “I can do it” before you start your Power Hour can put you in the right frame of mind to succeed. When you feel confident, you’ll act more confidently and you’ll trust your skills. In turn, you’ll be able to offer your network the best version of you. 

Attitude check: Replace toxic people with mentors

You are who you associate with. If you’ve surrounded yourself with negative people, then you’ll be sucked into their negativity and drama as well. How can you rise above and succeed when you’re dragged down by negativity?

Instead, look for mentors, positive people who lift you up with their attitude and infectious sense of hope. Look for folks who have succeeded in business, or who are well on their way, whether it’s in network marketing or another small business. Although your path may be different from theirs, there may be similarities and experiences that they’ve gone through that can help you on your journey to success. Although the specifics may differ, most business owners go through similar challenges and struggles, especially in the beginning. By learning from them and understanding what they did and would do differently, you can handle the situation in a manner that’s best for your business, should you also face it. 

Also, keep in mind that your mentors don’t have to be people you know personally. They can be people who are successful in their industries who are seen as global leaders. Often, they have written books about their lives that detail the struggles they faced along the way. Read these books – highlight them, make notes in the margins, and reread them. Each time you reflect on what you’ve read, you’ll be sure to learn something you can use in your business. 

Attitude check: Replace overthinking with action

So many of us overthink things. We think about what could go wrong and how before things have even happened and then replay what happened and what we could have done differently afterwards. We analyze the actions or inactions of people in our lives – why did they say what they did, why didn’t they respond, why did it take a week for them to respond, why did they use the words they did, etc. Then we begin creating stories to justify our overthinking and then we begin to believe them, even though there’s no evidence that they’re true. We overanalyze things to the point that we’re too paralyzed to do anything. 

While it’s good to assess situations after they’ve passed to learn from them, it’s worthless without action. Instead of analyzing and overthinking the actions and intentions of others, act. Continue to follow up and connect with your network, even if they don’t respond right away. Keep doing your Power Hour every day and reaching out to your customers, prospects, and distributors. You can’t control situations, but you can control your actions. By continuing to act to build your business, you can build a stronger business. 

Attitude check: Replace fear with faith

Starting a business is scary. It’s always scary to embark on something that has an uncertain outcome. When you work for someone else, you put your faith in the company that they’ll do well and continue to employ you. When you work for yourself, you have to place that faith in your own skills and expertise to succeed. That’s a scary prospect for people who are new to network marketing or to starting a business, in general. However, if you don’t believe in you, how can you expect others to?

In the face of fear, it’s essential to have the courage to replace that fear with faith – faith in your abilities, your relationships, your skills, and the knowledge that you’ll continue to grow your skills and expertise as you grow your business. Believe in yourself, and you’ll be unstoppable. 

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