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Why Professional Development Matters to Growing Your Business


Why Professional Development Matters to Growing Your Business

Many network marketers wonder how they can grow their businesses. Perhaps they feel they’ve hit a wall and can’t possibly expand their network any more. Or, they have a huge network, but are struggling to keep everything organized. Or, maybe they’ve been a network marketer for a while and feel like they’ve plateaued professionally. Whatever the reason, the answer is simple – if you want to grow your business, you have to grow your mind first with professional development.

What is professional development 

Professional development includes courses and training. It also includes books, articles, podcasts, and other media intended to help you learn, whether it’s about your industry or business, in general. It’s anything that improves your skills and knowledge and sharpens your expertise. It’s important if you want to thrive in any business or on any career track. 

Provide your network better service

Cconsumers are always changing. It’s vital to keep your skills sharp so you can meet their needs and connect with them in the way in which they prefer, even when you put the relationship first. Professional development gives you the tools and skills you need to exceed the expectations of your customers, prospects, and distributors and serve them better. 

It gives you the training you need to boost your interpersonal skills, experiment with new communication strategies, and handle any objections or issues that may come your way. 

Run your business more effectively and efficiently

Professional development can also expose you to opportunities to gain the skills and tools necessary to run your business more effectively and efficiently. Teamzy was created to help network marketers build a thriving business through their relationships. The short training videos featured on the Teamzy website give network marketers the knowledge they need to apply it to their businesses right away. Additionally, Teamzy also makes it easy to get and stay organized, with access to one’s entire network at their fingertips. 

Discover and build the habits of successful business leaders

What’s the secret to building and leading a successful business? Although there’s not one specific secret, a successful business is built on the foundation of good habits. These include connecting with your network consistently, working on the business daily, and carving out time for a Power Hour to do your business activities. Those are just the basics. If you want to thrive, you have to commit to professional development.

Many business leaders and network marketers have discovered other habits that have helped them thrive on their journey to success. The more notable leaders have written articles and books about these habits. When you commit to professional development, you seek out the books and articles written by and about them to learn more about the habits they’ve developed. You may not adopt them all in your own life. However, you may adjust them to fit your lifestyle and business. 

How to make time for professional development

Finding time to do anything is one of the biggest struggles network marketers face, especially when starting out. Many of us are juggling family and other personal commitments, particularly during the pandemic. We have so much more on our plates than ever before. It can be tough to add one more thing to that plate, even if it will help us build and grow our businesses.

However, for many of us, there are small pieces of our days in which we can carve out a few minutes for personal development. We can do it by listening to an audiobook when we’re in the car running errands. Or ,we can do it before bed by reading a few pages of a business book, read an article online, or watch a short training video on Teamzy. 

When you have time, but can’t remember to dedicate it to professional development, it’s important to schedule it in. Often, if we don’t write it down, it doesn’t get done. Schedule it into your calendar, whether you use a paper calendar or the one on your phone. Ideally, you would be able to dedicate 30 minutes a day to professional development. We know that’s not always possible – life happens. Instead, schedule in 10 to 15 minutes a few times a week. Watch a training video, read a book or article, or listen to an audiobook. We find the best time to do it is to wrap it into your Power Hour. Unless your network is huge, it’ll likely take you less than an hour. Most only need 30 minutes to connect with everyone on your list for the day. Use the remaining time of your Power Hour to dedicate to personal development. You’ll be glad you did.

Professional development: How to improve your knowledge and skills


Reading is a time-friendly way to boost your knowledge and skills right now. Digital eBooks make it even easier to learn anywhere, anytime. Audiobooks allow you to listen to while you’re working out or in the car. 

But, not just any reading material will do. Who are the business leaders you look up to? Make a list and then look online to see if there are any articles, interviews, or books written by or about them. Then, read them. Often these items are filled with advice, experiences, and other information that you may be able to apply to your own business. Learn more about the struggles they’ve endured while building a business. It can help you get and maintain perspective when you face struggles yourself. And, if their struggles are similar to yours, you can use the solutions they used to overcome it. 

Enroll in training

Training is important to building any business, especially network marketing. It allows you to keep your skills sharp by giving you the knowledge and expertise you need to meet the needs of your growing and changing network. 

Teamzy created Teamzy University to give network marketers the tools they need to thrive, whether they’re just starting out or have been in the business in a while. Videos are short so you can watch them anytime. Watch them several times to help you improve your skills and adapt the lessons to your business. 

Additionally, Teamzy developed Elite Business Bootcamp, a 12-week training course that provides in-depth training into relationship marketing. In addition to getting the tools you need to build a thriving business, Bootcamp also allows you to connect with other motivated network marketers to network and learn from one another. Many of our members take it with their teams and take it several times to glean all the skills they need to excel in their businesses. 

Teamzy also created shorter courses, including the Art of Creating Conversations that Convert, to help network marketers develop the skills they need to expand their networks. Many network marketers just aren’t sure how to expand their networks and feel as if they just don’t know anymore people to serve. The fact is they can tap into their current networks and encourage them to introduce you to people in their networks. However, they’re just not sure how to ask. This training gives you the tools, scripts, and confidence you need to ask for an introduction and grow your business. 

Get a mentor or coach

We can learn a lot from each other. A mentor can share their experiences and give you the advice and motivation you need to get past whatever you feel is holding you back. They can share what they’ve been through and give you advice to help you overcome the challenges impacting your business.

A coach can give you the motivation and accountability you need to build the habits you need to run a thriving business. They can keep you on track to achieve your goals, and even help you set them in the first place. Although you can reach success without a coach in your corner, you’ll likely get there faster with one on your side. 

Teamzy can help you build the skills you need to grow your business

If you’re not using Teamzy yet, what are you waiting for? Teamzy was developed to help network marketers build thriving businesses. It’s more than a CRM; it gives you the tools you need to start and lead a growing network marketing business.  See what you’re missing and sign up today. 

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