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Good Habits: How to Start Your Day Right


Good Habits: How to Start Your Day Right

Although in a perfect world, it would be easy to get and stay motivated each day, sometimes it’s hard. When you’re stressed or just have a ton to do each day, it’s difficult to rally an ounce of motivation to get it all done. However, if you want to lead a thriving and successful network marketing business, you have to keep your motivation up enough to complete your business activities every day. While motivation doesn’t last, especially in high amounts, you can renew it daily by starting your day with success in mind and committing to successful habits.

How to develop successful habits

A good day begins with good habits – habits that allow you to cultivate success. Many of us begin the day with habits we’ve established over time, such as brushing our teeth, drinking a cup of coffee, and eating a healthy breakfast. Here are some habits for your mind and mindset to add to your daily morning habits. 

Set an intention

Begin each day with intention. An intention is your aim or plan for the day. It could be a word that represents that intention for your day, such as kindness or faith, or it could be a phrase you want to live by that day. It colors your day and affects how you approach the challenges and triumphs of the day. 

Many of us do this already and may not even know it. When you wake up each morning, do you think “Ugh, how many more days until the weekend?” or do you think “Yeah, I’m excited to take on the day”? Though you may not realize it, both attitudes impact how you view your day. If your first thought is that the day is going to be awful, you may just be right, at least in your mind. You may subconsciously find yourself looking for the negative in the situations you encounter that day. However, if your first thought is positive, you may find that you look for the positive in the day. Suddenly, everything feels like a blessing and the world is brighter and cheerier. 

An intention is similar. It’s choosing a word or attitude to carry you through the day. If your intention is kindness, you’ll look for ways to be kinder to yourself  and others around you, including the people you reach out to in your network. If your intention is faith, then you’ll look to improve your faith in yourself and others throughout the day. Perhaps instead of giving up on someone in your network if they don’t respond to you, you’ll think “I’m sure they’re busy; I’m going to have faith that they’ll get in touch with me when they have time again.” It’s making a conscious effort to view the day a certain way and react to it accordingly. 

Create the habit

At first, it’ll be hard to set your intention for the day. In fact, you may not remember until later in the day, if you do at all. There are many ways to remind yourself. Write a reminder on a sticky note and post it where you’ll see it every day, such as on your nightstand or on the bathroom mirror. Or, set a reminder in your phone to remind you first thing in the morning. Then, write your intention on a sticky note to remind yourself throughout the day. Before long, it’ll become second nature to set your daily intention, even if your first thought of the day is “When’s the weekend?”

Make a habit of reconnecting with your goals

At the beginning of the year, you likely set goals for your business, health, and other parts of your life. Instead of forgetting them (like many, many people do by this time of year), revisit them regularly. 

It’s easy to set goals and forget them when you don’t review them regularly, and by “regularly” we mean at least weekly, but you can do it more often. When we don’t review our goals, we tend to forget all about them. Then, when we go to set new ones, we wonder why we’re so behind on our progress toward them. 

Instead, we recommend reading them at least once a week, but ideally daily. Pull them out, whether they’re saved in Teamzy, on your computer, or written on a piece of paper and read them over. Perhaps take a minute to think about why you set that particular goal; this can help you connect with your Why and get you motivated to achieve it. If it’s been a while since you reviewed your goals, go through the visualization exercise to get yourself back into that place where you set the goal. 

Create the habit

Keep your goals where you can see or access them daily. Teamzy makes it easy to stay in touch with your goals, Simply login and you’re there. Review the goals you’ve set, see your progress, and use them to help you craft new short-term goals throughout the year. 

It may also help to commit them to paper as well. The act of writing out your goals may help you commit them to memory. Write them down and post them where you can see them daily.

Commit to working on your business daily

If you want your business to thrive, you have to work on it daily. Log into Teamzy and review the list of people to connect with that day on your Teamzy Dashboard. Teamzy uses its algorithm to comb through your database and select people to contact each day. Reach out to them and follow up with your customers, prospects, and distributors, then log your activities into Teamzy. 

If you’re not sure what to say (or you’re just having an “off” day), use the scripts to help you start the conversation with them. The scripts provide the content you need to reach out to your network, regardless of the messaging app you use. 

Create the habit

Although it’s called a Power Hour, you don’t necessarily have to spend a whole hour on your business, unless your network is huge. In fact, it’ll likely take you 30 minutes or less to do the activities you need to do each day. If spending 30 minutes on your business at once seems impossible, break it up into smaller time frames so that you can be sure you’ll get it all done. Make a point of doing it at least every other day to help you build the habit. Over time, it’ll become part of your day. 

Plan for success

Want to succeed? Plan for it to happen. Although success isn’t guaranteed, you can make it more likely to happen if you plan for success or act as if it’s already happened. Think about it: would you wake up in the morning wishing it was the weekend if you had already achieved success? Not likely. When you think of yourself as a success, you’ll build your day around it and go into the challenges that arise throughout the day with the mindset of a winner. Instead of feeling defeated when the day goes sideways, you’ll just see it as a temporary setback and think about solutions to overcome it. 

Create the habit

Adapt a success mantra. Sure, it may sound silly at first, but a mantra can help you get in the right mindset to achieve success. Saying something as simple as “I can do this!” in the mirror each day will put you in the right mindset to make it a reality. Find a mantra that you love that you don’t mind saying in the mirror or when you wake up each day. Write it down until you’ve memorized it and be sure to do it daily.

Celebrate your wins

Patting yourself on the back is one surefire way to stay motivated. When you achieve something, you’re motivated to keep doing it in order to replicate the results. So, celebrate your wins on your way to building successful habits. If you review your goals three times that week, pat yourself on the back. And, if you do your Power Hour daily, pat yourself on the back. If you set and lived by your intention, pat yourself on the back. All of these positive feelings will encourage you to keep doing it. As you continue to see positive results from all of your successful habits, you’ll be motivated to continue and keep going. 

Make Teamzy part of your daily habit

We developed Teamzy to make it easier to build a successful network marketing business. Make it a habit to login each day and do your daily Power Hour, review your goals, and see how close you are to achieving them. Click here to find out more. 

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