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What’s the secret to a successful business? Your focus


What’s the secret to a successful business? Your focus

It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to network marketing or you’ve been doing it for years – you want to create and lead a solid, successful business. But, how do you create a successful business? Is it luck? Perhaps it’s working yourself to the bone day in and day out? Although hard work is an important part of success, there’s one thing that’s even more critical, and that’s your attention.

It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? However, it’s something that many network marketers find difficult to keep. At first, when they’re excited and super motivated to get started, most network marketers are quick to shower their businesses with all the attention in the world. It’s all they think about all day, every day. They’re focused on doing the work and giving their businesses a great start. However, this motivation doesn’t last, and when motivation begins to wane, so does the attention they give their business. As a result, they begin to spend less and less time on their businesses.

It’s not just motivation that causes their attention to wane, but life happens as well. From daily distractions to shifting priorities, there are plenty of things that can stand between a network marketer and their business. So, how do you focus your attention on your business in the midst of other distractions and priorities? That’s what we’ll help you with today.

“Point your attention to what’s hopeful, positive, possible and abundant, and your life will go in that direction.” – Darren Hardy

– Darren Hardy

The role of focus

Just as the plants in the garden that get the most attention grow the biggest and healthiest and bear the most fruit, the areas of our lives that get the most attention flourish the most. For example, if you prioritize your health and make sure to spend an hour at the gym, running or doing another physical activity, your health and fitness will improve. Or, if you prioritize spending an hour a day with your kids, helping them with homework or chatting about the day, then your relationship with them will flourish. 

The same is true for your business. If you want your business to flourish, it’s important to dedicate some time each day focusing on it. That’s why we recommend doing a Power Hour, that is, committing an hour a day to your business. During this time, you’ll call everyone listed on your Dashboard and send them a message to make their day. You’ll also follow up with customers, prospects, and team members to check in and see how you can help. In this hour, you may also work on personal development to improve your skills so you can offer your network the best version of you and improve your business.

For most network marketers, this will often take less than an hour, especially if their networks are small. Other network marketers break this hour into smaller blocks and work on their businesses in 30-minute or 15-minute blocks throughout the day. It doesn’t matter how you do it; it just matters that you spend time focusing on and working on your business each day, no excuses.

What if I need to take a day off?

Breaks are important and sometimes you need to take a day off. That’s great! Self care is important. However, the key is to get right back to it the next day. You don’t want to break the habit of working on your business during your Power Hour. Letting it go for a few days can make it more difficult to get back in the habit again. Take time off, but remember to get back on track and spend an hour on your business the next day to keep your momentum going. 

“We can always choose to perceive things differently. You can focus on what’s wrong in your life, or you can focus on what’s right.”

– Marianne Williamson

Change your perception

Let’s say you’ve been network marketing for a while and you’re feeling unmotivated. The source of your lack of motivation is frustration – the people in your network aren’t responding to your messages. Perhaps they told you to follow up with them and you did, but it’s been hard to get in touch with them. Or, you’ve been doing your Power Hour every day but aren’t seeing the results you’ve hoped for, you may feel super frustrated. 

This is normal. However, if you want to build a successful business, it’s important to change your perception of things. Instead of focusing on why people aren’t responding to your messages, think of the people who have responded. Perhaps it’s time to go through your network, reassess, and re-sort. Has anyone become a strong advocate of your business in recent months? Has anyone shown interest in purchasing from you or joining your team? 

Reviewing your network is not only good practice; it also helps you realize how many strong advocates you have for your business. It can also remind you who you need to get in touch with to see if they know any great people to introduce you to. By filling your network with great, responsive advocates, you can build a strong, successful business full of people who appreciate the level of service you provide.

It’s also important to remember that people are busy. Sometimes they intend to respond to you but they get busy with other things. Don’t take it personally if you haven’t heard from someone in your network, despite messaging them. They may just be busy. They’ll respond in their own time, or will respond the next time you connect with them. 

Focus on what you can control in your business

It’s easy to feel stressed out when you run your own business. As a network marketer, you may be stressed out about adding people to your network, meeting your monthly numbers, and achieving your goals. However, much of what we stress about the most is a waste of time.

How often do you stress about things you can’t control? It’s normal to do so – most people do. However, it’s a waste of time to stress about things that you have no control over. It’s a waste of two of your most precious resources – your time and energy. 

Instead, focus on what you can control. You can’t control whether or not people respond to you, but you can continue to message them, within the appropriate time frame, of course. You can’t control whether someone will join your network, but you can continue to do your Power Hour each and every day, no matter what. You can’t control whether your business is a success, but you can commit to personal development and improve your skills and expertise. 

When you focus on what you can control, instead of what you can’t, you begin to feel empowered. You feel more power over your business and more motivated to succeed and achieve your goals. 

Rethink success

There is no single definition of success. Even the dictionary has several. Success means something different to every single one of us. Your definition of success may be different from someone in your upline or downline, or from the definition of someone in your network. While one network marketer may feel that they’ve achieved success when they’ve doubled their income year over year, another may not feel successful until they’ve reached business-focused milestones. One definition isn’t better than the other; it’s all so deeply personal. 

What is your definition of success? How will you know you’ve achieved it? Is it when you’ve completed your goals for the year? Is it when you look at your bank account balance and have to do a double take? Or is it when you’ve paid off some bills that have been looming? Perhaps it’s when your upline recognizes your sales achievements and you’ve received accolades for your accomplishments. Whatever your definition of success is, write it down. That way you can refer to it – and we do advise referring to it, especially when your motivation is low or you’re feeling frustrated. What better way to gain perspective and refocus your attention than by reminding yourself of how you define success?

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