Your Relationships: Get Social This Fall


Your Relationships: Get Social This Fall

We’re heading into one of the most social times of the year.  As things get back to normal, we’re finding our social schedules more packed than ever. Not only does this put us face to face with some of our favorite people,  but it also provides new opportunities to meet new folks to add to our databases. Whether you’re reinforcing relationships to build stronger advocates or you’re adding new people to your network to serve, now is a great time to get social. But, before you get started,  let’s brush up on the communication skills that will help you build your business. 

Improve your mindset

Everything starts with your mindset. Your mindset impacts how you view yourself, your business, your relationships, and even how you view the world. When you have a positive mindset,  it’s easier for you to believe in yourself and your ability, as well as your business. That’s not to say you’ll think rosy thoughts all the time – after all,  you’re not a robot. It just means that when you face a challenge, you see it as an opportunity instead of the asteroid that destroys your business. 

A positive mindset makes you more resilient to the challenges that arise. In communication, your mindset impacts how you view setbacks, such as your relationships not responding within the time you expect or desire. Network marketers with a negative mindset will handle this poorly. They will take it personally and let it impact how they view their skills and business. It can leave them questioning their skills and even if they want to continue to build their businesses. 

Conversely, those with a positive mindset are more likely to take these things in stride. They understand that people are busy and if their networks don’t respond right away, that’s fine. They’ll just continue to try to connect with them, and the person will likely respond when they have time. They don’t connect their self-worth as a businessperson or a human to whether people respond quickly to their messages. Sure, they may change up their messaging in response to the individuals in their networks, but they don’t get down on themselves. They continue to reach out and connect with the people in their networks.

How to boost your relationships by improving your mindset

If you get down when your network doesn’t respond to you, flip your mindset. Seek out positive sources, such as books, podcasts, articles, etc. that help you shift your mindset and think positively. Also, keep a mantra or quote nearby when you’re doing your Power Hour to remind you of your worth. 

Participate in training

We can always improve our skills. Even the most successful network marketers continue to learn and grow through training and courses. In fact, that’s probably why they’re so successful! If you want to reach your goals, live up to your why, and just simply thrive in network marketing, you have to continue to improve your skills. Whether it’s through training programs, books, seminars, etc., embrace all the training you can. Everything is a learning opportunity; you have to look for it.  

Since communication is so vital in relationships, it’s important to continue to hone your communication skills through training programs. You want to ensure you’re continuing to improve your skills so that you’re always offering your network the best possible service you can.  You want to be able to communicate clearly and consistently with your network so you can build a relationship with them and grow trust. The more they trust you, the more likely they are to work with you and the more likely they are to refer you.

Training will not only give you the knowledge you need to more effectively connect with your network, it’ll also give you the practice you need to boost your confidence to use it. 

How to improve your skills and serve your relationships better

Sign up for training. Teamzy offers a variety of training programs intended to help you grow your skills and become a more effective network marketer. Learn more about what we offer.

Ask for introductions from your relationships

The best way to grow your network is to ask for introductions, ideally from your top advocates. Even if you’re happy with the size of your network currently, you still have to add people. Why? To keep your network vibrant. Over time, your network will change. You may lose some people – that’s normal. That’s why it’s so critical to keep replenishing your database with new customers,  prospects, and distributors. That way,  your network can grow or remain roughly the same size and not shrink.

Although network marketers know they need to ask for introductions from their relationships, many don’t. Why? Whether they feel too nervous to ask or don’t want to bug the other person or just assume that an advocate will introduce them if they want to, they’re missing out on an opportunity to serve. Often we get anxious about asking for introductions because we figure if our networks are happy with our business and service,  they’ll automatically introduce us. In reality, our advocates need a nudge to remind them. That’s why you need to ask for an introduction to other great people like themselves. This is the best way to replicate your database and fill it with people you love to serve.

How to ask for introductions from your strongest relationships

Follow the scripts, at least at first until you get more comfortable. Teamzy has training programs and scripts to help you.  Practice makes perfect.  The more you practice – both by practicing the scripts and doing it – the easier it’ll become to ask. The more comfortable you are,  the 

Talk about your business with your relationships

During this social time of year, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to talk about your business. And, if you want to succeed in any business, you must talk about your business. That’s not negotiable. However, many network marketers don’t talk about their businesses. Either they’re nervous or they’re not sure how to talk about it.  Many network marketers just aren’t sure how to bring it up in conversation. 

So, when do you bring it up? There is a point in every conversation where it’s your turn to talk about what you’ve been up to. This is your chance to talk about your business. Let them know you’ve been busy building your business or that you love to serve your network. If you’re new to network marketing, explain why you got into it. And don’t forget to let them know you’d love to serve them as well. Ask if you can add them to your network, and if they’re already in it, ask them to introduce you to someone who can benefit from what your business offers. 

How to talk about your business

As with asking for introductions from your relationships, the more you practice, the more comfortable you’ll be talking about your business. Of course, start with scripts.  However,  it may also help to write down a couple of points you want to make when you talk about your business.  It’s like an elevator pitch – a short snippet that gives the other person a glimpse into your business. Let them know about your business and how much you love it and how much you love to serve your network. Your enthusiasm for your business will be palpable and they’ll get excited about your business too!

Let Teamzy help you prepare for the social season

We created Teamzy to help network marketers build their businesses while doing what they do best – serving their networks. In addition to helping to sort your relationships, Teamzy makes it easier to set goals, connect with your database,  and grow your network through training and scripts. If you’re not using Teamzy yet,  what are you waiting for? Click here to learn more. 

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