Introductions: How to Get Your Network to Introduce You

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Introductions: How to Get Your Network to Introduce You

Whether you’re planning for massive network growth or you want to maintain its size, it’s still important to add people to your network. What’s the best way to do that? Through introductions. When you get your best advocates to introduce you, you can help ensure that you’re filling your database with great people you enjoy working with. What’s better than that?

You know you need introductions; how do you get your network to introduce you?

Although network marketers know they need introductions to build their networks, they feel nervous doing so. For some, they don’t want to feel like they’re bugging their network. They associate it with traditional sales techniques and don’t want to come off sounding pushy or inauthentic. So, they don’t ask. 

Other network marketers operate under the assumption that if their advocates and others in their networks were happy with their businesses, they’d recommend others to them without having to ask. After all, if you’re happy with something – a product or service – you’ll shout it from the rooftops, right? In some cases, yes. Of course, there are people in everyone’s network who are as excited about your business as you are. They will shout your praises from the rooftops. And that’s great! However, most people will need a bit of prompting. Sure, they’ll introduce you to others… if they think of it. They lead busy lives. To ensure you stay top of mind, it’s important to stay in touch and to ask for an introduction.

Still, other network marketers simply don’t know how to ask their networks for introductions. They’re not sure of the words to say and aren’t sure where to start. At what stage should they ask? Is there a script? What happens if they say they’ll introduce you to someone they know (or if they don’t?)? 

The good news is we can help you ask for introductions no matter what type of network marketer you relate to. 

Who to ask for introductions

Before we get into “how” to ask for introductions, let’s discuss who you should ask for introductions. The short answer is everyone. Everyone in your network is a possible source of an introduction or two or several. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just met them or they’ve been part of your network for years – you can ask them for an introduction to someone they know who could appreciate your business and the level of service you provide. 

The longer answer is you should start by asking your biggest advocates. The people who are your biggest cheerleaders in business will be the easiest people to ask to introduce you. Since they believe in you so much and support your business, they want you to continue to thrive. They’ll gladly introduce you to other great people just like them. You just have to ask and explain how to do so. 

Another source for introductions is your current customers. Since they’re already using your products and services, they’re often the best spokespeople for your business. They might know other people who could benefit from your products and services as well. Again, you just have to ask. 

How to ask for an introduction

In theory, it sounds easy – just ask the other person to introduce you to someone they know who can benefit from the products and services that you provide. In practice, it’s more than that. 

You spend time reaching out and connecting with everyone in your network, from new customers and prospects to people you’ve known or been serving for years. Each time you reach out, you build trust and grow the relationship, even if they don’t purchase something from you at that time. You’re continuing to make their days and looking for ways to serve them. They’re sure to appreciate that. And, each time you reach out, you plant a seed. Over time, the seed grows and they have the potential to become a strong advocate for your business. 

They also have the potential to introduce you to other great people like them. When you ask for an introduction, you’re doing more than asking for business; you’re also getting to the top of their mind so that they’re thinking about who they can introduce to you. After you’ve asked for an introduction, they’ll continue to think about it – who can they introduce to you who would benefit from your business? Whether they give you a name right away or get back to you in a few days or weeks with a name, they’ll continue to think about introducing you during this time. In fact, they may think of more people, even if they’ve already introduced you to one or more people. 

Asking for the introduction

The script you’ll use to ask for the introduction is pretty simple:

“Could you do me a favor? If you come across anyone you care about that might need help with [whatever it is you help with], would you connect them with me so I can send them some information?”

That’s it. By framing it as a favor, you’re giving the other person the opportunity to help your business. People like you and they like working with you. Chances are, they’ll be happy to have an opportunity to help you thrive. Secondly, you’re asking them if they know anyone you could serve as well as you serve them. You’re not asking them to generate leads for you; you’re asking them to connect you with other people who would appreciate the high level of service you provide. It’s a non-obtrusive, natural way to help you grow your network. 

Don’t forget to follow up!

So you’ve asked for an introduction – now what? Follow up. Whether they rattled off a list of names and made introductions right away or they told you they’d think about it, follow up with them. If they’ve made an introduction, be sure to thank them for it. This shows you appreciate the introduction and will make them more likely to introduce you in the future. After all, we all want to feel recognized and appreciated.

If they said they’d think about it, follow up with them a week or so later to see if they thought of anyone. Remind them that you’re eager to serve other great people just like them. In the time since you last spoke, they may have thought of a name. Or, maybe they’re still thinking about it. Either way, give them some time and space to think of someone (or many someones) who can help your business thrive. 

What if they’re not sure how to introduce you?

Your network wants to introduce you, but they’re not sure how. Show them. When they have a need that your business can’t fill, introduce them to someone who can. This could entail sending a message over text, email, or social media to tag the people you want to connect. “Hey, Rich! This is Jill, the woman I told you about who would like more information about those delicious nutrition shakes I like. I wanted to connect you.”

This gives them a format to follow when they’re introducing you to people they know. They understand to message you both so you each have the other’s contact information. Additionally, by setting up the introduction, the other person knows how you’re connected. This helps to build more trust immediately. You’re not just some salesperson – you’re a friend of a friend. 

Often, a contact may give you a name and a phone number or email and tell you to just reach out. While this is great, it’s better for them to introduce the two of you via email. That way, you’re not feeling like you’re cold-calling them. Since they’re sending out an email to introduce you both, it creates that connection. They’re less likely to be guarded and more open about what you’re offering. 

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