What Are Your Priorities? How to Prioritize Your Day


What Are Your Priorities? How to Prioritize Your Day

Do you often wonder how you’re going to get everything done each day? Are you overwhelmed by your growing to-do list? Do you start your day looking at your to-do and wondering where in the world you’re going to start? The good news is you’re not alone. So many network marketers start their days with a to-do list that grows exponentially. They simply don’t know where to start. So how do you get more done each day when your to-do list keeps growing? It’s all about setting your priorities. 

Set Your Priorities

What are your priorities for the day? That is, what is the task or tasks that absolutely have to get done no matter what? Now, you may look at your list and say, “well, everything HAS to get done today, so how do I prioritize that?” However, take a look at your list again, is everything a true priority?

How to define ‘priority’

A priority is defined as “a thing that is regarded as more important than another.” Although it may seem at times that the tasks on your list are all equally important, the reality is they’re not. There are tasks that are more important than others. And, when you’re a network marketer, one important task is your daily Power Hour. If you want to grow your business, you have to work on it daily and your Power Hour is your opportunity to do so. But, more on that later…

What are your priorities?

As a network marketer, one top priority should be your daily Power Hour. What’s next? Each day, review your to-do list and pick the top three to five tasks you have to get done that day. Your list may be 15 tasks long; however, not everything has to get done that day. Some tasks can wait. Yes, they have to get done, but you don’t have to get around to them today.

Your daily to-do list attack plan

It’s important to review your to-do list each day. You can do it before bedtime the night before so you can get a jump on the day, or you can do it first thing in the morning when your brain and energy are fresh. Either way, go through each task on your list. Decide whether something is a need-to-do-today task or can wait.

Your need-to-do-today tasks make up your priorities for the day. Go through your priority list and circle or put a star next to the top 2 items you need to focus on right now. Hint: one of those tasks should be your Power Hour. Once you’ve worked through and completed your top two priorities, select your next two priorities to focus on. Do this until you’ve completed your priorities for the day. Then, if you have time, start your list of tasks that can wait. You may even wish to prioritize that list as well – just because those tasks can wait doesn’t mean they’re on equal footing with the other tasks on that particular list.

Why Your Power Hour is a Priority

If you want to build a thriving network marketing business, you have to set aside time for your daily Power Hour. A Power Hour is the hour (or often less, unless your network is huge) you set aside several times a week, if not every day, to connect with people in your business. This is your time to reach out and make the days of your customers, prospects, and distributors. 

Many network marketers, especially when they’re first starting out, complain that they just don’t have the time to work on their business. They’re too busy or they just plain forgot. The excuses just keep coming! However, at the core of these excuses is that they haven’t made their business a priority. 

They’re too busy to work on their businesses because they haven’t made their business a priority.

Or, they choose to do something else over working in their business because they haven’t made their business a priority.

They forget to work on their business because they haven’t made their business a priority.

Set the stage for success

If you want to thrive in network marketing and grow your network and business, build stronger relationships with the people in your network, and inspire your team to thrive, you have to make your business one of your top priorities. And that involves working on it daily – or almost every day – and making it one of your top two priorities. When you make it one of your top two priorities (rather than in your list of top 5 priorities), you can be sure you’ll do it. You won’t be too busy, your time won’t be hijacked by another task that seems more important, and you won’t forget to work on it. You will do it, no matter what. 

Practice makes perfect

The more you make your business a priority, the easier it will be to continue to make it a priority. When they first start prioritizing their list, many network marketers may feel uncomfortable putting their business above other things on the list. If you feel like this, it helps to remember your Why. Why did you get into network marketing? Why do you want to enjoy the benefits of leading a network marketing business? Do you want to share the great results you’ve seen with your business’s product or service? Perhaps you want to inspire others to enjoy similar benefits that you’ve experienced as well, either with the products and services or by starting the journey of network marketing. 

Answering these questions will motivate you to decide to choose your business as a top priority of the day. Keep in mind that a Power Hour often takes less than an hour. In most cases, you can reach out to everyone on your Teamzy Dashboard and follow-up list in 30 minutes or less. Additionally, if you want to dedicate a full hour to your business – which we always recommend – you can use the remaining time to work on your business, from updating your network to working on your mindset through personal development and additional training. There are always ways to boost your business, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in network marketing for years.

Teamzy is more than a CRM; it features a variety of additional training videos and training series programs intended to help you build your skills and grow your business. Be a boss by continuously working on your business.

Reach out to Your Network Consistently

The main reason to make your Power Hour a priority is it’s important to build your relationships with your network and team. After all, they’re the ones who form the foundation of your business. The more time you spend building your relationship with each person in your network – particularly your top advocates – the stronger your business will be.

Each time you reach out to someone in your network, you have the opportunity to turn them into strong advocates. If they’re already advocates, you have the chance to turn them into even stronger advocates who you can ask to introduce you to other great people in their networks who would benefit from your business and what you have to offer. 

The key is to do this consistently. Part of building strong relationships is building trust. And, to build trust, you have to be consistent. Your network needs to be able to rely on you and know that you’ll check in with them, not solely because you want to make a sale, but because you want to see how they’re doing. Additionally, each time you reach out, you’ll look for ways to help them, whether it’s suggesting a product you offer or connecting them to someone in your network.

Don’t forget your team

But, your network isn’t the only people to reach out to and keep in touch with. You should also check in with your team as well. The more you reach out to them, the more opportunities you have to model the behavior you wish to see. If you want your team to reach out to their networks and make their days, send them messages that make their days. This gives them a template or model to follow when they reach out to their networks. They get to see relationship marketing in action and will be inspired to practice it as well. 

Teamzy Can Help You Set Your Priorities for the Day!

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